Heero vs. Microsoft
part 02

by: Abra

rating: pg-13

warning: weird, gross ooc, silly,

About twenty four hours after we first left off...

Heero was hmm...on top of a...hill, someplace far away from where he was before (his Gundam was hidden somewhere nearby, and readily accessable, but for the moment, that's rather inconsequential). He looked out over the other side of the hill, and what he saw there only served to reinforce his belief about Microsoft and Bill Gates. Because what he saw there was the Microsoft umm...Building? Complex? Ah...whatever, it was HUGE. As in really, really, really big. As in, phenomenally, awesomely large. As in...ah...hmm...well, anyway, it was big.

Heero specutalted that the size of the...place might prove to be...a...slight delay in locating and terminating Bill Gates. He shrugged the...delay off as inconsequentil. It would only be a temorary setback, if even that (suuure Heero, you keep telling yourself that kind of thing, and maybe someday it'll be true).

Heero crept stelthily down the hill, searching for a way to infiltrate Microsoft. As he moved closer to Microsoft, a part of him, in the back of his (bizzare demented delusional) mind, speculated on the lack of security devices. He reached the bottom of the hill, and looked around, wary of security patrols. He looked...and...he saw...a 'YOU ARE HERE' sign, with a map of the Microsoft...place.

If he had been anyone else, he would have sweatdropped. But, because he was Heero Yuy (the guy's got a reputation to uphold!) he didn't sweatdrop, or even anything close to it. He just thuroghly examined the map. Hmmm...he didn't seem to be anywhere CLOSE to where Bill Gates was. For a moment, he considered the problem, and calculated the risk of trying to sneak through a thousand odd layers of security, when he noticed that one of the Microsoft employment offices was very close to his location. He nodded to himself, and began walking off toward the employment office.

Three hours more finds our hero (BAD PUN!! BAD PUN!! Bad pun alert! I couldn't help myself...) at his new *ehem* 'job' at that company we all love to hate...

Heero sat at the desk in 'his' cubicle, hacking through systems, learning the security and layout of th MS...umm...place (yeah, I think I'll leave it as 'place'), and doing other Heero-ish stuff. He had spent most of the past three hours trying to find ways to bypass MS security. The keyword here being 'trying'.

*tap tap click tap tap TAP click*

Fifteen minutes passed.

*click tap tap CLICK tap*

Fifteen more...

*tap tap tap CLICK TAP tap click WHAM tap click*

Another half-hour passed (making that four hours total so far...), and still Heero made no progress. Over the next two days (yes, I said DAYS), Heero continuously hacked at Microsoft's security system. All to no avail (damn I love that word...'avail'...). Then, finally, at 11:21 pm (give yourself a brownie point if you get the reference) on the second day...hmm...let's make it a...Thursday, yeah that works...Heero broke through all the crap MS had in it's system, and found the information he needed. He allowed himself to feel a moment of satisfaction. Tomorrow. It was perfect. Tomorrow night, he would get into the most heavily secured part of the MS...place, and KILL BILL GATES.

To be CONTINUED!! ::thunder crashes, lightning flashes, ominous BGM plays, and the author is dragged off kicking and screaming by men in white coats::



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