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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Episode #10

First aired March 15, 2000 (Rated TV-PG-V)


Sleeping With Snakes

Meet a man who has an exotic animal collection. He captures his own snakes and even sleeps with them. Surprisingly, this man doesn't get hurt as he has a strange effect on these very dangerous animals. He trains them into submission by sleeping with them every night for three weeks. Also, see an 18-yr. old girl form a bond with a deadly anaconda by dancing with it. She even places the snake's head in her mouth!

Rodeo Bull Survivor

Richard "Tuff" Hedeman survived the longest ever hang-up in bull-riding history. A hang-up occurs when a bull rider's hand gets caught in the rigging after dismounting and the rider is therefore dragged along with the bucking bull. Tuff's experience lasted a full 90 seconds, and luckily, he walked away unharmed. Even though this accident could have damaged his spine, Tuff decided to continue bull riding. On his next ride, the bull's head collided with his own and he broke every bone on the right side of his face. The result was 6 1/2 hours of reconstructive surgery in which doctors inserted 6 titanium plates in Tuff’s head.

Induced Heart Attack

Dr. William Spencer has pioneered an operation that involves injecting pure alcohol into the heart, producing a heart attack. This bold new procedure has done wonders for Donna Colorado, a patient of Dr. Spencer. Before the operation, Donna's heart was enlarged and was blocking the blood flow out of the heart. As a result, she could barely walk. However, after this one hour operation and two weeks of recovery, Donna was feeling much healthier and was finally walking on her own.

Seat King

Believe it or not, Barney Smith has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to decorating toilet seat lids. He has created over 535 pieces, all of which line the walls of his garage. Barney’s toilet seat gallery includes everything from a tribute to the Challenger crew to a collection of Pokemon cards.

Baby Signing

Two doctors have come up with a revolutionary method of teaching infants to use hand gestures to communicate. At the University of California, Davis, researchers are running a day care center that works as a laboratory for baby signing. Not surprisingly, infants who have been taught baby signing are exhibiting higher IQ levels than other babies.

Odd Couple

New Yorkers Fred and Kiva Kahl have set out to prove that ancient art forms like sword swallowing and fire eating aren't illusions. Fred and Kiva have long been pushing each other to their physical limits to achieve feats that no one else in the world can. Fred has swallowed coat hangers, fluorescent tubes, and curved swords. Now, they will use a fluoroscopic x-ray machine to confirm that his swallowing performances aren't tricks.

Corset Woman

Corseting is making its way back into fashion. Dita, a top Playboy model, is famous for donning corsets and showing off her 17-inch waist. Also meet Andee Glass, who got into "waist training" when she was in art school and achieved an 18-inch waist. Unfortunately, corseting comes at a price. When these women are waist training, they can only eat small meals and risk gastritis, migraines and liver problems.

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