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The Lair of Demeter and Bombalurina
Jellylorum's World of Jellicle CATS
The Jellicle Magic
The Jellicle Hideaway
The Jellicle Ball
The Jellicle Ball(another one)
Andrew Llyod Webber's CATS
The Ultimate CATS Homepage
CATS Video
Tantomile's Trove of CATS
The Jellicle Junkyard
Grizabella's Homepage
Jemima's Homepage

Etcetera's World of CATS
Jellicles Against Anit-Macavityism
Griddlebone's Pirate Ship
Munkustrap Kitty's CATS Layer
Lil' Bombalurina's Page
Mistoffelees' Jellicle Moon Kingdom
Misty's Lair
Exploring the Unknown
DemeterMew's Jellicle Party