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     As Mother Earth accelerates toward her graduation into galactic harmony on all frequencies and in all dimensions, we, the Humanity on her surface, are being called upon to come to her surface, are being called upon to come to her aid.  Each soul is responsible for cleaning its own karmic baggage accumulated over numerous lifetimes here.  This “house cleaning” process is unique for each individual and takes place on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being.  As we free ourselves from the darkness of dysfunctional thoughts, attitudes, and behavior patterns and clear negativity from auric field, we align with our true spiritual being.

      Mankind as a race is involved in an evolutionary shift as the mass Planetary Shift is taking place.  All of Earth’s systems and occupants are accelerating in vibrations and consciousness.  The infusions of energy are keying our subatomic particles to a higher vibration, requiring the transmutation into Bodies of Light.  This can be confusing and disorienting, if you do not have the guidance and support of someone who is experienced in facilitating these matters.

     Kimberly Moreno has trained extensively the last thirteen years in the Healing and Intuitive arts.  She is a licensed Minister, Vibrational therapist, Professional Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor.  At the Soul level she specializes in clearing the lower bodies and activating the Light Body to bring forth balance wholeness, and strength of purpose.  She is committed to anchoring in Higher Evolutionary Programs within receptive individuals who are ready for multidimensional awareness and desire to hold a higher vibration and lead a balanced life. Her sessions offer a combination of Light Technologies merged with Ancient Wisdom.  

     A Spiritual Balancing Session will give you a cleaner understanding of the life Conditions which cause ill health, suppressed emotions, and mental fatigue.  By creating an environment of love, trust and protection, traumas can be cleared and released from the charkas and the body.  This enables you to access your multidimensionality and stored knowledge whish is light encoded in the DNA.  In-dept Spiritual Counseling will assist you in perceiving and interpreting psychological and emotional holding patterns that are hidden within the spiritual power points in the body.  Skillful use of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telethought, entity release, crystals, essential oils and touch, will help empower you to break up and move out blockages locked in the past, present and future.  By evoking the healing power of pure light and sound, the physical body is aligned with the spiritual being and the healing process is accelerated toward wholeness and completion.  

     Kimberly works with sound, color, crystals and essential oils.  As the Light Body is brought into balance, so are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions harmonized.  An accurate reading can reveal the nature of our life changes.  Consciousness awareness of these realities quickens our evolutional process.  You co-create a personal healing through the use of visualization and affirmations.  As activation of new energies is released, the door to the light Body is opened.  Balance and harmony are restored causing profound shifts in personal and spiritual evolution.    

     Light Body Activation Readings - Includes chakra reading and analysis.  New light geometries are setting up the new lines of force in our Auras.  These new energy meridians create the process by which we clear our present space/time grids to open the Time Locks of our own light Bodies.  The function of certain Angelic Orders in the Ascension Process will also be explored.  Some of the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of the Light Body Activation will be discussed.    

     Aura Reading – An accurate Aura reading can real the nature of our life changes in the form of new energies, often before we consciously realize something feels different about ourselves.  The Aura alters in radiance, color and content emotions and destiny patterns.  Conscious awareness of these realities quickens our evolutional progress.    


     Each 2 – ˝ hour session with reverend Kimberly includes a 75-minute intuitive reading followed by a 75 minutes Crystal and Aura Balancing healing.  

     75 – minute intuitive reading only.    

     Reverend Kimberly is available for telephone consultations seven days a week.  Each phone session is taped for your convenience.  

     For more information or to schedule an appointment please call:


Point of Light Ministries
Reverend Kimberly Moreno