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The Carriage House
Many years ago Reverend Kimberly began collecting antique baby carriages, cradles, high chairs, clothing, toys and other unique artifacts related to babies and children.  The collection has grown to the extent that it is now the size of a museum. Point of Light Ministries has decided to open "The Carriage House" Baby & Doll Buggy, Stroller, Pram and Cradle Museum.  It chronicles the history of the Baby Carriage from 1850 to present day.  It is a place that honors babies, children and especially, the bond between Mother & Child.  Visiting the museum will help one get in touch with their own "Inner Child" and remember times gone by.  The Carriages and other artifacts displayed come from around the world representing babies and children from all cultures and countries. The Museum is a place to preserve and restore these works of art and irreplaceable treasures for all the enjoy and experience.
"The Carriage House" is privately funded and depends solely upon donations from the Friends and Congregations of Point of Light Ministries.  If you would like to make a donation to the Museum in the form of currency or artifacts, or if you have a treasure you want preserved, please contact our Ministry office.  Our Grand Opening is scheduled for September 2005 as we are in  still in the process of building our center and cataloging items that arrive each day.
For more information you mail telephone or E-mail us.  Thank you.


"Life's Song Would Lose It's Charm Were There No Babies to Begin It"