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Talladay Family Researchers

, s/o Harry, g s/o of Charles, gg s/o of Andrew
Joanne Andrews Emily
C. Braun Yetter - Leroy - John - Soloman and Susan Thomas
D. Cairns Australia
J. Chapman Soloman Jr.
Stephen Charter James, David S. and Marshall
S. Cielo Soloman - Soloman and Susan Thomas
Patricia Charache Hiram Talladay
D and C Denton Ovando Talardy and Anna Talardy
Shawna Dygowski ggg d/o Zetta Anita Tolladay
E. Flanigan Goodrich - William and Polly Jones
R. Fletcher Ruth Fletcher and Robert Tolladay
R. Gaylord Loretta - Soloman and Clarinda Morey
M. Gigiliotti Reuban R.
Charlotte Huntington Tallerday, George Calvin
J. Manahan Ellen - William and Polly Jones
L. Mckenzie unknown
D. Moilanen Olive Tallada
D. Montgomery Sarah E. Tolliday and William Montgomery of Blackford, Indiana
J. Nunn England
J. Okerson Donald of Henry County Indiana
L. and F. Partridge England - Canada - New Zealand
S. Payne Laban Leeman Toliday
B. Richardson Laban Leeman Toloday - Henry Talida and Hannah Leeman
Mike Roberts Solomon & Susan William Casper Wayne Beatrice Me
P. Roberts Olive - John - Soloman and Susan Thomas
T. Roden Tracey - Andrew - Soloman and Susan Thomas
S. Smoot Frank and Ida Tallerday
M. Strum George - Soloman and Catherine Schrader
W. Talada Casper - William and Polly Jones
S. Taladay Ralph in Ohio
C. Tallerday Charlotte Graves and George C Tallerday, Sr
Diana Tolladay Perry - Lemuel - Solomon - John
Don Tolladay George - Charles - Andrew - Solomon - John
Nancy Tolladay George - Andrew- Solomon - John
Rex Tolladay
J. Travis unknown
P. Vann Miranda Talada Northrup
G. Wilkerson Abigail - Soloman and Susan Thomas
Todd William Talady Appleton, WI

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