FAQ (Frequently Asked Piercing Questions!)
Does it Hurt?
Not as bad as getting dumped... yes, it hurts, for crying out loud! You're paying someone to stick a needle into your body... However, some parts of the body are more painful than others. Piercings on areas with cartilage tend to hurt more than areas with fatty tissue. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. Some of us even like the pain. Pain is considered part of the process. In most cases the body reacts to the pain by releasing endorphins. This dulls the pain somewhat and many people get a cool buzz off it.

How old do I have to be to get pierced?
In the State of Nevada and California, and therefore at any Piercing Studio, you must be 18 years old (with valid ID) to get pierced. Those under 18 who are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian can get pierced. You cannot legally get nipples or genitalia pierced if you're under 18 (even if your Mom says it's OK). This is considered molestation of a minor by the law and the piercer can be prosecuted and heavily fined.

What kind of jewelry should I wear for my new piercing?
Many people have sensitivities and reactions caused by nickel in the metal that's used, so it is possible you could get contact dermatitis in the area and develop a secondary infection. It is wise to ask your piercer if the jewelry to be used is "nickel free". There are surgical stainless steel nickel free, Yellow or White gold made with palladium instead of nickel, high polish natural titanium, however, the cost of jewelry is higher. We highly recommend the use of Titanium, Niobium (no colored) or 18K gold nickel free jewelery to our customers for their piercings.

We want you as a customer to have 100% satisfaction for the jewelry that you order from us. But since Body Jewelry is a personal item, we have to treat it as needles in a doctors office, once opened it must be thrown away. So in other words, "NO RETURNS".

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