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Hello, poetic types! Welcome to what appears to be the most popular part of my page so far! You can send me your own poems and I'll be glad to add them. Just email me at Thank you! Here we go....

Dreamers by Stacey (me).

Never say I wish, say I will by Matt Recore.

Ode to the Snob a haiku by Aileen.

More Haikus by Allyson

Wedding Ring by Recore again.

Roses are Red Poems by various people.

Exodus by me.

Warlord by Ethan.

Greedygirl by Aileen.

Fate, It's In the Stars by Matt.

Random Rambling by Ethan.

Sparrow by me.

Peace by Tom.

A Poem from Heaven by Thelma.

Guitar by me.

I Can't Eat Breakfast by Aldina.

My Silent Love by Thelma.

Confidence by Allyson

Below stairs shadows night a free verse poem by Imogene.