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Personal Testimonials

Dear Reverend Kim,

       It's Michael Granberry here, from Wilmington, NC.  HOWDY! I just wanted to drop you a line to check in and bring you up to date on myself...don't worry, it's all very GOOD :)

       After our emergency session where you worked on my broken left ring finger (the relationship finger) I went into surgery the next day not knowing how things would go.  The orthopedist had not been optimistic...due to the placement and nature of the break (which was very small and involved fragile bones) he predicted "a real mess" and thought that the surgery would most likely involve fusing the joint permanently.

       It didn't turn out like that at all.

       I was the last surgery of the day.  I knew the doctors and the attendants were all tired because I overheard a nurse saying so.  I got wheeled in to the operating room (nicely doped up but NOT knocked out) and the team went to work, assessing the situation and manipulating the tiny damaged site.

       I overheard several things being said, things like "good grief," and "it's in," and "it doesn't get much better than that,"...the next thing I knew, they were wheeling me out to the recovery room and the docs were all laughing and talking.  My "surgery" had lasted eleven minutes.

       When I went back a few days later to have new x-rays done, the orthopedist stated flatly that he had never had a surgery he thought was going to be so difficult (and probably only partially successful) turn out so well.  He said the bone fractures had lined up perfectly, and I could probably expect total or near total recovery.  I had to endure two long steel pins in my finger for a couple of months and some physical therapy after that, but my finger is totally healed.  If you look carefully, you might tell that it looks slightly crooked compared to the right ring finger, but even those I've pointed this out to can barely see a difference.

       What I took out of that experience was a strength in the knowledge that you had had everything to do with my healing, and that it didn't stop with my finger. 

       I ended the relationship that I had been in, but didn't let it consume me...he and I are friends, but at a respectful distance.  I dated another person for a short while, but ended it confidently when I saw what "bad energy" was trying to sneak back into my personal space.  I took some wonderful "me" time, and just let the world happen around me for a while, working and doing my art, and then, unexpectedly, the best person came walking into my life.  It was weeks before I would let myself think about trusting someone enough to let myself really open up to them, but it did happen and what I thought was an unlikely romance has carried on now for over a year and a half.  And I've never trusted someone so completely and felt so at peace.

       I know that these feelings of trust and peace are not things he brought into my life, but things that I have learned to make manifest within myself in a real, practical way.  I feel I have taken great steps towards becoming the kind of person I want to be, with a very healthy outlook and sense of direction and purpose in life.  I give all the credit for triggering this personal evolution to you, my friend, for it was your voice and use of your gifts that got me out of all the traps I had laid for myself.  I no longer feel like a prisoner of my own thinking.

       You are a gift to the world, Reverend Kim, and I am blessed in knowing you.  I hope this finds you well, and send you all love and good thoughts.  Thank you so much, so very, very much...

Peace and love,
Michael Granberry