Shattered Pieces

by: Abra

rating: pg-13

pairing: 2+1 hinted

warning: dark, mention of death; sequel to twisted shattered

The rain comes down, not heavily, but soaking everything to the bone. Everything drab and grey, colors muted, grass faded. My hair hangs in my face, pale, washed out gold...clinging to my shoulders like some parasite.

Everything faded, except the red red roses on the lid of the coffin. The pastor drones on, generic meaningless noise, meant to comfort the mourning.

Politicians, diplomats, people claiming to be her friends. None of them 'true' or 'real'. Just more grey.

Even I am grey, I didn't pay her enough mind, didn't let her be a child, at all ever.

On the edge of the field, three boys. Wufei, Quatre, Trowa. A 'respectful distance'. Less grey, but all washed out.

The rain pounds harder, washing everything away.

Still the red roses on her coffin. Roses being dashed to pieces, red scattering across the ground. Like blood. Like her blood.

Farther back, another spot of red, there for a moment, now gone, receding into black. The other two.

The pastor's voice is drowned out by the rain, I stopped paying attention a long time ago anyway.

People filing past the coffin, saying meaningless nothings, mostly.

"We'll miss you, Relena-sama."

"We all love you Relena-sama."

"I do not love you, but you stood up for your ideals in all circumstances, and for that, you have my respect."

Dorothy, at least she's honest. My turns, I manage to choke out something semi-meaningful, I hope, but I doubt it.

I'm as grey as the world as I lay one last deep blood red rose on her coffin.



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