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Tolladay Marriage Records

Data is sorted by State then Given name

SURNAME, GivenSpouseCounty Marriage DateOther Information


TOLLADAY, Rollo DewittLUCAS, Virgie Quartzite 1927-1928unknown


TOLLADAY, Grace Estelle FRICK, John FrederickLompoc, Santa Barbara 19 Jan 1901 unknown
TOLLADAY, Martha Elizabeth CREWS, Henry Russell "Ted"Lompoc, Santa Barbara 10 Dec 1908 unknown
TOLLADAY, Mary SCOTT, John S. 1857 unknown
TOLLADAY, Lemuel Evans WELLS, Martha Ann Pacheco, Contra Costa 08 Nov 1871 Hiram Ashbrook JP
TOLLADAY, Lemuel Perry Olivera, Juana Lompoc, Sanata Barbara 1895-1896 unknown
TOLLADAY, Lizetta Edna FOX, Paul Lompoc, Sanata Barbara about 1900 unknown


TALLASDAY, David S. BLOOD, Mary E Cook 02 Jul 1876 #97-27076
TALADAY, Edward S MAYCOCK, Martha Stark 08 Mar 1860 #1-125
TALADAY, Edward S. HUNTLY, Nellie E Knox 25 Nov 1896# G87-11901
TOLEDAY, Emily (formerly PECK) MILLER, William Knox 03 Jun 1858 # B7-3106
TOLLADY, Emily E KARIGER, Frederik Will 27 Jan 1856 #2644
TALADAY, Emma F HYLAND, Lawrence E. Knox 17 Dec 1891# F233-9857
TOLDAY, Freeman MAY, Mary Ann Fayette 23 Mar 1858 #A63
TALLERDAY, George C MARCKLEY, Susie Cook 31 Dec 1873 #85-14314
TALLERDAY, George C MARKLEY, Etta Cook 11 May 1891 #167243
TOLIDAY/TALIDAY, Hannah JACKSON, Anderson Morgan 14 Aug 1835 #A36-1358
TALLADAY, Ida HAYES, William E Knox 22 Jan 1891 #F217-9510
TALLARD, John H JR KAISER, Lena EMorgan 26 Dec 1883#C-174
TOLODAY, Laban L. PARKER, Emily Knox 31 Jul 1853#C-174
TULUDY, Lyida "Lydia" CLARK, DavidMcLean24 Sep 1848Lydia is a daughter of American Revolutionary Soldier John
TALADAY, Mary DEHART, Daniel Coles 5 Feb 1851 JP unknown
TALLERDAY, May L. BASHFORD, William Cook 23 Dec 1877 #103-33872
TALLADAY, Ora HAYES, William E. Knox 22 Jan 1891 JP unknown
TOLIDAY, Susan ROUTH, John S Knox 08 Jul 1875 # E188-3704
TOLDAY, William HELLAMS, Amanda Christian20 Jul 1855 #A81-545


30 Jul 1837 Rebecca died in 1845
TALLORDAY, Addie May CRONKHITE, William Elkhart 30 Aug 1890 Vol I Book 8 Pg. 234
TALLERDAY, Alice PLASS, John I. Elkhart 07 Jun 1902 Vol III Book 12 Pg 485
TALLERDAY, Austin D . DILLS, Harriett Elkhart 18 Feb 1845 JP unknown
TALLERDAY, Bella DUNTON, Harry Elkhart 09 Dec 1913 Vol I Book: 23 Page: 420
TOLLERDAY, Bessie PENNINGTON, Elmer Elkhart 04 Jun 1917 Vol III Book 26 Page 472
TALLERDAY, Bethel SCHROCK, Otto O. Elkhart 02 Jan 1910 Vol IV Book 20 Pg 349
TALLERDAY, Catherine LEEPART, Guy V. Elkhart 07 May 1908 Vol III Book 18 Pg 222
TALLERDAY, Chauncey LONG, Alice Elkhart 17 Mar 1889 Vol III Book 7 Pg 522
TOLLADAY, Elizabeth PERRILL, Jonas Blackford 27 Mar 1872 Book A Page 414 JP Isaac M. Ricketts
TALLERDAY, Emma J. SAILOR, Isaac V. Elkhart 03 Dec 1880 Vol IV Book 16 Pg 162
TALLERDAY, Emma J. KERN, Glen D. Elkhart 06 Feb 1897 Vol II Book 11 Pg 149
TALLERDAY, Flora C. THOMPSON, Carl Elkhart 04 Oct 1905 Vol IV Book 14 Pg 187
TALLERDAY, Hasel MILLER, Alva L. Elkhart 20 Mar 1908 Vol III Book 18 Pg 173
TALLERDAY, John K. SPENCER, Irena Elkhart 01 Jan 1845 JP unknown
TALADY, Lillian. PETTITT, William Tippecanoe 30 Jan 1832 JP unknown
TALLERDAY, Mary MECHLING, Jonas Elkhart on 22 Dec 1844 JP unknown
TOLLIDAY, Mary J. BEAL, Clarence Blackford 29 Dec 1877 Book A Page 51 JP L.O. Edson
TOLODAY, Mary Jane WILLMAN, Stephen (1844-1897) Blackford 21 Jan 1897 Mary Jane was the daughter of Laban Leeman TOLODAY and Elizabeth WILSON. Mary Jane's marriage to Stephen WILLMAN was her 3rd marriage (also his 3rd) Her previous husbands were BEAL, Clearance and HEDGE, William A. After Stephen WILLMAN died Mary Jane married Joseph D. FISHER
TALADY, Rebecca KEELER, George W. Elkhart
TOLLIDAY, Sarah E. MONTGOMERY, William L. Blackford 5 Jul 1879 Book A Page 115 JP William Rinard
TALLADY, Stephen PENNYPAKER, Mary Posey 7 May 1840 JP unknown


TALADAY , Emery O BARTLETT, Orpha 16 Sep 1903Page 433


TALLADAY , Elliot O EASTMAN, Edyth E Bay 03 Nov 1883Source Link
TALLERDAY, JesseMECHLING, SophiahCass30 Mar 1842 JP unknown
TALERDAY, SarahCOVEDELL, IsraelCass30 Mar 1842JP unknown
TALADA , Susan REYNOLDS, Calvin Van Buren 12 Mar 1848Source Link
TALADAY , Thomas B. MILLS, Almira Kalamazoo 8 Jun 1867 Source Link
Mr. Burlington was married on December 15, 1903, to Miss Hattie M. McLoud, a daughter of Henry W. and Nina TALLADAY- McLOUD, natives of Michigan. Their offspring numbers two, Mrs. Burlington and her sister Edith, who is the widow of the late Claud Sias, of Kalamazoo. Mr. and Mrs. Burlington also have two children: Their son James W., who was born on November 20, 1904, and their daughter Frances E., who birth occurred on October 3, 1910.


TALADAY, Fleming BOOTH, Melinda Dent 10 Nov 1867 unknown
TOLADAY, Mahala HATFIELD, Andrew Putnam 10 Feb 1876 unknown
TOLLADAY, Nancy BURRESS, Oliver Newton 1849 unknown


TALIDY, Henry LUMAN, Hannah Clark 10 Feb 1821 unknown
TALIDAY, John KEARL / CURL, Mary Fayette29 Dec 1827 S. Demsey, JP
TALLIDY, Nancy HUNT, Daniel Licking 28 Nov 1839 unknown
TALADY, Samuel H. RUSSELL , Margaret Richland 24 Aug 1842unknown
TALLIDAY, Phebe DEVORE, George Fayette 07 Feb 1830 Reuben Rowe, JP
TALADY, Solomon EVANS, Elizabeth Fayette 05 Apr 1825 Samuel Rawlings, JP

New York

Auburn First Methodist Church 99 South Street Auburn NY
Church records are at Cayuga County Historian's Office, 157 Genesee St. Auburn, NY 13021.
Marriages 1877-1885
Tolladay Surname Spouse Surname Married Date Residence of Groom Residence of Bride Groom Age Bride Age Groom Born Bride Born
TALLADAY, Frank A. WARRICK, Carrie E. 18 Mar 1885 Aurelius, NY Aurelius, NY 31 24 Aurelius, NY Aurelius, NY
TALLADAY, Isaac KETCHAM, Charlotte 09 Oct 1813 Presbyterian Church Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County unknown unknown Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County
TALLADAY, Leona S. SARR, Clarence H. 21 Feb 1883 Auburn, NY Auburn, NY 23 21 Auburn, NY Sommerset, NY
TALLADA, Susie E. NICHOLS, Albert H. 15 Apr 1885 Auburn, NY Auburn, NY 23 20 Bristol, England Somerset, NY


TALLADAY, Martha E. ROSS, Anzor
TALLADAY, Polly NORTHRUP, Johnson of Nathan Northrup and Sarah Crawford

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