Ya know that nifty pic of mine, of Xel with his hair and cape sorta blowing around? This is that picture, coloured like an animation cel. This is a new kind of colouring for me, I've never even tried it before, because I'm so fond of the 'soft' kind of colouring, but I actually rather like it. ^_^ 'Tis fun. I have also found that although cel-type colouring can be a lot easier in some respects (no messing about with three, four, five and even six different shades of a colour to get *just* the right gradation, no going over one spot dozens of times with an airbrush set to near zero opacity, and so on), in others, it can be just as difficult. You have to know where to put the 'highlight' and 'shade' blocks, and how big to make them, and how to make the hair highlights look right... ^_^;;; I could go on. This one's for Izzy the Wonder Moose, and Raven-san, who said they liked the original. ^_^

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