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Our Traughber Ancestors

Pictured From Left to Right

Back Row: Clark Ray age 9 and Myrtle May age 11

Center Row: William Eugene age 39, Morris age 5, and Leora Wells age 32

Front Row: Jessee James age 2 and Leta age 6 months

This photograph was taken in the Spring of 1910 just months before Murry Lee Traughber was born. Little Leta died in December, just 2 months and a day after her first birthday.

Wiliam Eugene Traughber was born 08 March 1871 on the Kentucky, Tenessee border. The Traughber lands lay in both Logan County Kentucky and Cocke County Tennessee. So, he was actually born in both states. At the age of 12 the family moved to Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins County, Texas where he spent the rest of his life.

Leora Wells was born in Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins County, Texas on the 2nd day of February 1878. At a very young age she lost most of her family in an Indian raid. She said it happened when she was about 5 years old. The family had just arrived at the ranch when they were attacked by Indians. Of that terrible tragedy, she remebered hiding under the wagon watching them murder her parents.

William Eugene Traughber and Leora Wells were married circa 1895. On January 1st, 1896 as husband and wife they purchased 2 tracts of land from G.S. and M.K. Traughber. The first to William Eugene Traughber - 250 acres for the sum of $1,000.00. The second to Leora Wells Traughber, a 50 acre tract for the sum of $250.00. It was on this land that they would bring 9 children into the world and bury three.
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