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Baby Shoes

Two worn little shoes
With a hole in the toe.

And why have I saved them?
Well, all mothers know

There's nothing so sweet
As a baby's worn shoe,

And patter of little steps
Following you.

The feet they once held
Have grown slender and strong;

Tonight they'll be tired
After dancing so long.

I guided her feet
When she wore such as these...

Dear God, May I ask-
Won't You guide them now, please?

~Isla Paschal Rishardson~

God's Greatest Gift

God gave to me the greatest gift
In life He can bestow;
He granted me a wondrous child,
And I'm to help her grow.

I am to show her happiness,
But not with what to play,
And teach her to express herself,
But not of what to say.

I am to guide her thoughts
Yet help her form a will her own
And teach her to have faith in God
And reap what I have sown.

Yes, God gave me the greatest gift
And to Him I now pray,
"Please grant to me the strength I'll need
To watch her walk away."

~Marcia Krugh Leaser~

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They make machines to do the dishes,
And one to wash our clothes,
Another one to dry them.
See how simple living goes?
But yet no one's invented
A machine to scrub a face
Or soothe a fall
Or wipe the tear
Or take a mother's place.

~Robert W. Fuller~

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What The Heart Holds

In the breast of a bulb
Is the promise of spring;

In the little blue egg
Is a bird that will sing;

In the soul of a seed
Is the hope of the sod;

In the heart of a child
Is the kingdom of God.

~William L. Stidger~

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White lids with silken fringes
Shut out the waning light;
A little hand close folded,
Holds Mama's fingers tight;
And in their soft, white wrappings
At last in perfect rest,
Two dainty feet are cuddled,
Like birdies in a nest.

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Teaching how to put shoes on

To teach a child how to put
the right shoe on the right foot,
mark or tape the inside of
the right shoe only.

Precious and priceless,
so lovable ,too,
The world's sweetest MIRACLE
BABY----is you.
~Helen Steiner Rice~

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So DO what you DO
with a WILL and a SMILE
~Helen Steiner Rice~

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Lo, children are an heritage
of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb
is his reward.
Mark 10:14

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"You are worthy to me.
I created you on purpose,
and I am pleased
with what I made.
I love you."


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