Twisted Shattered

by: Abra

rating: r

pairing: none

warning: dark, death

I lay, weeping on the floor, my blood soaking into the carpet.

Dripping from my wrist, red red blood. Red is the only color left. Everything else is black and grey and grey and grey. A thousand greys.


Why did he do this to me? Leave me like this? Shattered into pieces of myself.

I didn't think it would end like this, red, red blood spilling onto the grey carpet, carpet eating it up, eating me up.

Becoming grey.

I'm as grey as the world, and all that is left is the red. I can't see anything anymore, except the red. Only the red. Always the red. No grey, just red and black, black darkness.

The earth is shaking. But not the red.

Voices outside me, not in my head. Never in my head. Quiet as the depths of space in my head.



"Dear god, what has happened to you?!"

My fingers twitch, reflexive response. Funny I can still feel.

No sight, just sound. Except the red. I can see it feel it smell it, bloody red.



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