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Point of Light Ministries Mission Statement

 We are an energy that has come into manifestation in order to co-create with the planet earth.  Our mission is to serve humanity through the establishment of light ministries throughout the world.  We are here to break cycles of dysfunction that have passed through the generations.  We are the parents and grandparents of the Indigo children of the Blue Ray.  We are the teachers and the healers who are here to save humanity from the negative energy we call Lucifer or “darkness”.  We are the ancient pagans, masons, freemasons and Knights of the Templar, keepers of the Holy Grail.  We are the Essences and ecclesiastics who have returned to help usher in a “new age” of awareness and responsibility.  We are a consciousness that is here to love and share and sow only peace and harmony.  We are Light Bearers who have devoted our lives to being the best we can be body, mind and spirit.  We are a family connected by an energy source we call “Mother-Father-God”.

Our ministry is devoted to the Goddess because all life begins with the blood and egg.  Without the feminine we would have no procreation – hence, no planet.  Point of Light Ministries celebrates and recognizes the Goddess in all that is and ever shall be.  Our “Holy Mother’s” essence is the figure head of our ministry we call her Mary, Magdalena, black Madonna, Isis, Kwan Yin, Shiva, Athena, Shekina.  It is our mission here at Point of Light Ministries to awaken humanity to the power of prayer, affirmation visualization, electro-magnetic healing aka “Laying on of Hands”, and holistic medicine so that we can begin to heal ourselves and each other.  Always remember that what is done to one, affects the whole.  When a person comes into balance on all levels of his/her being, the energy will pass on to others through osmosis.  The times we live in are full of stress and turmoil, which is causing more disease than ever before.  We as a planet are suffering from continued negative emotion, habits and patterns.  When our being or environment is contaminated with such energies we become ill, emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.  This ministry has been established to help others overcome energies that may be adversely affecting their existence on the planet.  People are in turmoil on a multitude of levels, they can’t seem to find their way out of the darkness whether it is physical or emotional.  Point of Light Ministries has been brought in to form to help mankind with the awakening and healing that is so desperately needed.  By taking responsibility for what we create we begin to awaken and remember our soul’s purpose, then we share our knowledge and healing gifts with others.  

Point of Light Ministries is spreading throughout the world now as people respond to the inner Clarion Call they are hearing.  Those who wish to serve humanity as a teacher or healer are being called into service in a variety of ways.  If you are reading this and you feel in your heart that you too are hearing the “Call to Service”, then it is time to pay attention.  Sometimes opportunity knocks softly and our angels speak to us through symbols and synchronicity.  If you are being drawn to metaphysical teachings or philosophy then start reading now!!  Maybe you’re wanting and needing a massage, reflexology, aura cleansing, or chiropractic adjustments.  This is the time to become a seeker of truth.  At first when you begin healing, your entire system will detoxify and it may be difficult or (even) painful.  It’s the pain of letting go that holds many of us in bondage.  This is a test we are faced with.  It’s time now for all of us to dump the baggage we continue to carry with us from one lifetime to another.  This spiritual movement or  “new age” as it is called, is a perfect time to change your negative thoughts, emotions, habits, and patterns.  It is a time to forgive others and release the old worn out energies that continue to cause us pain.  It is the perfect time to practice random act of kindness and unconditional love.

 Point of Light Ministries teaches unconditional love, forgiveness and tolerance of others.  We are about sharing, giving and receiving equally.  We are healers and teachers of every race, color, and creed.  We never discriminate against others or their thought processes.  We embrace all world religions and sects.  We welcome all who seek love, healing, and support. The ministry also has a 24-hour prayer circle.  If you or your loved ones are in need of prayers and you wish to be part of this circle of hope and love, you may contact our head office anytime day or night. Our radio show Sacred Connections broadcasts weekly on KEST 1450am in San Francisco and is also available on our web page.

 Remember, we are all coming together like threads of a cloth and that cloth is the cloak of our Lord!