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John Tolladay

JohnTolladay and Mary Strope

Husband's Name Wife's Name
Birth Date October 1763 1766
Christened Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County NY Wysox, Bradford County PA
Death Date abt. 1849 unknown
Burial Data Oak Grove Cemetery, LeRoy, McLean County, IL unknown
Marriage Date #1 circa 1790 circa 1790
Father TALLIDAY, John STROPE, Sebastian
Mother (LSU) Jemima Van Valkenburgh, Lydia


Children-Surname-Given Birth--Date Birth Place


State Death Data Location Married To, Date, Place
M TALIDAY, John ca 1796 Wysox, Bradford PA unknown unknown KEARL/CURL, Mary 29 Dec 1827 Fayette OH
M TALLADAY, Solomon 1799 Wysox, Bradford PA aft 1850 unknown EVANS, Elizabeth 05 Apr 1825 Fayette OH
M TOLLADAY, Stephen 1806 Dutchess NY unknown unknown #2 PENNYPACKER, Mary
M TOLLADAY, Fleming 1807 Bradford PA unknown unknown (LSU) Mahalia
Children: Fleming CWV married Melinda Booth
F TALLIDAY, Phebe 1804-1810 Bradford PA unknown unknown DEVORE, George 07 Feb 1830 Fayette OH
Children: Solomon CWV Cass Cty MO 1860 Sugar Creek TWP.
George m Elizabeth Walker 31 Jul 1856 Grundy MO
F TULUDY, Lydia 1804-1810 Bradford PA unknown unknown CLARK, David 24 Sep 1848 McLean County IL
F TALADAY, Mary 1810-1815 Bradford PA unknown unknown DEHART, Samuel 4 Feb 1851 Coles IL Book B Page 16B
Children: Samuel b. 1860 m. SHAW, Mary Jane
M TALADY, Samuel H. uknown Bradford County PA unknown unknown RUSSELL, Margaret 24 Aug 1842 Richland OH
M TOLLADAY, William unknown Bradford PA unknown unknown unknown

Some Sources:

1820 Wayne Township, Fayette County Ohio Census page 21A Code: 123301-12010
1 male under 10 born 1810-1820
2 males age 10-16 born 1804-1810
3 males age 16-18 born 1802-1804
3 males age 18-26 born 1794-1802
Over the age of 45 born before 1775 and named TALADAY, John (He's 57 now)
1 female under 10 born 1810-1820
2 females age 10-16 born 1804-1810
1 female over 45 born before 1775 (Mary is 54 now)

1820 Wayne Township, Fayette County Ohio Census page 20B Code: 420001-10010
4 males under 10 born 1810-1820
2 males age 10-16 born 1804-1810
Over the age of 45 born before 1775 and named DEVORE, Josiah
1 female under 10 born 1810-1820
1 female age 26-45 born 1775-1794

1830 Wayne Township, Fayette County Ohio Census page 329-330 Coded 000020001000-000120001
2 males age 20-30 born 1800-1810
1 male age 60-70 born 1760-1770 named John TALDY Sr.
1 female age 15-20 born 1810-1815
2 females age 20-30 born 1800-1810
1 female age 60-70 born 1760-1770

1840 McLean County, Illinois Census Records
1 male age under 5 born 1835-1840
2 males age 5-10 born 1830-1835
1 male age 40-50 born 1790-1800 named John TALIDAY Jr.
1 female age under 5 born 1835-1840
1 female age 10-15 born 1825-1830
1 female age 30-40 born 1800-1810

The Tolladay and Evans families moved to what is now Mercer County Missouri in 1837. Jackson Township. "was first settled in 1837, by the families of William and Josiah EVANS," who came from the prairie land of Illinois.

William and Josiah EVANS were sons of Lemuel EVANS and Jerusha VESY-MELSON. Jerusha V. MELSON-EVANS died in 1824. Lemuel EVANS married 2nd Margaret BIGGS in 1828. She died in 1839. Lemuel EVANS married a third time to Jane Mathews in 1840.

William EVANS was born 03 Feb 1805 in Fayette/Madison Ohio. He was aged 30-40, with wife aged 30-40 and had one son under the age of 5 in the 1840 Livingston County MO census page 279 of Franklin Township. His wife's name, death and burial data are unknown at this time.

Josiah EVANS was born 28 May 1809 Fayette/Madison Ohio. He married Carrie Ann SMITH 13 Apr 1837 in Tazwell County Illinois. In the 1840 Livingston County Franklin Township census page 279, Josiah EVANS is aged 30-40 , with wife aged 20-30. Also listed are 2 males under the age of 5, 2 males 15-20 (possibly younger brothers) and a female aged 15-20 (possible a younger sister) Their death and burial data are unknown at this time.

"Amid the perils and hardships of pioneer life the year passed quickly by, and by the fall of 1839 other settlers came, in the families of Solomon Tolliday,from Illinois."

Solomon TOLLADAY son of American Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 Veteran John TOLLADAY and Mary STROPE of Bradford County PA arrived with his father, children and wife Elizabeth EVANS the sister of Josiah and William EVANS and daughter of Lemuel EVANS and Jerusha V. MELSON-EVANS.

1840 LivingstonCounty Morgan Township census page 263
John TOLLADAY aged 80-90
Solomon TOLLADAY aged 41
Elizabeth EVANS born abt 1800 in MD or PA,

Solomon and Elizabeth's children: Mary TOLLADAY born 1826 Ohio , Nancy TOLLADAY born 1828 Ohio, Andrew Jackson TOLLADAY born 1830 Ohio,
John TOLLADAY III born 1832 Old Town Timbers McLean County Illinois ,
Isaac TOLLADAY born 1835 Old Town Timbers McLean County Illinois , Lemuel Evans TOLLADAY born 1837 Old Town Timbers McLean County Illinois
Zetta Anita born 1839 south of Prather Creek, Missouri.

Nancy EVANS, sister of Elizabeth, Josiah and William EVANS, and daughter of Lemuel EVANS and Jersha V. MELSON-EVANS also appears in the 1840 Livingston County Morgan Township census below that of Solomon and Elizabeth. She has 2 sons; one aged 0-5 yrs , the other 5-10 years. Nancy was born 16 Aug 1811 in Fayette/ Madison Ohio.

"This made quite a settlement, and although it was ten or twelve miles to a neighbor's, the lonesome feeling had left the community." Source: History of Grundy County, by Birdsall & Dean, 1881. In Chapter XXVI, pg 679

Goodspeed's 1888 History also states, the first settlers included Fleming and Solomon Tollerday, Fleming TOLLADAY the brother of Solomon TOLLADAY and son of John TOLLADAY SR. and Mary STROPE was born 1808 in Bradford County PA. His son Fleming married Melinda BOOTH and after the Civil War removed to Iron County MO. But after the massacre of a family there - they moved to Indiana.

The 1850 Buckle Grove, McLean County Illinois Census Page 113A
Enumerated 11/15/1850 - Line 3 - Dwelling # 1884? / Family #1886
John TOLIDA age 12 born IL with the Hiram Buck family.

BUCK, Hiram age 48 - Male - Farmer - $3,000 born NY 1802
BUCK, Mary age 42 - Female born NJ 1808
BUCK, Amanda M. age 23 - Female - born IN 1827
BUCK, Thomas age 18 - Male - Farmer - born IN 1832 - attending school
BUCK, Martha age 12 - Female - born IL 1838 - attending school
BUCK, Diana age 9 - Female - born IL 1841 - attending school
BUCK, Charles age 1 - Male - born IL 1849
TOLIDA, John age 12 - Male - born IL 1838

1850 Mercer County, Missouri Census Records

1860 Martinez, Contra Costa California Census page

1867 Fleming TALDAY born 1840 married Booth, Melinda 10 Nov 1867 Dent MO

1870 September 9th Iron County, Missouri Census Records Twp #35 Rand 2 East Household #2 taken 9 September 1870.
TALDY, Fleming age 30, Farmer, born OH 1840,
TALDY, Malinda J. age 18 born Arkansas 1852
James Munroe age 3/12 or 8/12 b MO.

Illinois History

1831 Illinois Map

Transcript of John Tolladay's Pension Application * Please note there are errors in the transcription. John was 13 not 18 when he first enlisted. I have his military pay records now and they confirm his stated service from 1776-1781 NOT 1781-1782 as reflected in the link.

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Present day Illinois State Park where John and Family once lived.

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