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Welcome to the Stuff on the Week Page! I've actually updated it once more.

I've fixed all the little problems on my site, as well as my Rainy Day page, which somehow got half deleted and no one told me! It was the important half too! Well, now it's better than ever, with more recipes as well as some Madlibs. Expect more changes coming soon, such as the one below.

Mott the Hoople
What the heck does that mean? The only song I ever heard by these guys was All the Young Dudes which was about dudes killing themselves and drinking, or something.

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and, according to Ethan, in Nevada too.

Charlie's Angels
A definite girl power movie, starring one of my favorite actresses, Drew Barrymore, as well as Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, who plays a complete ditz. The plot is wacky, but that simply adds to the fun as the three Angels gather clues, save Charlie, and kick ass! A great movie for not only girls but also for even the most neanderthalic guys because of the equation: HOT GIRLS + THINGS GOING BOOM = COOL. I like this movie a lot!

Kudos to Sarah Lilley, for being so cool and and for drawing the funniest pictures of teachers!

And that wraps things up. Sayonara!