World's Fall
part 04


by: Abra

rating: pg-13

warning: dark, very very au, possible ooc, death, lina pov

I sat, in the shadows, the beautiful, velvety shadows. The darkness rolled around me, engulfed me, welcomed me. I curled a tendril of blackness around my finger, as I looked at a map of my father's world. The map glowed, in three colors.

Red, ruby-red, for the area's my forces had already taken. Blue, sapphire-blue, for the area's still held by the forces of Cephied and my sister. The third, was purple, for the contested lands. There was rather more purple, than either red or blue, but there wasn't much more blue than red. And the red was growing constantly, spreading like blood across the map.

My honor guard jumped, as thunder crashed outside the tower yet again. I smiled, darkly. A week. It had been a week, and still the storm raged.

My storm.

I threw back my head and laughed. This startled my guard even more than the thunder and lightning, which caused me to laugh even more. I checked my 'to do' list. Hmm...I had already sent Gourry, with Dynast, and Sherra, to collect the Light Weapons, the Dark Star Weapons, from that other world.

All my plans were proceeding as expected. I snorted. The forces of Cephied's side were pathetic, in comparison to mine. Two pieces of my father had been located, and they were being retrieved, even as I reveiwed my plans.

A cruelly amused smile curled my lips, as my eyes lighted on something which I wanted to take care of personally. I summoned one of my ever-present servants to me. It bowed, all the way to the ground.

"How may I serve thee, Lina-sama?" it groveled.

"Go tell Gaav I want to speak with him. Xelloss, Zelgadis, and Amelia as well," I replied. It nodded, and crawled backwards out of the room. I waited, leaning back in the depths of my...throne. I chuckled a bit at my terming of my seat. But it was true, it was a throne. I didn't have to wait very long for them to arrive. My servants were quite prompt. They are well aware of the consequences of delaying.

"Alright," said Zel. "This must be business, you wouldn't have called us here otherwise." Ah, of my oldest friends...always straight to the point, Zel. I nodded.

"You are correct in that statement, Zel," I said. "This IS 'business', as you so aptly put it. But it's more than that," I continued, a smug look on my face.

"Oh?" said Xelloss. I grinned. I was sorely tempted to answer 'sore wa himitsu desu', but decided not to.

"We are going to reacquire Valgarv," I said. "And possibly Filia."

"Ah, that's why you brought me here as well," said Gaav. I nodded.

"Oh wow, I can't wait to see Filia-san again!" Amelia bubbled. "I hope she's smarter than Shilfiel," she continued. I shrugged.

"As do I," I said. "But even if she doesn't join us, we'll still have Valgarv, and...what were their names again?" I wondered.

"Jiras and Grabos, I believe," provided Zel.

"Oh yeah, them. Well anyway, they're loyal to Valgarv, so it's likely that they'll come with us," I finished. There was collective nodding. I got up from my seat. "C'mon," I said, waving to them as I walked out of the room. On our way out, I stopped long enough to tell Zellas that she was in charge until I got back from my latest mission. After that, we continued on our way to the town where Filia had her shop. When we arrived at the town, we saw that it was guarded by Cephied troops.

"How quaint," I said. "Thinking they can keep us from the Dragons." Gaav smirked, and Amelia giggled. "Okay guys," I said. "Here's the plan. Zel, Amelia, you two will take out the guards." Zel smiled cruelly.

"It'll be our pleasure," he said, vanishing into the shadows. Amelia nodded in agreement, before slinking off after him.

"Gaav, Xelloss, you're with me. When we go into their house, I'll first make my offer to Filia. If she refuses, it'll be your job to restrain her Xelloss," I continued. Xelloss nodded in acknowledgement. "Gaav, you take care of Valgarv. You know what to do." Gaav nodded, and we waited for Zel and Amelia to provide the nessecary distraction. We didn't have to wait long.

We watched as Zel and Amelia led the guards away, one by one, to dispose of in their own time, until there was only one left. Xelloss, Gaav and I walked up to the house, and Xelloss killed the last remaining guard with a gesture. The look of shock and agony on the nameless guard's face was priceless.

I motioned for Gaav and Xelloss to stay behind me, as I knocked on the door. We heard the sound of locks clicking, of bolts being slid back, out of their place. The door opened a crack, and we could see Filia in the shadows beyond.

"L-Lina!" she gasped, and tried to slam the door shut. I caught the door before she could shut it.

"Come come now, Filia. Surely you won't shut the door in the face of an old friend," I said. The door opend up again.

"A...friend? But I thought...I heard...I was so sure..." I smiled.

"I'm your friend Filia. Would you trust the word of people you don't even know over mine? We saved the world together Filia." She opened the door still further.

"I...suppose..." she said. The door was still obscuring my companions.

"So how's little Val-kun doing? Still an egg?" She shook her head, smiling, completely taken in by my act.

"He hatched a month ago," she replied. I smiled brightly.

"Oh, can I see him?" I asked.

"Of course!" Filia said, with a smile. She moved back from the door, allowing me entry. I walked in, silently telling Xelloss and Gaav to remain outside. Filia went into the kitchen, and got Valgarv from his basket.

"Isn't he precious!" she gushed.

"Oh, he is," I agreed. "May I hold him?"

"Well..." she hesitated. I reminded myself to keep my temper, and not lose patience.

"Please?" I said, a completely guileless look in my face.

"Oh, all right," she said, handing him to me. "But be careful, he's still very young." I nodded, a faint smile on my face.

"Oh, I will..." I said, a faint smile on my face. I waved in the direction of the door. "You can come in now," I said, in a raised voice.

"Wha..?" Filia looked confused. Well, she wouldn't be for long. Xelloss and Gaav pushed the door open, and walked in.

"Long time no see Lizardlips," said Xelloss, opening his eyes slightly.

"!!" Filia exclaimed, lunging for him.

"Ah ah ah!" said Xelloss, holding her back with his staff. "None of that now. We're all friends here." Filia gulped, and shook with anger.

"Now Filia," I said, as I handed Valgarv to Gaav. "You have two choices; You can join us, and help in our conquest of all that is, or you can oppose us, and perish the same as all who choose that path. Do not speak yet," I continued, laying a finger across her lips. She shook my hand off angrily.

"NEVER! I would never join evil scum like you!" I shrugged.

"A pity, but not unexpected. Xelloss, take her. Valgarv may wish to complete his revenge. Or she could be used as a bargaining chip of some sort. Of course, we could always just torture her to death." Xelloss chuckled, and moved to capture Filia.

"Nooooooooooooooo!!!" she screamed, and, shoving past us, ran out the door, and along the road, transforming to her dragon form along the way. As Filia took flight, Xelloss made as if to chase after her.

"Let her go," I said, raising a hand to stop him. "She is inconsequential at the moment. We have what we came for," I nodded towards Gaav, and the

stil-infant Valgarv.

"Yes, indeed we do," said Gaav, as Xelloss nodded in acquisience. Just as we were leaving the house, Zel and Amelia came walking up from the woods.

"How'd it go?" asked Zel, licking his lips, as if after a banquet. A banquet of the Mazoku type, that is.

"As expected, although not as well as hoped," I replied.

"So no Filia-san?" said Amelia, looking a bit dissappointed.

"'Fraid not kiddo," I said. "But we did get Valgarv."

"Oo, is he still a baby? Can I see him before you make him grow up again?" she asked Gaav.

"Sure," he replied, handing Valgarv to her.

"Aww...He's so cute!" she cooed. Zel snorted, and turned his attention back to me.

"What about Jiras and Grabos?" he asked.

"No sign of them," I replied.

"We can worry about that later though," said Xelloss. I nodded.

"Right now we need to consolidate our acquisition," I said. Then, with a wave of my hand, I summoned up some Lesser Mazoku. I pointed to the house. "Burn it," I said. "Burn it, and then reinforce this area." They bowed.

"At once Lina-sama," one hissed through malformed jaws. I nodded.

"C'mon," I said to my companions. I laughed softly to myself, as we headed back to the Black Tower. Another day, another conquest. Another bloodstain on the face of the world.



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