A Dark Street

by: Abra

rating: pg-15/r

warning: crossover Slayers/VC, yaoi/slash

Hello my friends, the Vampire Lestat here. I am going to tell about something interesting that happened to me. It all began about a month ago. It was a beautiful night, but I had been feeling bored and restless. I had long since driven the others off - even Louis had eventually thrown his hands up in frustration.

"Go do something then, Lestat!" he said to me. So I was left to my own devices, to try and entertain myself any way I could. I was failing dismally, which was irritating in itself, because usually I am quite adept at finding entertainment. The world is full of things to do, but none of them appealed to me in the least at that moment.

I had flown around for a while, looking for something, anything entertaining, and eventually ended up in New York. Ah, now there is a thoroughly modern city. The streets like canyons, surrounded by towers of steel, and concrete, and glittering glass, all shining in the endless neon twilight of the city that never sleeps.

I walked through the streets, safe in my anonymity, just one more face in the crowd of millions, no stranger than most. If anyone looked too closely, I would just divert their attention the way that I always do (although it would be wonderful if someone really truly recognised me for what, and especially *who* I am). Nothing here, just another young man walking down the street. Not that anyone would look twice in this place.

Sadly, I am just not spectacular enough to stand out in the New York night life. I almost left then, in a sudden fit of pique. I had to be spectacular enough! I wanted to be looked at, admired, loved. My ego would not allow anything else! Then I laughed. Of course it was a good thing that I didn't draw attention, the others would all say. I had had my taste of fame and notoriety in the human world. I hated it that I was no longer loved by everyone, but I don't think that the others would forgive me if I once again became visible in the eye of the world.

I could live without the world, painful as it was, but I don't believe I would be able to survive without the love of my fellow creatures of the night, the beautiful pale killers who shared my existence. Ah, Lestat, you are pathetic. You only pretend to be strong. Still, at that moment I could not bear to wander the streets of New York in painful anonymity for another second. However, I didn't want to leave the city just yet. I was still bored, and if I could not find something interesting in New York, well then, as they say in this decade, I was screwed.

I did want to get off the street though. I looked around, and quickly entered the first club I found, a place that looked good for lurking in for a while. It was a rather upscale blues club, inhabited by one of New York's more savoury citezenry. The band there was just finishing up a set; there were actually very good, but not as good as I was of course. But then, who is? I had sat down at a small table not too far from the stage, and ordered a cup of coffee from the young, fresh scrubbed waitress that came to take my order.

I closed my eyes fro a second, and inhaled deeply. There was a myriad of smells in the air, but in the midst of the familiar aromas of coffee, tea, alcohol, and blood - always the blood - there was a warm, dark metallic smell. What was it? I had never smelled anything like it before. It was oddly... titilliating. I glanced around, and almost immediately found the source of the intriguing secnt.

There was a young man, sitting just two tables away. I was instantly entranced - I had never seen anyone quite like that young man. He had blunt cut, very straight shoulder-length hair, that had been dyed to a very very dark purple - almost black. Most mortals probably thought it was black. Pale, pale skin, with barely a flush of colour to it. Fine bone structure, long limbs, graceful hands holding a glass of wine. He had a look of vague amusement on his face.

I swallowed. I suddenly wanted him, wanted to consume this strange mortal, to drink up his essence, consume his life. I watched him as he sipped from his glass of wine, the light reflecting from the purple enamel on his fingertips. A while later - maybe a minute, maybe an hour - he set down his glass, got up, and slipped out of the club like a shadow. I waited for a second, and then followed him out. I followed this strange mortal through several streets, always keeping just out of his range of perception. He turned a corner, and I followed him - straight onto a deserted street. /What?!/ I thought. I looked around wildly. There was no sign of anyone on the street. Not even the one I had been following.

"Looking for me?" the instant I heard that voice, I was facing him. The man was there, and in that same instant, the moment I heared him, and saw him then, I knew he was no more human than I was. I would liek to be able to claim that this perception was through some ability of my own, but I cannot. It was all him. His eyes were slanted, with triangular irises in a shade of purple lighter than his hair, with slit pupils. Like a cat. Or a snake. How interesting.

//Aren't I though?// My eyes widened involutarily in surprise. He had read my mind!

//Of course.// The creature smirked, his eyes glittering. I smirked back. How wonderful! This creature was fascinating!

"What are you?" I asked. He was suddenly no more than inches away from me. He held his hand only a miniscule distance from my face. I had not detected any motion.

"Mazoku," he replied. I could feel the heat radiating from his body, more heat that I had ever felt from a human, even in a fever. But what was a Mazoku? Obviously a creature that could move so swiftly even I could not detect it. A creature that could read my mind as easily as I would read a human's; one whao's mind I could not read at all. He was holding my face now, lightly, but I could feel the strength in his hands. The heat coming from him was burining! I gripped his wrists, but could not budge them.

"Do you want to know?" he asked. I didn't pretend not to understand. I nodded. Yes. I would know him, know this creature, whatever he was. He smiled broadly, and he tilted his chin ever so slightly upwards. "Then drink," his voice was low and dark, "if you can." For a moment I looked at him, his purple hair and strangely shaped eyes. The I pushed his hair out of the way, and snak my teeth into his neck. He moaned, and dug his fingers into my hair. Our bodies pressed together as his thick hot blood poured down my throat.

What can I say? How to describe what it was like? Dark waves of pure power rushed over me, making my skin tingle and spark with energy. I thought I would die. I swallowed his blood in great draughts, and he was not weakening at all. And I still couldn't get into his mind.

//Of course not,// came his telepathic voice. //Not unless I let you.// Suddenly my mind was bombarded with images, images of death and destruction, accompanied by a dark, scintillating pleasure.

Yes, I thought. Evil. Here is a being of pure unremorseful evil. I couldn't take it anymore then. I released him with a mutual groan, and his hands slid carressingly down my face to rest on my shoulders.

The rich, powerful blood of this creature had left me feeling intoxicated. The night seemed to dance and sparkle. Why, it was as if I could see the energy, the life all around me. A realisation hit me.

"Demon," I whispered to him. That was what Mazoku meant.

"Of course," he replied. The night's new effevesence was not fading. I felt the new power flowing through me. It had happened to me often enough that I recognised a permanent change in my powers when I felt one.

"What did you do to me?" I asked him. My skin seemed so hot. I felt lightheaded.

"This world needs real Mazoku," he said. Before I could reply, say anything else, he leaned forward, and his lips brushed mine. "Enjoy," he said. The he fanished in a flicker of shadows.

So that what happened to me. I am no longer precisely a vampire anymore. Oh, I still crave the blood, and I always will, but there is more to it now. I often find myself wandering a city, dinking up the emotions of the humans around me.

Physically, I am much the same. Only my eyes have changed, they have the same odd shape and glitter gemlike quality to them as that Mazoku's had.

As for my powers, they are greater and more numerous than ever before. I can teleport now, and lift objects with my mind that are far larger than anything I could lift before. I can actually see a person's power now. Best of all, I can walk in the sun. Yes, I am no longer bound to the night. The other's don't know about my newfound abilities yet, but they'll learn soon enough. And that's really all there is to say, isn't there?



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