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DARK GIFTS [Goth & Wicca]

Devil Girl Nodder
Voodoo Doll--

This 9" (22.9 cm) tall, stuffed cloth Voodoo Doll is endorsed by a couple of witch doctors and a guy named Stan. Use it to reward nice people by sticking a white pin in the “Win Lottery” area, or punish those who have forsaken you with a black pin in the “Migraine” area. With five white (good) pins and five black (bad) pins.

New Orleans Skeleton Head Voodoo Doll
New Orleans Voo Doo Doll--Skeleton Head Voo Doo Dolls.. 10 inches tall.

Assorted fabric dress, gris gris bag, pins, feathers and charms.

Devil Girl Nodder
DevilGirl Nodder--

This 1990's cute little plastic devil girl nodder has a naughty gleam in her eyes. She's not really evil, just a little bad. She might encourage you to go a few miles an hour over the speed limit or order an extra hamburger in the drive through, but mostly she's content just sitting on your desk or dashboard and nodding now and again..... [1 in stock]

Wall Candle Holder

How to Conduct a Seance by Anna Riva - $6.95

How to Conduct a Seance by Anna Riva is an easy to understand instructions for conducting your own "Spiritual Circle." Covers all you need to know, who should attend, how to begin the seance, best time to conduct one, proper lighting and temperature and how long it should last. - 18 pages


Wall Candle Holder

"Erotic" Wall Candle Holder--$30.00

Wall Candle Holder


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