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Tolladay Census Records

List Order: Chronological, by State, then Alphabetical by Given Name, then Alphabetic by Surname.

Data Order: Year, Surname, Given Name, County, State, Page#, Town
16 Nov 1728TYLETY, Nathaniel County CT Father
21 Apr 1745TYLETY, John County CT Son

1788 TALLIDAY, JOHN Onondaga County NY Lot 81 Pompey Source Link

1788 TALLIDAY, John the Revolutionary War Soldier drew a military lot in Pompey, Onondaga County, New York, "which was early settled by a number of soldiers and officers from Connecticut and Massachusetts." Source: SOURCE: Sweet's New Atlas of Onondaga Co., New York. NY: Walker Bros. & Co., 1874, pp. 12-12a. Another Source is : Dwight C. Bruce (ed.), Onondaga's Centennial. Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. 1, pp. 147-1 52. Under the treaty of 1788 the Onondagas ceded to the state of New York all their lands-excepting the Onondaga reservation and fishing and hunting rights; and the lands thus acquired and another tract lying west were under act of Congress, September 16th, 1776, and other legislation, set apart as bounty lands to soldiers of the Revolutionary war, and became known as the Military Tract. it included all the territory within the original county of Onondaga. Source: SOURCE: Pioneer Times in the Onondaga Country, by Carroll E. Smith, LL.D., C. W. Bardeen, Publisher, Syracuse, NY, 1904, pp. 195-198. TALADAY, John sold his land in 1795 (see below).The land John was granted for his military service is in the present town of La Fayette.
1790 TALLIDAY, ABRAHAM Dutchess County NY 058 Beekman Code: 1-1-2 .TALLIDAY, Abraham is married with 1 son and 2 daughters. This places his marriage 6 to 8 years earlier or 1782 to 1784 and his birth about 20 years earlier or 1762 to 1764.
1790 TALLADY, CHARLES Dutchess County NY 059 Beekman Code: 1-0-2 Charles is married with one daughter. This places his birth prior to 1770.
1790 TALLADY , THOMAS Dutchess County NY 059 Beekman Code: 1-2-4. Thomas is married with 5 children, placing his marriage about 10 years earlier or around 1780 and his birth about 1760.
1790 TALLIDY , HENRY Luzerne County PA 150 Wysox District Code: 2-1-5. Henry and wife have 6 children living at home; 2 sons under 16 and 4 daughters. We know only the names of 2 of those daughters; Polly born 1769 and Althea born 1774. That places Henry's marriage prior to 1769 and his birth before 1750.

Neighbor: STROPE, Bastian "Big John" 1-2-4 .

1790 TALLADY , JOHN Luzerne County PA 078 Wysox District Code: 1-2-3 John is listed with his wife Jemima have 4 children, 1 son John born 1796; 1 son that is 10-16 years old born 1774-1780, and 2 daughters.

1795 TALADAY, John sells his land; a military tract, in the Town of Pompey, Onondaga County New York to S. Smith. Land data: (1CF,591) lot 81. The town of Pompey originally included the towns of Fabius, Preble, Scott and Tully, and parts of Cuyler, LaFayette, Onondaga, Otisco, Spafford, and Truxton. As I mentioned above, the land John owned was in present day Lafayette.

1796 TALLIDAY, Henry and John are listed among the settlers of the Wysox District in Bradford County, PA. Further information on Wysox can be found at the Bradford County site.

1796 Abraham's children are baptized. On 28 Feb 1796 at Saint Peters Episcopal, Hobart, Delaware, New York Elizabeth, Johnathan, Mary, Ruth and Thomas were Christened. Source Film: Film/Fiche: Records of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in the village of Hobart, town of Stamford, Delaware County, N.Y., 1794-1907 Vosburgh, Royden Woodward
1800 TALLIDAY, SARAH (widow) Dutchess County NY Page 8 Beekman Township Code: 10000-10310-00
1809 TAYLADE, ROBERT Franklin County OH 036 Truro Township Tax List
1800 TALLIDAY, ABRAHAM Luzerne County PA Roll M32-39 Page:211B Line: 35 Wysox Township Code: 21010 -31010. In 1800 Abraham has 3 sons and 4 daughters. Elizabeth, Johnathan, Mary, Ruth and Thomas were baptized on 28 February 1796 at Saint Peter's Episcopal Church in Hobart Delaware County, New York.
1800 TALLIDAY, SOLOMON Luzerne County PA Roll M32-39 Page:211B Line: 36 Wysox Township Code: 10010 31010. Roll M32-39 page 211B line 36 Solomon is living next to Abraham. Solomon is now 42 and his wife is 26-45. They have 5 children. 1 son and three daughters under the age of 10, and 1 daughter 10-16 .
1800 TALLIDAY, HENRY Luzerne County PA Roll M32-39 Page:213B Line: 21 Ulster Township Code: 10101 11101. Henry is listed as being over the age of 45. His wife is also over 45. They have 1 son 10-16, 1 son 16-26, 1 daughter under 10 and 1 daughter 10-16 still living at home. The sons listed in the 1790 census are still at home but three of his daughters are not. Polly now 31 and Althea now 29 have married into the NORTHRUP family. The other daughter from the 1790 census is still unknown. Henry has had another son and another daughter whose names are also still unknown . Since Henry is listed as over 45 years old in 1800, the math says he was born before 1755.
1800 TALLIDAY, JOHN SR. Luzerne County PA Roll M32-39 Page:213B Line: 22 Ulster Township Code: 01101 00001. John Sr. and Jemima have 1 son 10-16 and 1 son 16-26 still at home. They are listed as over 45 placing their births before 1755.
1800 TALLIDAY, JOHN JR. Luzerne County PARoll M32-39 Page: 213A Line: 13 Ulster Township Code: 20010 00010.

John TALLIDAY and Mary STROPE now have 2 sons under 10; He and his wife are listed as aged 26-45. This is the John listed in the "Boston Transcript" as being born 1763 and having fought in the American Revolution. In 1800 he would be 37 years old. Mary born in 1766 is now 34. Children are: John born 1796 and Solomon born 1799

1800 Bradford Census you will also find:

COUCH, David (father of Chloa/Chloe/Chole) in Ulster Twp, married with 1 son and 3 daughters

NORTHRUP, John and TALLIDAY, Polly are living just up the road from Abraham and Solomon in Wysocks Township 1800 census, as seen in Roll M32-39 page 211A Line 1. Both are between 26 and 45 years of age and there are no children in the home - which is strange. According to the given birthdate Polly would be only 31 in 1800.

NORTHRUP, Nathan (one of Polly Tallady and John Northrup's sons) He's married with 3 sons and 1 daughter

1810 TALLADY, ABRAHAM Steuben County NY 061 Painted Post Code: 01001-30110
1810 TALLADY, ABRAHAM Steuben County NY 061 Painted Post Code: 20100-00100
1810 TALLADY, JOHN Steuben County NY 061 Painted Post Code: 00001-00001
TALLARDY, Sarah mother
Dutchess County NY 070 Beekman Code:00100-00100
Johnathan is 16-25 Sarah is now 26-44
1810 TALADAY, SOLOMON Tioga County NY 071 Elmira Code: 00001-20110 Solomon is now over 45.
His wife is 26-44
1810 TALADAY , THOMAS Tioga County NY 095 Owego Code: 00010-00010 Thomas and wife are 26-44
1810 TALADY, STEPHEN L. Rensselaer County NY 055 Pittstown Code: 10100-00100
Stephen is 16-25
1810 TALLERDAY, HENRY Luzerne County PA 144 Wysox Township Code: 01001-00001
Henry is over 55 as he was over 45 in the 1800 census, so was born before 1755. His wife is listed over 45. One son aged 10-15 born 1795-1800 at home.
1810 TALLERDAY, JOHN Luzerne County PA 144 Towanda Township Code: 43001-2001
John is now over 55 as he was listed as over 45 in 1800 so he was born before 1755.
1810 TALLERDAY, SOLOMON Luzerne County PA 144 Orwell Township Code: 10010-10100
Solomon is aged 26-44. His wife is 16-25. They have 2 children, a son and a daughter both under 10.

1809 TAYLADE , Robert is listed in the Franklin County Early Ohio Tax List. His name appears on page 36 in Truro Township. Who were his parents? It's a mystery. Interestingly enough, this is where we find Solomon and John living by 1830. Was it a letter from him that drew them to the frontier?

1812 Tax Table - Wysox Township - Bradford County Pennsylvania TALLADAY, Henry and John are listed in Wysox Twp. This is the last time we see Henry in census or tax records.

1812 Tax Table - Towanda Township has TALLADY, Solomon Jr. listed.

1814 Talledy, Thomas is in the War of 1812. Reference: Swift's and Dobin's Regiment New York, Private Roll 204:602 This record should provide us with further information on Thomas such as birthdate, wife and lineage.

1820 TALLODAY , ABE Niagara County NY 083 Amhurst Code: 120010-10010
1820 TALLADY, JOHN Albany County NY 079 Renssalaerville Code: 210010-01010
1820 TALLERDAY, SARAH (widow) Dutchess County NY 019 Beekman Code: 000000-10101
1820 TALLADAY , THOMAS Tioga County NY 292 Tioga Code: 00001-00001
1820 TALADAY, JOHN Fayette County OH 114 Wayne Township 123301-12010
John is listed as over 45 placing birth before 1775. His wife is listed as 26-45 placing birth 1875-1894. They have 12 children. John 1796, Solomon 1799, Stephen 1806, Fleming 1807, Phebe 1804-1810, Lydia 1804-1810, Mary 1810-1815, William 1800-1810, Isaac after 1810, Samuel after 1810, and more sons born 1802-1804.
1820 TALLADY , SOLOMON Lycoming County PA 121 Lycoming Township Code: 000001-10010
1820 TALODA , SOLOMON Bradford County PA 114 Tawanda Township Code: 21001-01101

1820 New York Census Records

TALLERDAY, Sarah (Widow) is in Beekman Township, Dutchess County NY Page 19 Code: 000000 10101. Sarah is over the age of 45 and has 1 daughter under the age of 10 and 1 daughter between 17-26 living at home. Since Charles is the only one from the Beekman Township that does not appear in census records again its possible that Sarah was Charles' wife. He was married with one daughter in the 1790 census. That daughter would be over 20 and less than 30 years of age and Sarah has a daughter in that age group living at home.

TOLLERDAY, Isaac makes his first appearance in Beekman Township, Dutchess County NY on Page 13 Code 200010 10100 Isaac and his wife are aged between 18-26. They have 2 sons under 10 and 1 daughter under the age of 10.

1820 Pennsylvania Census Records Index lists
Tallady, Solomon is in Lycoming County on Page 121 Lycoming Township
Taloda, Solomon is in Bedford County on Page 114 Tawanda Township
Talsda, Solomon is in Bedford County on Page 114 Tawanda Township
1820 Census Athens, Bradford Co, PA Microfilm # M33 98 Towanda Twp Page 114 lists TALEDA, Solomon Jr. He's married with 6 children. 2 sons and 2 daughters under 10, 1 son and 1 daughter 10-16. He and his wife are listed as under 45 years of age. With 6 children he would have been married about 12 years and was born about 32 years prior to this census. This places his marriage about 1808 and his birth about 1788.

1837 TALADAY, ABRAHAM Kalamazoo County MI 006 Comstock Township
1830 TALLADAY, HIRAM Cayuga County NY 203 Owasco
1830 TALLARDY, ISAAC Dutchess County NY 222 Dover
1830 TALLADAY, JAMES Cayuga County NY 203 Owasco
1830 TALLADAY, JOHN Cayuga County NY 201 Owasco
1830 TALIDAY, JONATHAN Steuben County NY 346 Painted Post 1 son 15-20 born 1810-1815 with wife and husband aged 40-50 born 1780-1790
1830 TALLADAY, SENECA Cayuga County NY 203 Owasco
1830 TALLADAY, THOMAS Tioga County NY 266 Tioga
1830 TALDY, JOHN JR. Ross County OH 243 Concord Code 00001-10001
John and wife are 20-30. They have 1 daughter under 5 years
1830 TOLDY, John Thomas Fayette County OH 330 Wayne Township Code: 000020001-00012001
John is listed 60-70. He is 67 born 1763. Wife is listed 50-60 born 1770-1780. 5 children are at home, 2 sons and 2 daughters all 20-30 born 1800-1810. These boys are: Stephen b. 1806, Fleming b. 1807/1808, Phebe b. 1804-1810, and Lydia b. 1804-1810. They also have one daughter 15-20 Mary born 1810-1815 .
1830 TOLLADY, SOLOMON Range Township Madison County OH 108 Code: 100011-200101
Solomon born 1799 Wife Elizabeth EVANS born 1797 with 3 Children : Mary b. 1826, Nancy b. 1828, Andrew Jackson b. 1830.
1830 TOLLIDAY, EMANUEL Bucks County PA 086 Doylestown Township
1830 TILLIDAY, JOHN Bucks County PA 270 Tinicum Township Link:
1830 TALADAY, STEPHEN Athens Township Bradford County PA 143 Stephen and wife aged 30-40 years
1830 TALLADAY, WILLIAM Monroe Township Bradford County PA 114 William and his wife Polly are aged 20 to 30 years. They have 4 daughters.

TALLADAY, Solomon Jr. [Son of Solomon the Elder] He and his wife are 40-50 years old according to the census. which means they were born between 1780 - 1790. They have 1 son and 2 daughters under the age of 5, 1 son and 1 daughter aged 5-10, 1 son aged 10-15 and one daughter aged 15-20. In all, there are 7 children left living at home.

TALLADA, Stephen and TALLADA Thomas didn't think to much of the Patriots War- 1835 to 1846. The Buffalo Barracks Roster in Niagra New York has both of their names listed. They deserted. Stephen got away. Thomas however was caught, underwent a court martial, deserted again, was apprehended and then finally discharged on May 15, 1841. It definitely was not the same kind of war their ancestors had fought. The link above has detailed physical descriptions of them as well as their ages and place of birth. According to this record they were born about 1807-1808

1839 TALLADAY, Solomon died. He was buried with military honors in the Old Riverside Cemetery, Athens, Bradford County, PA. It is said, he held an agreement with an old friend from the war; Archelaus Luce Temple. Whoever survived longest agreed to fire a volley over the others grave to remind others of the shot heard round the world. In 1832, the day Solomon buried his old friend Archy Temple, he did just that. When Solomon died, he was buried next to Archelaus "Archy" Friends for life and beyond. He was noted in life , "for his athletic powers, and lived on Millstone Run for a time." Solomon and Chloe lived in Towanda Twp. and Wysox Twp after the Revolutionary war. According to the census they had 8 children. Many of the names are missing
1. M: Solomon [the younger] b 1784-1790
2. F: b 1784-1790
3. F: b 1790-1800
4. F: b 1790-1800
5. F: b 1790-1800
Missing Data from 1800 to 1807
6. M: William b 1807 is listed above in the 1830 census
7. F: Ellen b 1812
Mssing Data from 1812 - 1818
8. F: Arletta b 1818 Elmira NY married Samuel Northrup, and is listed as Solomons daughter in the DAR Lineage Books Volume 30 pages 99 and 359.

Locating the area today (where Solomon was born) we have to look in three states and several counties. Some records indicate our ancestors lived in Connecticut. Others say Albany, Greene, Ulster and Dutchess Counties of New York. According to the Hugenot Society he was offically born in Hopewell Township, Dutchess County New York. Other sources list Bradford and Luzerne Counties in Pennsylvania including "DAR Lineage Books", "Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford Co.,PA" and the Pennsylvania Pensioners List of 1835. All have claimed Solomon as a son of their state. Since the borders changed so frequently with county establishment and state admittance in the early years of America, its important to note and search in all three states.

1840 TALLODY, SENECA Litchfield County CT 285 Sharon
1840 TOLDAY, JOHN Old Town Timbers McLean County IL 255 Code: 1200001-101001
Family consist of 1 male under 5 b 1835-1840, 2 males 5-10 born 1830-1835, 1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5 born 1835-1840, 1 female 10-15 born 1825-1830, 1 female 30-40.
1840 TOLLIDAY JNO. THO. Jonathan Thomas TOLLADAY of the American Revolution Old Town Timbers McLean County IL 255 Code: 100110001-00010001
Family consists of 1 male under 5 b 1835-1840, 1 male 15-20 born 1820-1825, 1 male 20-30 born 1810-1820, 1 male 60-70 born1770-1780. Females 1 aged 15-20 born 1820-1825, 1 female 50-60 born 1780-1790. *Error on census. JNO. THO. was 67 in the last census and is 77 now. In the next and last census I have found him in he is 87.
1840 TALLADY, STEPHEN Posey County IN 314 Harmony Township
Stephen is a widower with one daughter under the age of 5
1840 TOLLERDAY, JOHN DAVIESS County KY #4 Line 26 South of Prather Creek Code: 020001-11000 John and Wife aged 30=40, 1 son 2 daus b 1830-1835, 1 dau b 1835-1840.
1840 TALLIDAY, SOLOMON Livingston County MO Page 263 Code 12100100001-101101 Family Composition: Andrew Jackson b. 1830, John b. 1832, Isaac b. 1835, William Jackson b. 1837 Lemuel Evan b. 1838, Solomon b. 1799, John father of Solomon born between 1756-1763, Mary b. 1826 and Nancy b. 1828 Zetta Anita b. 1839 Solomon's wife Elizabeth Evans b. 1796-1803
1840 TALLERDY, AVENDE Albany County NY 152 Rensselaerville
1840 TALLERDAY, IRA Niagara County NY 163 Hartland
1840 TALLUODAY, JOHN Cayuga, County NY 167 Owasco Twp.
1845 TALOWDAY, JOHN Cayuga, County NY 167 Owasco Twp.
1840 TALLADAY, WILLIAM Wayne County NY 104 Savannah
1840 TALIDA, HARVEY Licking County OH 289 Granville Code: 001001-100001 listing 1 son 15-20, Head of Household is 40-50, 1 daughter under 5, Wife 30-40
1840 TOLLIDAY, DAN'L Philadelphia County PA 036 N Liberties 2nd Ward
1840 TALLIDAY, SOLOMON Bradford County PA 312 Monroe Township
1840 TALLADY, STEPHEN Bradford County PA 380 Athens Township
1840 TALLEDAY, WILLIAM Bradford County PA 309 Monroe Township

1840 TOLDAY, John the American Revolutionary War Veteran has moved even farther out onto the western frontier. To the place he would find his final rest. He appears in the 1840 McLean County Illinois Census for the last time. His name is on page 31 and oh my - would you look at that - for the first time our name is spelled the way our English ancestors spell it. I have no information on his wife, but he has at least 5 children: Lydia, Clarke, William, Fleming, and John Jr.

1849 TOLIDAY, John The Revolutionary War Veteran who was born near Poughkeepsie New York in October of 1756, was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy, McLean County, Illinois.

John TOLIDA is 12 years old living with Hiram BUCK 48, Mary 42, Amanda 23, Thomas 18, Martha 12, Diana 9, and Charles 1.
1850 TOLDY, WILLIAM Tuolomne County CA 096 Yorktown
1850 TOLIDA, JOHN Buckle Grove McLean County IL Family #1884 Line 3 Page 113
1850 TOLIDAY, WILLIAM Piatt County IL 016 Monticello
William was Born 1832
1850 TALESDAY, ANDREW Elkhart County IN 034 Osolo Township House#455 Family#468 Andrew age 23 M Laborer born 1827 NY, Catherine nee DILL age 21 F born 1829 NY, Charles age 1 M born 1849 IN and DILL, Emeline age 8 F born 1842 IN
1850 TALESDAY, John (Middle Name: AUSTIN/JUSTIN) Elkhart County IN 037 Osolo Township House #494 Family# 509 Austin age 26 M ocp. Laborer born 1824 NY, Harriet age 24 F born 1826 NY, William age 5 M born 1845 IN, Harvey age 2 M born 1848 IN, Jefferson age 1 M born 1849 IN
1850 TALLODAY, CHARLOTTE La Porte County IN 247 Centre Twp. age 75 born 1775 CT - living with Seth W. and Sarah B HUNT both aged 50 born 1800 NY children: Andrew B. ae 18 and Otis E ae 8, and the ROSE Family, Ambrose 25, Roswell 17, and Harriett 12.
1850 TALERDAY, JAMES Elkhart County IN 038 Osolo Township Household#509 Family#524 TALERDAY James age 55, M Farmer BORN NY, David L. age 19 M Farmer born NY, Caroline G. age 18 F born NY in school, Marshall age 6 M born IN .
1850 TALADY, JOHN Kalamazoo County MI 099 Alamo
1850 TOLERDAY, FLEMING & MAHALIA Mercer County MO page 379 113-01 and 113-02 Being 56th District
Fleming is 42 born in 1808 PA
Mahalia is 32 born 1818 in KY
1850 TOLERDY/TOLODAY, SOLOMON and ELIZABETH EVANS Mercer County MO page 379 lines 081-01 through 081-08 Being 56th District
Solomon is 51 born in PA
Elizabeth is 53 born in MD
Children listed are: Mary F 22 b. 1827 OH
Andrew Jackson "Jack" M 20 b. 1830 OH
John M 17 b. 1832 OH
Isaac M 14 b. 1836 IL
William Jackson M 13 b. 1837 IL
Lemuel Evan M 12 b. 1838 IL
and Zetta Anita F 11 b. 1839 MO
1850 TALADA, ABRAHAM Steuben County NY 117 Campbell
1850 TOLATY, ALEXANDER Dutchess County NY 228 Hyde Park
1850 TALADA, ELIZABETH Steuben County NY 006 Painted Post
1850 TOLLADAY, EMELY Chautauqua County NY 214 Pomfret
1850 TALAMAY, GEORGE N. Chemung County NY 119 New London
1850 TALLADAY, GEORGE W. Cayuga County NY 156 Owasco
1850 TALLADAY, GILES Chautauqua County NY 263 Chautauqua
1850 TALLEDAY, ISAAC Dutchess County NY 333 Dover
1850 TALLERDAY, ISAAC JR. Dutchess County NY 336 Dover
1850 TALADA, JOHN Steuben County NY 026 Painted Post
1850 TALLADAY, JOHN Cayuga County NY 332 Aurelius
1850 TALLIDAY, JOHN Cayuga County NY 159 Owasco
1850 TALLARDY, LAEL Niagara County NY 337 Hartland
1850 TALADA, MARIA Steuben County NY 015 Painted Post
1850 TALLADAY, NELSON Cayuga County NY 324 Aurelius
1850 TALLADAY, NORMA Chemung County NY 243 Elmira
1850 TALLADA, OTIS B. Steuben County NY 117 Campbell
1850 TALIDAY, OVANDER Schoharie County NY 046 Broome
1850 TALADA, THOMAS Steuben County NY 107 Hornby
1850 TOLODAY, HENRY Licking County OH 71 Granville TownshipHenry age 56 b 1794 PA, Wife: Hannah age 48 born 1802 PA, child: M.E. age 9 born 1837

Neighbor: HUNT Dan'l, his Wife Mary age 30 born 1820 Ohio and their son William age 9 born Ohio. Mary is the daughter of Henry TOLODAY and the dates tell us they are in Ohio before 1824 until 1837.

1850 TOLODAY, LABAN Licking County OH 71 Granville Township Laban age 26 born PA , Wife: Mary age 26 born PA. They are the son and daughter in-law of Henry TOLODAY
1850 TOLODAY-HUNT, NANCY Licking County OH 71 Granville Township Nancy age 30 born PA 1820, Husband: Daniel HUNT born PA 1819 Child: Wm. H. age 9 born 1841
1850 TALLIDAY, ABIGAIL Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLADY, EDWARD Bradford County PA 409 Ridgebury Township
1850 TALLIDAY, ELLEN Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, GOODRICH Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, HENRY Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, JOHN Bradford County PA 231 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDERY, LUCINDA Bradford County PA 231 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, MARTHA Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, POLLY Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TOLLADAY-NORTHRUP, POLLY Bradford County PA 301 Athens Township family #206 page 232. Polly Tolladay Northrup is now living with her grandson Nathan. She is 81 years, born in NY, giving us a birthyear for her as 1769.
1850 TALLIDERY, SOLOMON Bradford County PA 232 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDERY, SOLOMON Jr. Bradford County PA 232 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, SOLOMON Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLIDAY, STEPHEN Bradford County PA 301 Athens Township family # 29 page 301. Stephen is aged 57 born 1793 NY wife: Hannah (LSU) age 55 born 1795 NY
1850 TALLIDAY, WILLIAM Bradford County PA 235 Monroe Township
1850 TALLADA, STEPHEN Grant County WI 119 Harrison Township
Stephen 44 born NY 1806
Mary 38 born PA 1812 (2nd wife)
Sarah F. 13 born IN 1837 (of 1st deceased wife - name unknown)
William T. 9 born IN 1841
John J. and James C. twins age 6 born in WI 1844
Mary E. 4 born WI 1846
Lucina Ellen 1 born WI 1849
Timeline places family in Indiana between 1837-1841

Found in the Mehoopany Township of Luzerne, Wyoming County Pennsylvania Cemeteries TALADA, Solomon 1832-1898 and wife Clarinda Morey TALADA.There are also a number of TALADA's buried here who lived 1830-1924.

1860 TOLLIDAY, ISAAC Contra Costa County CA 106 Twp #3
The Children of Solomon and Elizabeth have arrived in California.
Isaac 25 born 1835 IL
Lemuel 23 born 1837 IL
Mary TOLLIDAY-SCOTT 33 born 1826 OH
and her children Willie B. 10 born 1850 IL, Virginia 8 born CA 1852 and Manerva born MO 1855.
Imagine how hardy this woman was living in Illinois in 1850 California in 1852 Missouri in 1855 and back in California by 1860. She wont die young either - not till 1891. This also gives us a closer clue: The family left Missouri between 1852-1855.
1860 TOLLIDAY, JOHN Contra Costa County CA 125 Twp #3
Also the son of Solomon adn Elizabeth: John is 28 years old born in MO. 1832. He is a farm laborer living on the Burnett Farm in a bunk house.
1860 TALLADY, SENECA Litchfield County CT 1002 Salisbury
1860 TALDA, FLEMING Christian County IL 884 Mount Auburn
He is 23 Single and Born in IN.
1860 TALLIDY, CHARLOTTE Laporte County IN 650 Cool Spring
Charlotte, born in Connecticut is now 85 and living with the HUNT family: Seth (Middle Inital N or W) born 14 October 1801 PA, is 59. Sarah B. nee ROSE age 59 born 1801 NY, and Otis B. 17 born 1843 IN
1860 TOLLADAY, S. S. Blackford County IN 553 Sicking Township
S.S. (male) is 37 born OH 1823, Elizabeth is 23 born OH 1837 M.J. (female) is 2 born 1858 IN and S.E. (also female) is 1 born 1859 IN
1860 TALDY, JEREMIAH Baltimore County MD 673 Towsontown District 9
1860 TALLERDAY, JESSE Cass County MI 165 Jefferson Township
1860 TALLADAY, ABRAM Kalamazoo County MI 616 Alamo
1860 TALLADAY, AMOS Kalamazoo County MI 617 Alamo
1860 TALLADAY, JOHN Kalamazoo County MI 616 Alamo
1860 TALLERDY, LALL Cass County MI 170 Jefferson Township
1860 TALLARDAY, SENICA Cass County MI 416 Porter Township
1860 TALLADAY, THOMAS Kalamazoo County MI 617 Alamo
1860 TOLLERDAY, FLEMING Senior Mercer County MO 617 Ravanna
Fleming is now 53 born PA 1807. He is a farmer with the 1000 acre family farm the remaining family having already moved to California. With him is his wife Mahalia aged 46 born 1814 Kentucky and one son D.A. age 11 born in Missouri 1849
1860 TOLDA, FLEMING Junior Christain County MO 228 Mount Auburn
son Fleming is 23 born IN 1837. He is single. /td>
1860 TOLADA, CATHARINE Lewis County NY 329 New Breman
1860 TALLADE, ELIZABETH Philadelphia County NY 448 14 W. 2nd Philadelphia
1860 TALLADAY, ELLEN Niagara County NY 438 Somerset
1860 TALLADA, EVANDO Schoharie County NY 229 Broome
1860 TALLOWDAY, GEORGE W. Cayuga County NY 493 Owasco Twp.
1860 TALLERDAY, HIRAM Niagara County NY 062 Hartland
1860 TALERDAY, IRENE Dutchess County NY 261 2 W. Poughkeepsie City
1860 TALERDAY, ISAAC P. Dutchess County NY 275 2 W. Poughkeepsie City
1860 TOLLEDAY, JARRET Dutchess County NY 1122 Dover
1860 TALADA, JOHN Cayuga County NY 694 Aurelius
1860 TALLIDAY, JOHN Cayuga County NY 489 Owasco
1860 TOLLADAY, JOHN Albany County NY 736 7 W. Albany
1860 TALLERDAY, LLOYD Niagara County NY 063 Hartland
1860 TALLERDAY, SENECA Dutchess County NY 786 Poughkeepsie
1860 TALLADAY, WILLIAM Niagara County NY 438 Somerset
1860 TOLLIDAY, JOHN CARSON Utah Territory NV 030 Silver City
1860 TALLADAY, HUGH Philadelphia County PA 1025 4w.Wd.Philadelphia
1860 TALUDA / TOLUDA, STEPHEN Grant County WI 89 Harrison Township
Stephen is now 54 born NY 1806, has 150 acre farm and personal estate worth $75.00
His family: Wife Mary 45 born IN 1815, William T. 19 b. 1841 IN, twins John and James 16 b. 1844 WI, Mary 13 b. 1847 WI, Ellen 11 . 1849 WI, twins George and Fraklin age 9 b. 1851 WI and little Alice age 5 b. 1855 WI.

1870 TOLLIDAY, A.J. ANDREW JACKSON Sutter County CA 159 Bell Mill Township
age 40 born OH Occ: Farmer $300
Wife: Salatha 43 KY
1870 TOLLEDAY, Lemuel Contra Costa County CA b. 1837 IL Martinez
Farmer $300 Single
1870 TOLLADAY-SCOTT, Mary Tehama County CA b. 1842 IL Love's Mill
Property $400
Children: Wiley 20, Virginia 17, Manerva 16
1870 TOLLADAY-BURRESS, Nancy Contra Costa CA b.1828 OH Martinez
Property 3000 acres $600
Husband: Oliver born TN 1831
Children: Perry 18 MO, Lizzie 16 MO, Catherine 14 MO, Victor 12 CA, Lura 10 CA, Charles 7 CA, Jay 4 CA, Twins Oliver and Nancy 2 CA
This gave an even closer clue to when they left MO and came to CA It was 13 years earlier in 1857.
1870 TOLDE, JOHN Marin County CA 063 San Antonio
1870 TALDAY, FLEMING Washington County MO 006 Bellview Township
1870 TALDY, FLEMING Iron County MO 526 35 Township Range 2 East
1870 TOLADAY, T. Putnam County MO 228 Elm Twp
1870 TALLADY, T. E Clinton County MO 170 Cameron
1870 TALIDAY, CHARLES Luzerne County PA 681 3 W. Wilkes-Barre
1870 TELLUDA, FLORENCE Luzerne County PA 681 3 W. Wilkes-Barre

1880 TALLADAY, JAMES SMITH Tehama County CA 20 Sierra Township
1880 TALLERDAY, FLEMING G. Cook County IL 138 Chicago E. D. 25
1880 TALADAY, CHARLES Wabasha County MN 468 Gillford
1880 TALERDAY, JULIET M. Hennepin County MN 066 Minneapolis
1880 TALLADAY, ROBERT Wabasha County MN 474 Gillford
1880 TALLADAY, WILLARD Wabasha County MN 473 Gillford
1880 TOLLIDAY, LABAN Shackelford County TX 477 E. D. 179

Database: Shasta County, California Register, 1898 Name Occupation Age Birthplace P.O. Address FIELDS Tolladay, Charles G. Laborer 34 CA Round Mountain Montgomery Precinct

Database: San Francisco, California Directory, 1889-90 Name Business Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year Jeremiah Talladay S. P. Co.Baggageman 140 Thirteenth San Francisco CA 1889

1890 Wisconsin Veterans Schedule
1890 TALLADA, JAMES C. Milwaukee County WI 055 N.W. Branch Ntl Home
1890 TALLADA, MARY (widow) Lafayette County WI 001 E.D. 162 Kendall
1890 TALLADA, STEPHEN D. (deceased) Lafayette County WI 001 E.D. 162 Kendall
1890 TALLADA, WILLIAM Lafayette County WI 001 E.D. 162 Kendall
1898 TOLLADAY, CHARLES. G. Shasta County CA Great Register Round Mountain, Montgomery precinct

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