World's Fall
part 02

{annihiliation- when the holy light dies...}

by: Abra

rating: pg-13

warning: dark, very very au, possible ooc, death, lina pov

The trip to Sairaag was reletively uneventful. We left Sailoon a week after my bloodless coup.


Make that almost bloodless. I forgot about King Phil for a minute there. Anyway, I commandeered the best horses in the stable for our trip. Who did I leave in charge, you ask? Does it really matter? As I said, the trip to Sairaag was uneventful, so I won't say any more of it.

Oh, no.

The good stuff didn't happen until we arrived at the Holy City. Shilfiel was at the gate, to greet us. Oh how ironic.

"Hello, Shilfiel," I said, smiling darkly. Shilfiel looked at us, and then drew back in horror.

"Oh, no...Lina, what have you done?!" Shilfiel's distress was most amusing.

"Done? I've done nothing but discover my true self, Shilfiel dear." I could hear chuckling behind me. "And now, Shilfiel, I'll give you a choice," I said, getting off my horse. I could hear the rest of my party dismounting after me. "You can surrender Sairaag to us, and join our side, or, you can die, and we'll take the city anyway." I put a finger on Shilfiel's mouth, to forestall any rash words, hasty replies. "Remember, I'm only giving you this choice because I consider you a friend. Don't say anything you may later regret." She backed away from me, horror in her eyes.

"No...oh, no..." she whispered under her breath.

"It's alot easier, and more fun, to just do it," said Amelia. I smiled, slightly, at Amelia's attitude. It had improved by leaps and bounds. And even more so now, that she and Zelgadis had finally gotten it together.

"Well, Shilfiel?" I asked, my mind returning to the subject at hand. Shilfiel looked at me, a determined expression set in her face.

"Never," she said. "I'll never join you!" She threw up a barrier around Sairaag. Well, that was not unexpected. The barrier was impressive, but futile. She had yet to see my true power. I shook my head.

"Shilfiel, Shilfiel. When do you learn? Put your city in the barrier, but leave yourself out? How noble and self-sacrificing of you. But still, a useless gesture." I waved my hand. "Gourry, kill her," I said.

"Of course, Lina. Anything you say." Shilfiel was looking even more horrified and heartbroken by the moment.

"Oh, no," she said. " wouldn't...." I gave her a cruel look.

"This is war, Shilfiel. You picked the wrong side." Gourry was right up next to her. "To bad, so sad, but now you have to die." I blew her a kiss. "Goodbye, Shilfiel." Gourry ran her through.

He smiled.

I smiled.

We all smiled.

I pulled a black rose out of thin air and dropped it on Shilfiel's breast. The barrier around Sairaag was dissolving. I dispelled the remainder with a wave of my hand. And lo, what should be awaiting us, but the army of Sairaag, such as it was. I shook my head, and clicked my tongue.

"Such a pity, that they have to resist us," I said. Then I shrugged. "Oh, well, I guess we'll have to destroy them." I pointed. "Kill them," I said. A horde of lesser Mazoku appeared, and began tearing into the Sairaag guards. Their screams of pain, looks of betrayal, cries for mercy.

Music to my ears.

But then, the common people of Sairaag began to fight as well. Though we had many expendable troops, they could still be a problem, from sheer numbers. Oh, well, I was looking for an excuse to do this anyway. I waved my hand, calling back the troops.

"I'll handle this myself," I said. My friends, and Generals nodded in understanding, and backed away. I contemplated what spell to use, but only for a moment. The Dragu Slave, although powerful, would not destroy the Holy Tree. So, I opted to use something...hmm...bigger. I smiled evily, and began to chant.

"Darkness beyond blackest pitch,
Deeper than the deepest night,
Lord of Darkness,
Who shines like gold upon the Sea of Chaos,
I call upon thee, and swear myself to thee,
Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess!"

I gathered the blackness around me, Nightmare energy, pure Chaos. My companions stepped even farther back, as if that could save them, if I lost control. I gathered the darkness around me, and unleashed it on Sairaag.


Ironic, isn't it. Sairaag, destroyed, by the very spell Shilfiel stopped me from using, in that battle, the battle with Kopii Rezo. And now, I have used it to destroy Sairaag. Poetic justice. I laugh, a little, under my breath.

"And that makes two," said Gaav. I nodded. "And this time-" I gesture to the glassy crater that was Sairaag "-the Holy City will not rise from the ashes. In it's place, will be a glass tower, a monument, and a warning, of what happens to those who try to oppose me." I wave my hand, summoning a group of lesser Mazoku. "Begin work on my tower at once! I want it done by tomorrow!" They bow, and hurry off to the assignment I have given them. I laugh again. If Shilfiel had seen this...but then, I'd had her killed, hadn't I?

Perhaps I should have left her alive to witness the fall of Sairaag. I shrugged. Hindsight is ever perfect. I tossed my hair over my shoulder, and walked to the camp. Another day, another invasion to plan. The fall of the Light, and the dawn of is a beautiful thing, is it not?



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