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If your passion for fashion includes an obsession with getting today's contemporary handbags and accessories at a great price, Wicked Diva's chic & elegant designs offer luxurious looks for the savvy shopper.

Wicked Diva brings you a great selection of Unique and Designer Inspired handbags. Rather then selling knockoff or replica bags, we want to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience and the satisfaction of knowing they are not purchasing a "cheap" imitation.

Indulge your addiction with Wicked Diva...It's guilt-free!

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Host a Handbag Party

Ever wanted to do something really fun with your friends and family? Why not have the shopping brought to your home by hosting a handbag party! You provide the refreshments, snacks and a place to set up, and we bring the handbags.

We ask that you invite no less than 10 guests and as the host, you get a 15% discount on any purchase you make and a Host Gift. If purchases at your party total over $300, you also will receive a free handbag of your choice .

We cover the whole of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Please contact us at: wickediva@cox.net or call us at: 702-985-2146 if you are thinking of hosting a party or if you need more details.

Lingerie and Jewelry (bodyjewelry and costume) is also available at our parties .

Would you like to run your own handbag parties using Coco's handbags? If yes, please contact us for more details.


Frequently asked questions:

At what time of the day can I host a party?
Anytime between 10am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday

How much notice do you need?
Please contact us at least 2 weeks before the actual date of the party

How long does a party last?
Parties can run anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your guest size and decision making time. There will be ice-breaker games where your guests can win $5-$10 off their purchases that day. Guests can only participate in the games if they are there when the games begin.

What happens at the Party?
I bring the handbags and accessories with me therefore no ordering is required. However, the option of ordering is available - Payment must be received up front. I will then ship the item directly to your home free of charge. My stock changes as frequent as the styles therefore no two parties are the same. I have many customers who book 3-4 parties a year to keep up with styles.

How can we pay for products at the party?
Your party planner will accept cash, and credit cards the night of the party.  The credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Please note that credit card customers will be asked for all of their personal information the night of the party, including the security number from the back of their card and their exact billing address.  Our party planner is taking a risk by taking your credit card information and letting you take products home. Please be respectful of this.

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