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Ouija boards

In case you'e wondering what Ouija means, it comes from the German and French word for yes. French, oui, and Greman, ja. Ouija.

To make a Ouija board is simple. All you need is a board and a marker. The board should be about 1.5 feet from top to bottom, 2.5 feet in length, and at least 3/4 of an inch thick. It doesn't have to be, but that makes it easier to space your letters out and gives it a nice think surface to write on.

Once you get your board, you can begin to make your board. First, you put the word yes in the upper left corner and the word no in the upper right. Then in the middle of the top, write Hello, below that put Goodbye. Now below all that begin the alphabet. Make sure to give the letters about an inch of space in between so you can easily tell which letter is which. Start at the far left and make rows and columns until you finish the alphabet. Line the letters up so it looks nice. Then in the row under the alphabet, wirite the numbers 0-9. You can also add a question mark in case you ask something the spirit doesn't understand.

This is just the basic board, you can rearrange where everything goes if you want to customise your board.

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