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January 08, 2001-HOLY SHIT! I was at the Marilyn Manson show on the 6th at Seattle. I was at the very front, right behind the bar. I'm usually close at concerts but never that close. John 5 hit me in the head with a towel and when Marilyn jumped down to run by the audience I slapped his hand. It was by far the best time I've ever had at a concert.

January 3, 2001-It's finally done. I think I started working on this site in September and I just got around to finishing it. Well, it's not completely done, but I'm finished with all the initials parts I wanted on here. I enjoyed putting this together and I'm going to continue to add to it and I hope to keep this or another website around for quite a while. If you found anything interesting, please continue to come back because I plan on doing more things with this site and try to make it grow. I'll use this portion of the site to announce any major changes on the site and to comment on recent happenings in my life and life in general.