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Welcome to Sotalytober's Realm of the Supernatural

Hear you will find tons of information on the supernatural, spirits, contacting spirits and much more.

  • The Ouija
    If you're interested in making, using or getting rid of a Ouija board properly.

  • The Cards
    You can use ordinary playing cards to talk to spirits. Also tells about Tarot.

  • Astral Projection
    Tells how to Leave your body (out of body experience.)

  • How to preform a Seance
    Learn how to preform a seance and talk to the dead.

  • The Pendulum
    Leard how to make a pendulem and use it in many ways.

    Read some-Stories-about the Ouija, possessions and the supernatural.

    See my-Links-about all the above topics.

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