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To Make The Body Beautiful - Body Piercing Jewelry and more... !

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We want you as a customer to have 100% satisfaction for the jewelry that you order from us. But since Body Jewelry is a personal item and for health reasons, we cannot exchange, make refunds. So in other words, "NO RETURNS".

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Flamboyant Flower Navel Barbell with dangling crystal Shield

"Star" Is Born

Bodacious Dangling Navel Shield

This 14G-3/8". Flower Navel Barbell with a "bodacious and flamboyant" Dangling Crystal Shield. The navel floral barbell can be worn alone for a daily use, or together with the shield for those 'Daring Diva" moments.

Crystal Blue and Crystal Pink [as shown] - 1 each in stock



Rhinestone Cross Navel dangle


14g Cross with long dangling tear drop charms. Dangling part measures approx. 3" long.
Stone colors: Clear.


Bodacious Navel dangle


14G-3/8" Navel Barbell with "marcasite" look Butterfly Wings, long dangling chain and clear tear drops. Dangling part measures approx. 2" long. -Stone colors: Clear. [1 in stock]


Jade dangling navel

14g "Laureate Wreath" with a pear shaped large faux jade stone dangling navel Barbell
Stone colors: Clear and Faux jade. Dangling Charm measures: 1/-3/4" long by 1" wide. [Only 1 Jade in stock}


Jade Navel dangle

14g gorgeous Navel Barbell - Top shaped in a crowned cat head holding a faux round jade inside a horshoe
Stone colors: Clear and Faux Jade.
sorry, this item is sold out

Navel Tear Drop dangle

14g with 1 dangling Sterling Tear Drop
Small stones in clear, dangling tear drop in clear and pink.
sorry, this item is sold out

Navel dangle

Floral "Bodacious" Navel Barbell
14G-3/8" with a dangling floral branch and flower
Stone colors: Crystal Clear. Dangling part measures approx. 1" Long [1 in stock]
Price $19.99

Navel dangle

Bodacious 14g with a triangle clear stone cluster and 4 dangling Sterling Silver charms and crystals - Not for the faint of heart. Charm measures 3" long. [1 in stock]
Price $23.99

Bodacious Lavender Banana Bell

14 Gauge 1/2" Gorgeous Lavender stone and Navel Barbell.
Main Stone color: Lavender, clear marquesite style surrounds it. Charm Measures approx. 1.5" [1 in stock]
Price $19.99

Pearl Navel dangle

This gorgeous "Wedding Nite" 14g Navel Barbell has 'down' pear shape clear stone and marquesite style wings over a dangling medium size faux pearl. Charm Measures approx. 1.5" [1 in stock]
Price $19.99

Navel dangle

sorry, this item is SOLD OUT!

Stainless Steel
Dangle Baby Blue Navel barbell, with long chain and flower design Ring Knocker.
Ring knocker can be pull out for every day use. [0 in stock]
Price $19.99

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