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Cemetery Records - Tolladay and Family

You will notice as you read through the page - there are numerous variations on how our surname is spelled.They appear here as they appeared on the document found.

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Boot Hill - Tombstone Arizona

Located in Cochise County, Tombstone arose from the discovery of silver in 1877. The silver strike only lasted till 1890. Floods, labor strikes and the falling price of silver signaled its demise. Tombstone is however most famous for its lawlessness and fueds between prospectors and outlaws. Tombstone was the site of the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881. Our ancestor John Talliday died 3 months before , in Jul of 1881. He was shot by Thos. Harper, who was immediately hung for having shot John.


Arbor Vitae Cemetery, Madera, Fresno County California

Surname - Given Name Birth and Death Dates Relationship and Other Data
TOLLADAY, Charles Gabriel 1862 - 1912 Son of Andrew Jackson Tolladay, Husband of Henrietta Louisa Tibbey-Tolladay
TOLLADAY, Dickie 1924 - 1925 b/o Don Tolladay
TOLLADAY,George Jackson 07/28/1893-10/12/1981 d. Fresno CA aged 88y
TOLLADAY, Gladys S.BURGESS 09/21/1905-03/02/1961 w/o Theodore "Ted" Tolladay. Gladys' mother's maiden name was SANDERSON. She died in Del Norte CA aged 55y
TOLLADAY, Henrietta Louisa TIBBEY 07/03/1867-05/22/1954 w/o Carles Gabriel Tolladay died in Madera CA aged 86y
TOLLADAY, Selma JACOBSON 11/22/1892 -11/02/1964 Born in Madera CA, Selma's mother's maiden name was SIMONSON. Selma died Alpine CA aged 71y
TOLLADAY, Theodore G. 10/27/1901-03/16/1973 h/o Gladys S. BURGESS- TOLLADAY. Theodore lived in Bass Lake CA. He died in Oregon aged 71y

Belmont Memorial Park in Fresno, CA

Surname - Given Name Birth and Death Dates Relationship and Other Data
TOLLADAY, Harry James 12/11/1895-12/09/1978 h/o Ethel Edna STEWART. Harry died in Fresno CA aged 83y
TOLLADAY, Ethel Edna STEWART 08/15/1895-11/08/1977 w/o Harry James TOLLADAY, Ethel was born in WA. She died in Fresno CA aged 82y
TOLLADAY Edwin F. "Chub" or "Doc" 08 Jul 1906 - Jan 1979 h/o Eloise (LSU). Edwin died in Fresno CA aged 82y

Evergreen Cemetery, Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California

"High on a hill overlooking the beauty and serenity of Lompoc Valley lies the Lompoc Cemtery District familiarly known as Lompoc Evergreen Cemetery. Surrounded by breathtaking groves of eucalyptus, the manicured cemetery sits quietly, seemingly proud of its privelege of housing Lompoc's pioneer population who created this lovely city, rich in history, ripe in fruition of daring, sad and joyous stories, and even the violent episodes that are natural to a town striving for absolute temperance." The cemetery was established 13 November 1875.

Surname - Given Name Birth and Death Dates Relationship and Other Data
TOLLADAY, Hattie Louella 15 Apr 1874 - 24 Aug 1957 Daughter of Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #53:4
TOLLADAY, Lemuel Evans 06 Jan 1837 - 30 Dec 1891 s/o Solomon Tolladay and Elizabeth EvansPlot #53:16
TOLLADAY, Lemuel Perry 19 Nov 1872 - 15 Sep 1925 s/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #53:2
TOLLADAY, Lizetta Edna 18 Jun 1876 - 29 Jan 1950 d/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #
TOLLADAY, James "Bob" DOD 06 May 1905 s/o Lemuel Perry Tolladay and Juana Olivera Plot #
TOLLADAY, Martha Ann Wells 04 Oct 1853 - 19 Sep 1901 w/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay. d/o William Wells and Elizabeth Amon Plot #53:15
TOLLADAY, Rollo Dewitt 13 Dec 1881 - 25 Jul 1931 s/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #53:3
TOLLADAY, Juana Olivera Moreno 23 Jul 1879- 1948 wife of #1 Lemuel Perry Tolladay #2 Jess Moreno Plot # 53:1
TOLLADAY-CREWS, Martha Elizabeth 09 May 1883 - 26 Oct 1963 d/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #53:12
MIZE, Barbara Harriet 28 Dec 1915 - 30 Jun 1984 Plot # 53:10
CREWS, Lloyd Evans 15 Jun 1905 - 01 Apr 1966 gc/o Martha and Harold Plot # 53:11
CREWS, Henry R. 30 Mar 1878 - 01 Dec 1953 Plot # 53:13
CREWS, child of Harold Russell 06 Sep 1911 - 06 May 1912 no data
TOLLADAY-FRICK , Grace Estelle 17 Dec 1878 - 05 Jan 1923 d/o Lemuel Evans Tolladay and Martha Ann Wells Plot #57:14
FRICK, Emelie B. 12 Aug 1920 - 20 Nov 1977 Plot # 57:2
FRICK, Mary E. 09 Nov 1832 - 05 May 1881 Plot # 57: 9
FRICK, George W. 1825- 12 Jul 1889 Lot # 57:12
FRICK, Abraham Lincoln 21 Feb 1866 - 09 Apr 1916 Plot # 57:13
FRICK, infant no data Plot #57: 14
FRICK, John F. 23 Oct 1869 - 09 Jul 1933 h/o Grace Estelle Tolladay Plot #57:15

California Death Records not yet listed by Cemetery

Surname - Given Name Birth and Death Date Mother's Name Father's Name Birthplace Burial Location Age
TOLLADAY, Robert George 08/24/1939-08/25/1990 CRADER TOLLADAY, Eldorado CA Eldorado CA 51
TOLLADAY, Gary James 04/22/1983-02/11/1985 ROBERTS unknown Fresno CA Fresno CA 01
TOLLADAY, Goldie Ellen 04/12/1902-12/30/1986 SHARP MILLER IL Fresno CA 84
TOLLADAY, William S. 05/06/1904-09/29/1992 OLIVERA, Juana TOLLADAY, Lemuel Perry Fresno CA Fresno CA 88
TOLLADAY, Cora Catherine 04/26/1892-04/24/1983 LORTZ WOODS IL Los Angeles CA 91
TOLLADAY, George Edward 01/01/1881-11/08/1978 unknown unknown IL Los Angeles CA 97
TOLLADAY, Linda Kay 10/17/1942-01/19/1994 WOOLERY WINKELHOLTZ VA Los Angeles CA 51
TOLLADAY, Beatrice Ann 04/12/1910-11/05/1988 DAVIS FISHER Madera CA Madera CA 78
TOLLADAY, Eloise T 09/04/1906-03/20/1973 unknown unknown WA Sacramento CA 66
TOLLIDAY, Muriel Viola 02/09/1918-10/28/1997 WOOD BOIES WA San Francisco CA 79
TOLLADAY, Hattie Louella 04/15/1874-08/24/1957 WELLS, Martha TOLLADAY, Lemuel Evans Santa Clara CA Santa Clara CA 83
TOLLADAY, Mary A. 08/16/1882 -01/01/1962 SPENCER, TOLLADAY, Trinity CA Trinity CA 79
TOLLADAY, William George 10/25/1872-09/29/1950 unknown TOLLIDAY, unknown Porterville, Tulare CA 77
TOLLIDAY, William J. 06/10/1902-09/08/1973 unknown TOLLIDAY, unknown Porterville, Tulare CA 71


Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy, McLean County, Illinois.

TOLIDAY, John Thomas Oct 1763 - 1849 Revolutionary War Veteran born near Poughkeepsie New York


Cemetery Records of Marion County, Iowa

TALLIDAY, Kirk 1880 to 10 Dec 1930 age 50 Page:75 Residence:Graceland, Knoxville TN
TALLERDAY, William 1838-1937 age 99 Page:75 Residence: Graceland, Knoxville TN

Kentucky - Jefferson County

TALLERDAY, Gideon W. 18 Aug 1933 Jefferson Co KY aged 55 Years born 1878 V#33 Doc# 19264
TALLERDAY, Mary A.09 May 1927 Jefferson Co. KY age 84 Years born 1843 V# 27 Doc# 11240


Curtiss (Epsilon) Cemetery and Joy Valley Cemetery Petoskey, Emmet County, Michigan

TALLIDY, Douglas / Duglace Lot 5 Row 2 Died 10 Jun 1975 Cremation Joy Valley Cemetery
TALLADAY, Burl D. Lot 5 Row 2 Buried 27 Nov 1961 Joy Valley Cemetery


Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City Nevada

TOLLADAY, Gary Wayne 23 Jul 1937 - 22 Jun 1955 s/o O.B. and Yolanda Tolladay Obituary:
TOLLADAY, O.B. Antonio Perry 05 Mar 1910 - 28 Sep 1971 s/o Lemuel and Juana Tolladay Obituary:
TOLLADAY, Yolanda Lorraine (nee Smith) 29 Aug 1912 - 28 Oct 2010 w/o O.B. Tolladay d/o Elsie Anderson-Smith and David Johnathan "Earl" Ward Smith Obituary:
TOLLADAY, Lorren Perry Perry 23 Jan 1931 - 8 Oct 2012 s/o O.B. and Yolanda Tolladay Lorren passed away Oct. 8, 2012. He was born in Compton Los Angeles County CA. on Jan 23, 1931 to O.B. Perry Tolladay and Yolanda L. Smith-Tolladay.

He grew up in Northern California, obtaining his private pilots license at the age of 17, then a commercial drivers license at 18. He was a Korean war veteran, Ham Radio operator,member of Pilots International Association (PIA) from 1966 to 1997, and a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) from 1967 to 2000.

Living in Reno, Nevada since 1962, he is survived by his wife, two(2) daughters, three(3)sons, nine(9) grandchildren and fourteen (14) great-grandchildren.

He is also survived by a brother, of Auberry CA.

Lorren was buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City next to his pre-deceased parents and brother Gary.

Published in Reno Gazette-Journal on October 19, 2012

New York

Daniel's Cemetery Town of Ridgeway, Orleans County, New York

Name Birth Death Remarks
Name Birth Death Remarks
DECKER, Inez (SEAMAN) 1874 20 Sep 1947 Medina, NY d/o Wilson SEAMAN and Mina TALLIDY, w/o Fred A. DECKER

Evergreen or Scipioville Cemetery - Cayuga NY

TALLADAY, LEWIS OCT 21, 1858 to MAY 14, 1895
TALLADAY, JENNIE M NOV 11, 1860 to SEPT 19, 1936 WIFE

On Same Monument
NICHOLS, DANIEL MAY 31, 1831 to MAR 6, 1915
NICHOLS, MARY JANE AUG 1831 to JAN 2, 192?

Fleming Cemetery Cayuga County

TALLADAY, Elliott O. 1856-1897 son of George and Sarah
TALLADAY, Frank A. 1852-1854
TALLADAY, George W. 1826-1861
TALLADAY, Sarah M. 1831-1917 wife of George

Fort Hill Cemetery 19 Fort Street Auburn, New York 13021

Name Date of Death Section Lot Grave Place of Death
TALLADAY, Bert 05 14 1950 Laurel Hill #23 Auburn,NY
TALLADAY, Carrie 17 Jun 1934 Laurel Hill # 24 Auburn,NY
TALLADAY, Charles 07 Mar 1909 Laurel Hill #23 Auburn,NY
TALLADAY, Frank 22 Jan 1912 Laurel Hill # 24 Auburn,NY
TALLADAY, Jennie 22 Dec 1935 Laurel Hill # 23 Auburn,NY
TALLADAY, John 11 Mar 1914 Laurel Hill # 23 Willard, NY
TALLADAY, Julia 02 Oct 1914 Laurel Hill #25 Throop NY
TALLADAY, Mary 19 Apr 1932 Laurel Hill # 24 Auburn NY

Hartland Cemetary, Niagara County New York

In a plot sold to a L. Talladay the following family members were laid to rest:
Edna M. Riley 1889-1951 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York
Francis B. Tallardy 1895-1953 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York
Lloyd Talladay 1903-1913 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York
Vietta L. Tallardy 1869-1956 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York
William H. Tallardy 1869-1947 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York
Lucy 1840-1918 Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York

Hicksite Friends' Burial Ground, Clinton Corners, Dutchess, NY

TALLADAY-BRIGGS, Julia A. 1847 - 22 Aug 1904 age 57 years w/o Henry Section Lot Grave Niagara County New York

North Street Cemetery, Cayuga New York

The following article , by Frank Avery Skilton , appeared in the Auburn Advertiser - Journal of May 20 , 1922:
Historians tell us that the three burial grounds within the corporate limits of Auburn were located as follows . One early family burial plot situated at or near the intersection of West Genesee and Washington Streeets " on a high knowl". This spot contained but few bodies which subsequent to 1800 were removed to make way for road extensions and building improvements. A second burial ground was opened at a point on the easterly side of south division Street , south of Dobbs and Sons Greenhouse and on the lands formerly owned by E. L. Thornton. Up to about 40 years ago this spot was marked by a few old headstones , now removed or buried out of the way of the plow. I am informed that bodies are still there. I am unable to obtain any records of the persons buried in these two pioneer burial spots. There is a Tradition that the South Division Street contains the remains of very early pioneers of Aurelius and probably one or more soldiers of the American Revolution. "The third early burial ground within our present city limits and which not only served Auburn proper but adjacent townships , is the North Street Cemetery.
TALLADAY, Nelson 1820-1893 Section 1 Lot 15 Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, Eliza W Died JULY 15, 1870 ae 48Y/2M/12D Section 1 Lot 15 Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, George (son) 20 Aug 1849 - 15 Jun 1860 Section 1 Lot 15 Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, Eleanor Emmerick 1840-1910 Section 2 Lot 33 Cayuga New York

Sand Beach Cemetery
TALLOWDAY, Charlotte d. May 28, 1812 (or 1842) ae 16y 3mo 22 (27)da dau of John & Elizabeth Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, Frank A. d. Apr. 2, 1854 ae 1y 8mo 28da son of G.W. & S.M. TALLADAY Cayuga New York
TALLOWDAY, George d. May 26, 1861 in his 54th yr monument Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, Hannah 1796-1875 double headstone Cayuga New York
1824-1911 headstone Cayuga New York

Somerset Cemetery Niagara,NY

TALLADAY, William d. Oct. 11 1865 age 53 years 4 mo Cayuga New York
TALLADAY, Susannah E. w/o William Talladay d.15 Oct 1855 45y 9m Cayuga New York

Soule Cemetery, Auburn Section, Town of Sennett

TALLADAY, JULIA E. 1836-1913 Mother of Jerome and Ida

Town of Aurelius Vital Statistics AURELIUS DEATHS 1882-1913
Baker, Malilda A. died Mar 29, 1902 age 66y 11mo 23days born Aurelius d/o William Wooley of Pookufesie and Catherine Tallady of Pookispie Burial at Fort Hill


Old Colony Burying Ground Granville, Ohio 43023

"The Colony Burial Ground was laid out at the first, and began to be used the second year of the settlement. It was rapidly filled, not because of mortality in the colony, but because it was used by a large scope of country, and families who had removed from the place long continued to bring back their dead that their ashes might rest with the remains of others gone before."-- [The History of Granville, Licking County, Ohio by Henry Bushnell, 1889]

TOLIDAY, Hannah born about 1803 died 10/09/1856 Wife of Henry Toliday

Delaware County Ohio

TALADAY, Eva May 1863-1945 buried BOKES CREEK
TALADAY, Ralph G. 1862-1952 buried BOKES CREEK


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Church Records, 1709-60
Tylety, Nathaniel died 16 Nov1728 Fathers Name: Nathaniel
Tylety, John died 21 Apr 1745

Coles Cemetery Bradford County Pennsylvania

TALADA-NORTHRUP, Alithea w/o James Northrup died in 1869 aged 84 years
TALADA Jewel d Jan. 12, 1868 age 24y 9m 8d s/o John and Sarah Talada; Civil War marker and flag
TALADA, John Jun. 8, 1888 63 yrs.
TALADA, Willie Mar. 1, 1877 4 mo 25 days s/o C. B. and Florence Talada
TALLADAY, Catherine Sept. 21, 1864 36 yr 11 mo w/o Solomon Taladay
TALADAY, Edgar W. Jan. 17, 1871 25 yr 4 mo
TALADAY, Raymond C. Aug. 1, 1881 7 yrs, 2 mos 18 days s/o Solomon and Mary L. Taladay
TALLADA, Freddie S. Feb. 9, to Mar. 4, 1872
TALLADA, John Edgar Jun. 20, 1877 7 yrs 2 mos 18 days s/o Edgar and Catherine
TALLADA, Willie E. Mar. 1, 1877 4 mos 25 days s/o E. E. and Florence

Mowry Cemetery, Meshppen Twp, Wyoming Co PA

TALLADA, Goodrich Veteran Civil War Company I 50th PA Infantry

New Albany PA Cemetery


Union Hill Cemetery, Mehoopany, Luzerne, Wyoming County PA

TALADA, Clarinda Morey, 1830 - 1914; wife of Solomon
TALADA, Elmer O., 1862 - 1924;
TALADA, Emma, dau. of James and Perthena J., d. 14 July 1872 12y 6m 9d
TALADA, Lina A., 1856 - 1899
TALADA, Solomon, 1 May 1832 - 12 Oct 1898 66y Co. C, 1st Reg. PA Arty. Civil War;


Old Bundy Cemetery, Huston Township, Clearfield County, PA

TALADAY, George M. (age unknown) died in Huston Twp., PA 15 August 1896 of Dysentery after a one week illness.
TALADAY George 1849--1929 TALADAY, Mary 1853--1915

Riverside Cemetery New Section Towanda Borough, Bradford County PA

TALLADAY, Solomon born 06 Jan 1778 Greene Co., N.Y. died 10 May 1866 buried in Lot 29
TALLADAY, Susan born 30 Nov 1787 Hackettstown NJ, died 18 Nov 1862 buried in Lot 29
Solomon and Susan were married about 1805.

Old Riverside Cemetery, Athens, Bradford County, PA.

TALLADAY, Solomon 16 FEB 1778 - 14 FEB 1839 He was buried with military honors in the Old Riverside Cemetery, Athens, Bradford County, It is said, he held an agreement with an old friend from the war; Archelaus Luce Temple. Whoever survived longest agreed to fire a volley over the others grave to remind others of the shot heard round the world. In 1832, the day Solomon buried his old friend Archy Temple, he did just that. When Solomon died, he was buried next to Archelaus "Archy" Friends for life and beyond. He was noted in life , "for his athletic powers, and lived on Millstone Run for a time." Solomon and Chloa lived in Towanda Twp. and Wysox Twp after the Revolutionary war.

1873 TALLIDAY, Tom died in February .
According to an obituary on page 129 of "AN OUTLINE HISTORY of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO'S AND CITIES", written expressly for the Gazette Company, ELMIRA, N.Y. Copyright, 1885 by The Gazette Company.

The obituary from Elmira New York says Thomas died when he was about 70 years old.

In life he apparently gained himself a nickname. His death notice states he was "better known as "all right and "all wrong".

Unionvale, PA

TALLADAY, Thomas a native of Dover
TALLADY, William a native of Union Vale died in hospital.

Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index

Name: Louis Tolliday is listed with a Death Date: 05 Nov 1882
County: Waupaca Volume: 01 Page: 0095 Reel: 136 Image: 2409

CEMETERY: Most Precious Blood Cemetery in New London, Waupaca co., Wisconsin
TALADY, George D. born 6 Jan 1915 died 25 Nov 1970, Epitaph: Wisconsin SGT US Marine Corps World War II

TALADY, Lucille born 21 May 1916 died 29 Jan 1966

South Dakota

South St. Paul Cemetery, Union County South Dakota

James and Martha Olson are buried in the South St. Paul Cemetery, Union County South Dakota Following is the detail from the WPA Graves Registration Project conducted during the Great Depression. The list is dated Aug. 1940. South St. Paul Cemetery is located in Brule Township, Union County, South Dakota T92N R50W Sec. 25.

Surname, First Name Grave # , Lot # , Block #, Section Date of Death and Age Sex Veteran Marker
OLSON , James 4 , 42 , 1 , 1 1913 70 years M Civil War
OLSON , Martha 5 , 42 , 1 , 1 1921 72 F Civil War Widow rec'd Pension

Washington State

Pines Cemetery, Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

TALLERDAY, Robert Deal, b. 31 Jan 1924, d. 6 Jan 1995, WWII Navy


Lander, Fremont County, Wyoming, Mount Hope Cemetery

TALLERDAY David S. 12 Sep 1850 06 Dec 1927
TALLERDAY Ellen S. Lowman 21 Sep 1855 06 Feb 1942
TALLERDAY Maude M. 1887 05 Nov 1951
TALLERDAY Walter L. 03 Sep 1876 18 Apr 1958

Associated Family Ties

A Couch branch of our family ancestry appears in the town of, Sempronius, Cayuga Co., NY

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