Heero vs. Microsoft
part 04

by: Abra

rating: pg-13

xover: Power Rangers

warning: weird, gross ooc, silly,

Picking up immediately where we left off...

"Ha ha ha ha...HA HA ha ha ha!!" the Demon Gates laughed.

The layers of the Microsoft place fell apart, as the Demon Gates (hereafter referred to as 'DG' whenever possible) grew to...uh...twenty?...yeah, twenty stories in height. Heero gave up shooting DG, and ran for where his Really Nifty Gundam was stored.

Meanwhile, the Demon Gates was chasing poor widdle Heero (*snicker* 'poor widdle Heero' hehehe) across plain, field, stream, and Really Freakin' HUGE Microsoft Complex. Suddenly, out of the Nowhere (aka, The Big Hole In The Author's Head Where All This Weird Shit Comes From ::gets hit by Sheasta:: owwie...;_;), came...The Power Rangers!!


The Red Ranger pointed at the DG and said, "Look guys! It's an evil monster! We have to stop it before it hurts innocent people!"

"RIGHT!" the other Power Rangers chorused. So, the called their Zords, (which are VASTLY inferior to Gundams, and Moblie Suits, and Gears, and Guymelefs, and Evas and-*thwack* Okay, okay, I'm getting back to the story...) So, the called their Zords, and combined into the Megazord (which is STILL vastly inferior), and attacked DG.

Which was obviously a bad, move, because they're not main characters, or even supporting characters. They're just extras. Cannon fodder. Redshirts!! Hehehehehe...So naturally, they went *SQUISH* and DG had eliminated yet another obstacle.

Now, being an evil demon, DG could hardly let all that lovely carnage go to waste, now could he?

Of course not.

So DG absorbed the pathetic remains of the Power Rangers and their Zord(s), and, with a Godzilla-esque roar, grew to even more immense proportions, and acquired some horns and tentacles in the bargain.

Heero, upon hearing the roar, glanced back. 'Oh shit', he thought, or rather, *would* have thought, if it had occured to him to think that.

But it hadn't.

So he didn't think that, he just kept right on running.

After several minutes of stock footage of explosions, and Heero running, and such, Hee-chan finally got to the faaaaar away place his Gundam was uhh...like...hidden, and stored, and stuff.

Wasting NO time (because Perfect Soldiers don't waste time), the widdle sweetums (*thwack* gomen ne!) hopped into Wing0 and flew off to do battle with the hideous evil chasing at his heels.

Meanwhile, the mindless drones of the MS building were assembled around an altar, wearing dark brown robes and chanting. DG stepped on them, squishing them flat, and roared on after Heero.

Wing0 flew towards DG at top speed, inundating Heero's brain with nasty hallucinations.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Heero yelled at the 0System, as it showed him many horrible ends at the hands of the Demon, but no victories.

"I _can_ win! I CAN!"The 0System just laughed at him, and continued it's taunting.

Then, suddenly, everything fell still, as the Titans...ran into eachother, hit head on, and fell over on their butts.

To be CONTINUED!! ::thunder crashes, lightning flashes, ominous BGM plays, and the author can be seen hitting her head on the wall::



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