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Planetary Ascension

The 11:11 Planetary Ascension Update 2000

By August Stahr

      The 11:11 Planetary Ascension is a window period in history through which quantum leap in consciousness are possible for the Earth and every soul who chooses it.  On January 11, 1992 we, as collective humanity, facilitated the 11:11 doorway opening so that we could begin this planetís journey through this transformation process.  This window period will last from January 11, 1992 through December 31, 2011. 

     The symbol of 11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger deep with our being which brings conscious the soulís desire to graduate into higher levels of spiritual knowledge and development.  It is activating now to let you know that your inner spiritual work needs to be completed to participate fully and graduate during the 11:11 Planetary Ascension Process, Symbolically, the first 11 represents the Old Earth reality, the colon represents the midway point, and the second 11 represents the New Earth Reality. 

     Ascension is every soulís destiny.  Our personal Ascension process plays itself out against the larger backdrop of the Planetary Ascension and is accelerated because of it.  There is a continual cleansing and purifying of the lower consciousness that must take place for your Ascension into Christ Consciousness.  Once the lower bodies of consciousness have been cleansed and purified, partly through grace, and partly through your own efforts, the soul begins to ďascendĒ up into the Christ Self, while the I AM Presence ďdescends.Ē  The more you clear yourself of karmic patterns, the more you Higher Presence can reside as a Christed Being on the Earth and your experience of reality is more aligned with the ease and grace of Christ Consciousness. 

     The year 2000 is the midway point through the 11:11 Doorway.  It is the Year of Completion and evaluation before continuing on the last half of the journey.  For those who have actively done their inner work, new levels of ease and freedom will be your reward.  For those of you still floundering, new levels of grace are being extended to more quickly clear your karmic issues.  To those who are still part of the problem, instead of the solution, you cannot journey with us much longer.  The New Earth Reality is ready for those who have chosen to experience it, but other alternative realities have been set up to receive those souls who for whatever reason are not yet ready to graduate to Christ Consciousness.  Those that are not ready are being re-directed by the Karmic Lords of Light to other planetary realities.  These other realities more closely match their soulís evolution so that they can continue their cycle of birth and rebirth until the next opportunity of Planetary Ascension is available.  No one is being left behind; it is simply a matter of resonance, or like kind with like kind, instead of the duality of opposites that has been our experience on Earth during the last 26,000-year cycle.  It is important for all souls on a conscious path to realize that everyone evolves according to their evolution and readiness for it.  You canít save anyone.  You can only assist those who are in resonance with yourself and let those that are not got their own way.