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Welcom to my world

You have entered a world of harmony and chaos rolled into one. A war zone filled with hope.Nightmares and dreams of true happiness. Here the light battles the darkness. Angels take up arms against devils. The war zone is a path. A path to exaltaion. As with all that walk this path I battle evil. It's only purpose to keep me from my destination. My reason for existing Here I fight to the death, for to die fighting is to be victorious. Here I endure to the end.

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My Favorits Lists
Photo Album #1-Me
My Links-Favorites-LDS-Angelfire
Caught in the Crystal Haze-A song my me_Warning this page has a grafic piture and might not be suitable for young children
My testamony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Photo Album #2-My Brothers
Photo Album #3-My friends #1
Photo Album #4-My Friends #2
Photo Album #5-My Family #1
Photo Album #6-My Family#2
Photo Album#7-Vacation
Photo Album#8-Me fuzzie and featherd friends
Photo Album#9-My Family #3