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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Stacey. I've been making a lot of changes around here; the first thing I did was fix all the bugs! Currently there are seven main sections to my page, but I will be adding more, if I think of anything good! Smaller parts below!

Poetry Page Poetry by myself and others. I'll even add yours!

Mystic Marvels A page for the oddness in us all.

Quirky Quotes Quotes to inspire you, humor you, or even touch you. You can send in your own, too.

Rainy Day Remedies Things to kill time and, hopefully, entertain you!

Bibits from my Mind New! An explanation of bibit and more...

Stuff of the Week All sorts of weird things, changing (hopefully!) every week. Last update: 4-21-01

Weird and Wonderful Links Not too many links yet, but I'll be adding more!

And when you get sick of my site (hopefully not too soon!) or simply feel like a change, you may "descend" to the Parallel Universe version of my page created by my sweet Ethan! (For more on Parallel Universes, click here.)

I still believe I am crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I mean, I have somehow gained the coolest friends and I can always keep myself busy when I have no plans, so this insanity of mine must be something good, right? I love drawing, writing, and learning foreign languages, and I hope to use these talents in any future career I may have (my dream: to be an author who writes at least one book that changes at least one person's life.) You'll learn more about me, my insanity, and my awesome friends (and my awesome boyfriend!) by perusing this page. Have fun!

Bill, Ted, and the Grim Reaper


Any suggestions for my page? I really need ideas! E-mail me by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting my page. It's one of those work-in-progress things, so come back soon!