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Body Jewelry!

Here you'll find a variety of body piercing jewelry, for navel piercing to genital piercings. Surgical Stainless Steel, Gold to Organics.

*All Organics are slightly smaller or larger than the gauge or inches ordered. This is due to the fact that natural materials are processed different than metals. Before placing an order for organics, please e-mail us for a price and availability.

*CARE INSTRUCTIONS--for ORGANIC Products/Natural Materials (See bottom of page)

Use of Organic jewelry in particular, and natural materials in general, is at your own risk.

WICKED accepts no liability in connection with the use or misuse of our products, nor do we make any claim about the suitability of our products for any particular piercing, usage, or application. Know your own body, and respond appropriately to how it reacts to a new material.

We want you as a customer to have 100% satisfaction for the jewelry that you order from us. But since Body Jewelry is a personal item and for health reasons, we cannot exchange, make refunds. So in other words, "NO RETURNS".

Note: This is for a single PIECE! If you want a pair you must order two. - Prices are subject to change.

organic claws
Short Spiral-Black Water Buffalo Horn
$26.99 ea
Organic Hooks
Ear Hooks-Black Water Buffalo Horn
$46.99 ea
6 Gauge
organic claws
Long Spiral-Black Water Buffalo Horn
$34.99 ea

Care Instructions for ORGANIC Products/Natural Materials.

Please remember, organics as most natural jewelry cannot be sterilized, jewelry returns cannot be accepted.

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