Duo-bat and the Queen

by: Abra

rating: g

pairing: 4+R hinted

warning: fluffy, death

Once upon a time, there was a creature called the Duo-bat.

The Duo-bat was considered to be extremely cute, and mischievous by all the experts. However, it was very rare.

One day, the Beautiful Queen Relena of Sank heard of the wondrous creature, and, in her curiosity, asked that one be brought before her, for her to see.

All the greatest adventurers in the Kingdom went searching for the Duo-bat, but none could find the evasive creature. Some few saw it, but it flew out of range before it could be captured.

Eventually, all the adventurers in the kingdom gave up. However, the Queen still wanted to see the Duo-bat.

So, her brother, Prince Milliard of Sank, and her Royal Knight, Dame Dorothy Catalonia, set off with a years supplies, in opposite directions.

They explored high, and low, throughout the world, to no avail. After nearly a year, the Prince returned. More time passed, and then, a year to the day later, the Royal Knight returned, carrying with her, in a gilded silver cage, the small creature that was known as the Duo-bat.

The Queen was captivated by the Duo-bat's sheer adorableness, and had a large garden built for it in one of her solars.

Years passed, and the Queen was happy, and all in her Kingdom were happy as well. All save the lone Duo-bat.

The Queen, realising that her Duo-bat was not happy, went to her solar one day and asked it, "Why are you not happy, little Duo-bat? I have given you this beautiful place to live in, the finest foods you can eat. Here, you can have anything you want!"

The Duo-bat looked at her and said, "Anything, but what I truly want. Yes, this place is beautiful, and warm, and comfortable, and safe, and all most creatures could ever want. But, for a creature of the wing such as I, this space is dark, and confining. I need to see the earth below me, and the sky above me, and feel the wind carry me up above the clouds."

Queen Relena picked the tiny Duo-bat up in her hand, looked it in the eye and said, "Well, if you are truly unhappy, and you wish to feel the wind, and see the earth and sky again, than you shall."

And so, she went to window, opened it up, and held the Duo-bat outside. The Duo-bat stood up in her hands, and said to her, "Thank you, kind Queen. I will never forget you." Then, he bowed, and flew away into the horizon. The Queen watched, until she could see it no more, then she turned, and closed the window behind her, a single tear on her cheek.

Many years passed, and the Queen ruled her people fairly, and wisely. She married a golden haired Prince, from the barren deserts, and they had many beautiful children together.

The Duo-bat, for his part, lived a happy, and carefree life, never forgetting the kind Queen of Sank.

Then, one day, many, many years later, the Duo-bat returned to the peaceful Kingdom of Sank. He flew into an open window, and asked a servant, "Excuse me, but could you tell me where the Queen is?"

The servant was startled, but he said, "Queen Relena? She lies on her deathbed, at the end of the corridor." The servant pointed, then continued on his way.

"Thank you," the Duo-bat called. Then, the Duo-bat flew down the hall, to where Queen's room was. The door was slightly ajar, so the Duo-bat flew in. It flew over to her bedside and landed on her table.

"Queen Relena?" it asked. The Queen opened her eyes, and looked up at it.

"Ahh...you didn't forget me after all," the Queen said. The Duo-bat hopped down next to her, and said, "I never forget..."

The Queen smiled, and said, "So I see. Have you enjoyed flying above the clouds?"

The Duo-bat nodded, smiling, and said, "Yes, I have. It is a pity you humans cannot fly."

The Queen sighed, and said, "Yes..." The Duo-bat began hovering again, and said, "I'm sorry, I have to go now."

The Queen nodded, and said, "I understand...I must go too. Goodbye, friend."

The Duo-bat replied, "Goodbye, friend." And then, the Queen breathed her last breath, and passed away.

The Duo-bat flew to the window, took one last look at the Queen, and said, "I'll see you in your next life." Then the Duo-bat flew out the window, to look for its friend.




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