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After decades of misinterpretation of wolves as being vicious animals, a new myth has formed – that a wolf is just a “big dog”. This is not true. Wild wolves are simply that – wild. Dogs have been domesticated for 20,000 to 50,000 years and have evolved into a completely different animal. They are well suited to living with humans, and with over a hundred different types of dogs to choose from, there is no reason for keeping a wild animal.
Keeping wolves as pets is usually done for vanity. As people don’t know how to keep a wild animal, the wolf ends up suffering greatly.

Zoos and organisations receive hundreds of letters and desperate phone calls a year from people who no longer can care for their “pet”. This is because wolves usually act like an alpha or leader of humans, and consequently bite and pounce on people, as they would do to members of the pack. There are many considerations in keeping wolves as pets:
~Wolves need a great deal of space (10 – 15 square miles).
~Wolves can dig large tunnels and climb tall fences.
~Wolves think that cats, dogs and other small animals are prey.
~Wolves require 20 pounds of raw meat per week.
~Wolves cannot be treated by dog’s vaccinations.
~Wolves do not have the immune system to cope with viruses transmitted by dogs to wolves.
~Wolves cannot be returned to the wild after being “socialized” as they lose their hunting skills.
~Wolves need the company of other pack members.
~Pet wolves and wolf hybrids can cause instant tragedy with a single bite (their jaws being twice as strong as a German Shepherd’s).

If you truly love wolves, then you should do what is right for the animal. Adopt a Wolf through an organization to help the animals survive, but please don’t keep them as pets.

Please learn more at Wolf Haven!! Help Support!

For more info about captive wolves and hybrids as pets Click here

Elder Sweet Mystic


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