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My Thoughts

Christianity- This is one bastard of a religion. Many, if not all, of it's rituals and practices are derived from Pagan traditions. Some of them bark and sqwak about Halloween, when Christmas and Easter are also variations of holidays celebrated by sects that are older than Xianity. I know this just seems like a bitter atheist spouting off at my nation's most mainstream religion. But I have valid reasons for detesting it. There are some faiths I can respect. For instance, I've never seen any Jewish people parading around with ugly signs proclaiming their faith or hand me a pamphlet that will suposedly save my "soul." What bothers me the most is that many Xians are so bent on making everyone else one that they protest every form of art that conflicts with their beliefs and rally for laws that are bible-friendly. They won't be happy until everybody is one of them.