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Daniel Alderman & Abigail Harris

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Daniel Alderman, son of Thomas Alderman and Mary Seagrave, was born about 1711 at Simsbury, Connecticut.

Daniel Alderman married in 1740, Abigail Harris, daughter of Nathaniel Harris and Miriam Brooks.

About 1755, Daniel and Abigail Alderman took thier family to Duplin Co. NC.

The Children of Daniel Alderman and Abigail Harris were:

1. John Alderman, Sr. was born about 1742, died August 1822, and married abt 1770, Mary Cashwell.
2. Rachel Alderman born about 1744, married Charles Bland.
3. Mary Alderman born abt 1746, married elijah Bowen.
4. Daniel Alderman, Jr. was born 11 March 1748, died 8 Aug 1824, married on 4 August 1772 Sarah Newton.
5. David Alderman born about 1749, died 23 October 1831, married abt 1773 Jemima Hall.
6. Hannah Alderman born about 1751, married James Bland.
7. Abigail Alderman born about 1753, married William James.

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