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Sassy and Naughty Things
for Nice Girls

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Agent Provocateur  
Authors: Joseph Corre, Serena Rees, Pria Taneja
By looking at evocative representations of women throughout history--corsets, '50s pin-up gals, striptease, and lingerie--this book describes the changes in attitude toward the female form. Within are selected works by Eric Stanton, John Willie, Elmer Batters, Allen Jones, Milo Manara, Irving Klaw, Gil Elvgren and others as well as images of Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Tempest Storm and other famous women.
Hardcover, 0.89 x 11.34 x 9.39" , 192 pages


$ 34.99
Guide to Cracking the Bull Whip.. 
A guide on purchasing, cracking, and using a bullwhip.!

Author: Andrew John Conway
Cover Type: SC
Pages: 120


$ 12.99
The Little Book of Lap Dancing  
"This small by powerful book empowers women with a hot new way to bring excitement into their sex lives. It's not about being an expert lap dancer on the first attempt. I'ts about creating a moment when mood lighting, fun music, the teasing dance of a sexually confident woman, and the heightened interest of an eager man combine to ignite passion between lovers. Accomplished lap dancer Rebecca Drury offers quick lessons that teach all the popular moves, including the 'slap and tickle,' 'body slide' and 'grinding straddle'. Step-by-step photos make the sequences easy to learn and there's a complete dance routine to get things started right away."  50 color Photographs -- Hard Cover, 96 Pages 


$ 16.99
The Housewives - Practical Guide to Striptease  
An entertaining, informative manual for women of all shapes and sizes! It’s about time somebody wrote a “How to” for the practical striptease. Everything you ever wanted to know, and a few things you didn’t! Tips and insider secrets from real strippers!

Trimming your “Landing Strip”

Music To Strip By

Choosing your wardrobe

The Art of Lap Dancing

 By Miyoko Fujimori -- PaperBack, 60 Pages


$ 11.50
Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked  
It's more than cosmetics - It's an attitude that enables you to move with allure. Whether you are walking fully dressed into a restraunt during the day or taking off your clothes for someone special at night, these sexy tips will show you how to make the most of what you've got. Entice with the perfect pout, Create instant cleavage, Find your fantasty costume, Take off anything...with style, Flatter with lights and props, Master the art of the slow tease, Sculpt fabulous hairstyles (uptown and downtown), Glow with glitter in all the right places, Radiate confidence'  The cover is metallic hot pink with red background -- Paperback 


$ 17.99
streaptease--A Book
Striptease! - An Image Book 
"From Gaslight to Spotlight" - exploration into the history of burlesque. Striptease is the only illustrated book on the subject. For everyone who enjoys pin-ups, push-ups and pulp style!

Author: Glasscock, Jessica
Cover Type: Hardcover, 176 pages.


$ 29.99

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