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Our Ancestors and Cousins in England

have found a source of STOLLADAY Pedigrees in England. Yes, it means we are adding more Surnames to our research list. This resource should provide valuable information for all researchers. It led me to some vital information on the origins and changes in our name. Apparently, our name is from the Old English Staelwurde meaning robust, sturdy and stalwart or STALLWORTHY. Before 1765 the name is found spelled STOLLADAY. The former is now spelled STOLWORTHY, STOLLERY, STALLARD, STALWOOD and is the first element of STOLERMAN. With the loss of the initial consonant, these spellings have become TALLERMAN, TOLWORTHY, TOWLEWARDIE found as early as 1574, TOWLARDY found as early as 1664, TOWLWORTHY found in 1672 and TILLADAY found in 1674. Between 1674 - 1765 the name changed to TOLLADAY with occasional spellings as TOLLADY, TOLLEDAY and TOLLIDAY.

Visit our Tolladay Cousin - John Nunn in England

A few Vital Records from the UK

Abney Park Cemetery - Hackney/Stoke Newington London England

Suffolk County England Marriage Records

Do you remember hearing about a shooting in Hungerford England on the national news in 1987. The link is not mine - but describes what happened. Thank the Lord she survived the tragedy, though I spoke with her son recently, and understand that she has passed on. Perhaps he'll send us a memorial to post for her. God Bless you -------- Now and Always.

An extract from Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1929 provides us with a history of March, Cambridgeshire, England worthy of reading.

On the Histon and Ipington Memorial in Cambridgeshire England Jack TOLLIDAY Trooper 7956546, 'C' Sqn., Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), R.A.C. who died on Thursday, 16th September 1943. Age 36. Son of George and Elsie Tolliday; husband of Marguerite L. S. Tolliday, of Histon, Cambridgeshire. Commemorated on the CASSINO MEMORIAL, Italy. Panel 1

Bates Tolliday - an Extraordinary Case - Cambridge Chronicle 5th August 1843 written with great relish by an observer of the time.

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