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Herbs are used very often in magical spells and potions as well as in incense, sachets, poppets, as well as magical baths. None of these herbs have any preservatives and are in their natural dried state, to maintain their power and energy.

All of the herbs on this page cost only $4.75 (U.S. funds) per bag, plus the cost of shipping only.

ALDER BARK- use for money, gambling, & luck- also increases the power of what it's used with

ANGELICA ROOT- use for exorcism, protection, healing. Used in Egyptian rituals.

ANISE SEED- use for protection, increase of psychic powers. Use in dream pillows or blend in warm milk for an aphrodisiac.

ASAFOETIDA- use for exorcism, purification, & protection.

BARBERRY BARK- use in love spells to incite passion. May also be used to make yellow dye.

BAYBERRY BARK- use to bring good luck, money, energy, & clarity. Make candles with it and burn them to bring wealth.

BENZOIN- use for purification and prosperity. Excellent incense base.

BLESSED THISTLE- brings strength & protection. Use for healing and hex breaking. (may be substituted for rue)

BUCKEYE- use to bring money, good luck, & healing. Wrap nut with money and carry in a sachet to attract money.

CALAMUS- use to bring luck, money, healing, & protection.

CAMPHOR- use for health. Breath to open the sight.

CATNIP- use in cat (familiar) magic. Promotes love, beauty, & courage. Use as a bookmark in a magical text.

CHAMOMILE- use to bring money and love. Aids in sleep, relaxation, & purification. Use in dream pillows.

CHEWING JOHN- use for protection, lust, health, money, psychic powers, & to break hexes.

CINNAMON- use to bring speedy results in matters of love, money, or health.

COMFREY- use for safety during travel. Place in shoes to ensure a safe journey.

CORN FLOWERS- use for inspiration and to invoke the Mother aspect of the Goddess. Use to find a new love.

COUCH GRASS- use to bring happiness or attract love. Tie this in a knot to bind young love.

DAMIANA- use in sexual magic. Store with a piece of quartz to increase clairvoyance.

DEVIL'S SHOESTRING- use when gambling. Carry a piece for good luck, especially employment.

DRAGON'S BLOOD- use to clear negativity, Increases the power and potency of whatever it is used with.

ECHINACEA- use in strengthening spells and healing rituals.

ELECAMPANE- use to attract love. Also known as elf-wort. Use in consecrations, scrying, and initiations.

FENNEL- use for healing and protection. Blend this with anise and mugwort to promote sight.

FIVE FINGER GRASS- the five leaves represent love, money, health, power and wisdom.

FRANKINCENSE- use in consecrations & religious ceremonies. Increases prayer strength.

GALANGA ROOT- use in love spells to heat things up.

GET AWAY ROOT- same as comfrey

GOLDENSEAL- use for healing and to attract money. Use to make yellow or orange dye.

GRAINS OF PARADISE- use to attract love, lust, & money. Toss to the four winds after making a wish, starting with north.

GUINEA PEPPERS- use to bring love and luck. Carry it for protection.


HIGH JOHN ROOT- use it to give a very powerful boost to whatever it is used with.

HOPS- use in dream pillows. Use to make ritual brews.

INDIAN HEMP- use for healing, meditation, & healing

JAMAICAN GINGER- use to attract love, money, & success. Sprinkle in pockets to attract money.

JEZEBEL ROOT- use in love spells where a female wants to attract and command a mate. Aids in protecting purity.

JUNIPER BERRIES- use to dispel negative energy. Hang by a door or entrance to a house.

KAVA KAVA- use in Hawaiian rituals.

KELP- use to increase psychic powers. Used in spells of the sea or winds.

LADY'S THUMB- use to draw love.

LAUREL LEAVES- use for purification, protection, & healing. Used to make a crown for males in handfastings or weddings.

LAVENDER- use for protection, love, longevity, & purification. Promotes happiness, peace, and tranquility especially in childbirth.

LEMON GRASS- use in money spells. Also said to repel serpents.

LINDEN FLOWERS- use for protection and luck. Use these in dream pillows and love spells.

LOTUS ROOT- use as an offering to the Gods. Symbol of life, spirituality, and the center of the universe.

LOW JOHN ROOT- use for protection and hex breaking. Adds a boost to whatever it is being used with.

MANDRAKE- use in gender magic (can be male or female depending on the shape of the root)

MAY APPLE- same as mandrake. Used in poppets.

MOJO WISH BEAN- use to manifest wishes and desires.

MUGWORT- use to promote psychic powers, astral projections, & prophetic dreams. Use in consecration and divination, especially with the crystal ball.

MULLEIN- use to promote courage, love, & protection.

MYRRH- use for clearing and healing. Increases the power of whatever it is used with.

NUTMEG- use as a sprinkle on green candles to attract money.

ORRIS ROOT- use for love or divination. Burn as incense to bring peace to the dead.

PASSION FLOWERS- use to promote peace, sleep, & friendship. Calms troubled emotions.

PATCHOULI- use in sexual magic. Sprinkle at base of a green candle to attract money, also a substitute for graveyard dust.

PEPPERMINT LEAVES- use for purification, sleep, love, & healing. Raises vibration levels, and promotes dreams of the things to come.

QUASSIA CHIPS- use to attract love, compassion, & understanding. Use as a base for incense.

RASPBERRY LEAVES- use for protection. Carry the leaves to alleviate pains of pregnancy and childbirthing.

ROSE BUDS- use in love spells and to promote a sense of healing and peace. Wear a chaplet of these petals during a love spell to increase its strength.

ROSEMARY- use for protection, love, lust, purification, healing, & sleep. Use in dream pillows, or burn to learn the answer to a question.

ROWEN WOOD- use to promote psychic powers, healing, & success.

SALTPETER- use in vesta powder to clear space of energy and use in scrying.

SANDALWOOD- use as an incense base. Has a very high spiritual vibration. Use in cologne to wash away negativity.

SASSAFRAS- use in a purse or wallet to attract money.

SKULLCAP- use to promote relaxation and peace. Use in handfastings or weddings.

SEASALT- use for purification and grounding.

SLIPPERY ELM- use to halt gossip. When placed in a red bag and worn around the neck it will improve speech and language.

SOLOMONS SEAL- use in the four corners or the house to protect it. Use in ceremonial magic.

SPEARMINT- use in dream pillows. Breath to clear thoughts.

SPIKENARD- use in helping to remember details when studying.


STAR ANISE- use to wear as seeds as beads to increase psychic powers.

SULPHUR- use to prevent or break a hex.

SUNFLOWER- use as an additive to a bath to increase happiness.

THYME- use to invoke the fairy folks. Use this to communicate to the dead.

TONKA BEANS- use to attract lovers and money. Visualize and wish upon it the throw into running water.

VALERIAN- use in dream pillows. Substitute for graveyard dust.

VERBENA/VERBAIN- use to scatter around the home to bring peace. Use to consecrate magical tools.

VETIVERT- use to increase prosperity.

WITCH HAZEL- use to make diving rods. Carry to mend a broken heart.

WORMWOOD- use to banish angers and negative energy.

YARROW- use in love spells. Wrap in terry cloth and place under pillow to invision your true love.