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Petticoat Junction

Season 3

67-Is This My Daughter?
Folks at the Shady Rest hotel find Betty Jo extremely changed after a trip to Europe (her graduation present).
68-It's Not Easy to Be a Mother
Kate puts herself in a foolish position when she becomes overly suspicious of one of her daughter's actions.
69-One Dozen Roses
A romantic problem develops when Betty Jo finds she has a secret admirer.
70-Pop Goes the Question
Thanks to Uncle Joe's loose tongue, everybody in the valley knows that Steve is going to marry Betty Jo--except Betty Jo.
71-You Know I Can't Hear You When the Thunder Is Clapping
Kate faces a mother's problem when the youngest of her three daughters falls in love.
72-A Cottage for Two
Betty Jo's ramshackle "dream house" momentarily disrupts her romance with Steve.
73-Mind if We Join Your Wedding?
Floyd Smoot, suddenly engaged, convinces Steve Elliott that he and Betty Jo should have a double wedding.
74-Meet the In-Laws
Steve's parents pay an unexpected visit to meet the Bradley family--and to sample Betty Jo's highly touted cooking.
75-With This Gown I Thee Wed
Betty Jo faces a perplexing problem as her wedding day draws near--she has four gowns to wear.
76-Hawaii Calling
Kate expects a long-distance call at Sam's store from Betty Jo and Steve in Hawaii, and Hooterville goes wild with excitement.
77-Kate's Birthday
Kate fears that her honeymooning daughter and son-in-law have forgotten her birthday.
78-The Honeymoon Is Over
Newlyweds Steve and Betty Jo Elliott have their first spat--over Steve's first night out with the boys.
79-A Horse on You, Mr. Bedloe
Railroad executive Homer Bedloe shows up again with a new scheme to get the Cannonball discontinued.
80-Kate's Day in Court
Kate decides to contest a jaywalking ticket she receives in Pixley.
81-Uncle Joe and the Master Plan
Uncle Joe attempts to upgrade the facilities of the Shady Rest hotel to impress a representative of a hotel association.
82-All That Buzzes Ain't Bees
Uncle Joe's entry into the beekeeping business disrupts newlyweds Steve and Betty Jo Elliott.
83-All Sales Final
Steve and Betty Jo each buy new furniture for their home without telling the other about it.
84-The Power of the Press
As two crusading newspaper reporters, Bobbie Jo and her boyfriend take over the "Hooterville World Guardian."
85-Steve, the Apple Polisher
Newlywed Betty Jo encourages husband Steve to become an apple polisher to secure a lucrative crop-dusting contract.
86-The Barber Shop Quartet
Uncle Joe's proclivity for off-key singing prompts his dismissal from a barber shop quartet--just before a local talent contest.
87-Higgins Come Home
A feud develops over the Bradley family dog's apparently divided loyalty.
88-Girl of Our Dreams
Changes due to middle age make Uncle Joe and Sam Drucker unrecognizable to a girl they both once courted.
89-Uncle Joe Runs the Hotel
Uncle Joe takes over the Shady Rest and is almost run out of town for allegedly tossing out an old man for non-payment of rent.
90-Billie Jo's First Record
A slick, big-city promotion man concocts a phony publicity build-up to promote Billie Jo's first record.
91-Mae's Helping Hand
Cousin Mae wreaks havoc at the Shady Rest hotel, until Aunt Helen comes to the rescue.
92-Bad Day at Shady Rest
"Deputy" Joe Carson captures a desperate bank robber with the help of Aunt Helen and a war-surplus life raft.
93-Cannonball for Sale
Railroader Homer Bedloe announces that the Hooterville Cannonball is for sale to the highest bidder.
94-My Pal Sam
Sam Drucker's vacation at the Shady Rest hotel turns out to be a big disappointment for Uncle Joe.
Betty Jo and Steve swear never to remove their wedding rings, but the next day she accidentally drops hers down the drain of the kitchen sink.
96-Kate's Homecoming
Kate comes home and finds everything normal--there's a mix-up on where to meet her, and fireworks set the Pixley depot ablaze.

Season 4

97-Birthplace of a Future President
Everyone feels Doc Stuart has been slighted when Steve Elliott decides to take his wife to Baltimore for the birth of their baby.
98-The Singing Sweethearts
Betty Jo reluctantly appears on a live television program as a member of "The Singing Sweethearts."
99-Only a Husband
The attention lavished on the expectant Betty Jo makes Steve feel left out, so he goes fishing with Uncle Joe.
100-The Valley Has a Baby
Betty Jo must operate the Cannonball herself--in order to get to the hospital to have her baby.
101 Granny, the Baby Expert
Granny goes to Hooterville to take care of Betty Jo's new baby, but loses her glasses and mistakes the family dog for the child.
Richard Arlen and Buddy Rogers arrive for a premiere of "Wings"--40 years late.
103-The Lady Doctor
Doc Stuart's new associate turns out to be an attractive woman, which seems to displease everyone in Hooterville.
104-The Sneaky Ways of a Woman Who Is Both Beautiful and Smart
Dr. Janet Craig, rebuffed as a physician by the local males, sets out to win them over as a woman--and a good cook.
105-The Strange Case of Joseph P. Carson
In an attempt to get rid of lady Dr. Craig, Uncle Joe fakes an illness that becomes real.
106-Bye, Bye, Doctor
A handsome suitor shows up unexpectedly and threatens to take Dr. Janet Craig from the valley.
107-First Night Out
Betty Jo and Steve enjoy an evening out, unaware that their baby has gone to jail with her sitter.
108-A Cake From Granny
Homer Bedloe returns to Hooterville with a brand-new scheme to sabotage the Cannonball.
109-The Feminine Mistake
Bobbie Jo decides to become an emancipated woman and leave Hooterville.
110-The Ballad of the Everyday Housewife
When it appears that Steve is beginning to take his wife too much for granted, Bobbie Jo tries to make him be more demonstrative.
111-The Christening
Five eminently qualified and extremely jealous rivals volunteer to be baby Kathy Jo's godfather.
112-Billie Jo and the Big Big Star
A big-city comedian threatens to alienate all of Hooterville by making fun of local characters.
113-Steve's New Job
To go to New York or not to go to New York--that is the question faced by Steve and Betty Jo after Steve gets a big job offer.
114-The Cannonball Bookmobile
Three old friends become rivals for the affections of a charming librarian.
115-A Man Called Cyrus Plout
Plans for the annual Hooterville Founders' Day celebration are wrecked by generation-gap dissension.
116-Joe Saves the Post Office
Uncle Joe leads a delegation to Washington, D.C., to save Sam Drucker's post office.
117-I'm Allergic to Daddy
Steve Elliott is declared out of bounds in his own house when it appears his baby daughter is allergic to him.
118-Uncle Joe Retires
Lazy Uncle Joe, who fancies himself a human dynamo, announces his retirement.
119-The Organ Fund
The Hooterville folks are faced with a larcenous fund-raiser when they try to find enough money to buy the church a new organ.
120-The Great Race
The future of the Shady Rest hangs on the outcome of a race between the Cannonball and an overland taxi. Not a Homer Bedloe episode
121-Tune In Next Year
The people of Hooterville do everything they can think of to prevent Dr. Janet Craig from leaving to work for a famed neurologist.
122-By the Book
Steve Elliott hurriedly takes off on a crop-dusting job, not knowing he underbid for the assignment by $1800.

Season 5

123-Make Room for Baby
The dog suddenly becomes a second-class citizen at the Shady Rest hotel when Steve, Betty Jo and baby Kathy Jo move in.
124-The Game Warden
Uncle Joe, caught with too many fish in his possession by Game Warden Orrin Pike, is threatened with a jail sentence.
125-The Other Woman
Betty Jo and Steve Elliott find the serenity of their honeymoon cottage disturbed by intruders.
126-One of Our Chickens Is Missing
Two rough motorcyclists, suspected of poaching, are too many and too tough for Game Warden Orrin Pike to capture.
127-The Three Queens
Sparks fly when the three Bradley sisters and Dr. Craig find themselves competitors in a beauty contest.
128-The Glen Tinker Caper
An unknown singer tries to smuggle an adorable Vietnamese orphan into the United States by bringing her to Hooterville.
129-The Tenant
When a glamorous author moves into the Shady Rest hotel, Billie Jo turns on the charm to move her right out again.
130-A Most Momentous Occasion
To stop Steve and Betty Jo from moving out, Uncle Joe installs a new bathroom at the Shady Rest hotel.
131-Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots
Dr. Craig persuades a stubborn hillbilly family to submit to flu shots by curing their ailing hound dog.
132-The Camping Trip
Bobby Jo's boyfriend Orrin finally manages to make friends with Uncle Joe when he rescues the old fellow from a hungry bear.
133-Kathy Jo's First Birthday
Baby Kathy Jo almost misses her first birthday party when she lands in jail with Uncle Joe.
134-The Golden Spike Ceremony
Uncle Joe strikes oil at the Hooterville-Pixley golden spike ceremony and plans ways to spend his new "fortune."
135-Goodbye, Mr. Chimp
Uncle Joe tries to get rid of the pet chimp who is gradually wrecking the Shady Rest hotel.
136-But I've Never Been in Erie, PA
An industrialist registers at the Shady Rest and offers Uncle Joe a chance to make a fortune.
137-How to Arrange a Marriage
Bobbie Jo attempts to soften up Billie Jo's new boyfriend for marriage.
138-Selma Plout's Plot
Selma Plout's scheme to snag a husband for her daughter almost forces Steve out of the crop-dusting business.
139-With This Ring...
Orrin Pike is observed buying a ring, and the family jumps to the conclusion that he's going to propose to Bobbie Jo.
140-The Valley's New Owner
Shy Orrin Pike becomes a big man when an old deed indicates he is the legal owner of the entire Hooterville Valley.
141-Steve's Uncle George
Steve's Uncle George visits the Shady Rest hotel and lives up to his reputation as a troublemaker.
142-Susan B. Anthony, I Love You
Billie Jo returns from Chicago with a visionary zeal for the women's liberation movement, and enlists her sisters in "the cause."
143-Spare That Cottage
It becomes a tragic matter when it appears that Steve and Betty Jo's honeymoon cottage will be demolished for a new highway.
144-Whiplash, Whiplash
Selma Plout tries to slap a lawsuit against Uncle Joe for a whiplash injury suffered in a fall from a hammock.
145-Last Train to Pixley
Uncle Joe takes over as engineer of the Cannonball--until the railway company decides to sell it for a tax write-off.
146-Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Billie Jo tries to spread love through the valley with a new theory of sensitivity training.
147-No, No, You Can't Take Her Away
The Bradleys are shaken by the news that a handsome and wealthy male doctor is coming to visit their own Dr. Janet Craig.
148-Betty Jo's Business
Betty Jo Elliott starts a day nursery to augment the family income.
Cross-over episode: Beverly Hillbillies: Christmas in Hooterville

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