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Husband Voodoo Doll 
The perfect gift for the bride to be! This fun Husband Voodoo Doll will help keep the new hubby attentive long after the honeymoon is over. Whenever you feel your new husband is taking you for granted, use one of thr pins to put him back in line. Simply stick a pin into one of the 25 activities that you wish him to do, such as ‘bring me flowers’ or ‘cook us dinner’. Comes complete with 10 pins.



Bachelorette Party Kit  
This adorable kit for 10 guests is contained in a pink and black keepsake tin that will can be used to hold memories of her last night out, a hat, craft supplies, etc. Contains as shown in picture to left: Name tags, invitations, pink forks, knives and spoons, luncheon and appetizer/cake plates, cocktail napkins and matching cups that all say Bachelorette Party. Also contains a cute 9' letter banner that spells out BACHELORETTE PARTY. Great kit to take with you and show up anywhere! Has enough room to store a few extra things inside too!



Pin the Macho Man Game 
Pin the Macho on the Man is a must-have if you are looking for a great bachelorette party game. People ask us all of the time "What should I buy?" and we always answer "Pin the Macho on the Man."
The game includes the Macho Man Poster (24 x 36 inches) and 25 units to pin. That means that up to 25 people can each have their own, different penis to pin up.


$ 18.50
Bachelorette Roulette
Bachelorette Roulette "Vegas" Style 
Have fun watching your friends be daring - a real party game. Six to twelve people can play. There is one miniature roulette wheel, 37 dare cards, 2 roulette marble, and 12 score cards. 


$ 15.50
Pink Peni Pens 
"Dictating" a letter never was so much fun! With the "Peni Pens" - They like to be stroked, they're fun to take notes! A great gift for a friend, the Incredible Peni Pen! Come in a pack of 3.



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