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I can already hear the perplexed cries of "What is a bibit?" Fear not, I shall explain:

My mother uses the term "bibit" to describe small things like pieces of paper, lint, etc. Bibits on your clothes, bibits on the table outside, bibits in the rug. It's hard to explain. I'm not even sure if bibit is a real word or not, and I don't care to look either.

Well, hope that helps you out... Anyway, this page is where I shall put bibits of thought. Yes, straight from the source of my mind. This should be interesting and a bit fun, as well as help people understand my philosophy and insanity a bit more!

The Parallel Universe Theorem

The Umbrella in a Snowstorm Concept

Save the Craneflies

Una Chica del Mundo

Backgrounds in this section were provided by Jezebel's Background archives.
Jezebel's: A Sight for Sore Eyes.

And remember: bibit is fun to say, anytime and anyday!