World's Fall
part 00

{the truth}

by: Abra

rating: pg-13

warning: dark, very very au, lina pov, possible ooc

World conquest has always been a secret dream of mine. I'd be good at it, don't you think?

Anyhow, I always thought it would be nothing more than that-a dream. As long as my sister was stronger than me, I couldn't do it. And the Knight of Cephied, it seemed she always would be. So, I traveled across the world, always searching for more power. I destroyed whatever I could, killed whomever I could get away with killing.

'Bandit Killer', 'Dragon Spooker', 'the Natural Enemy of all that lives', 'the girl who leaves Chaos and destruction in her wake'. I've been called all of these, and secretly, I loved it. Of course, I could never let people know that I loved those names, and besides, when people called me them, it gave me an excuse to destroy. But still, for all of that, she was still stronger.

I thought she always would be.

I was wrong. I finally learned the truth. About who I am. About what I am.

And that I have, up until now, been using only a fraction of my full power. Even the Giga Slave is only a small taste of my true power.

Who am I, you ask.

What am I, you ask.

I'll tell you.

I am Lina Inverse, Daughter and Knight of the Dark Lord Ruby-Eye Shaburanigudou. The things I can do with my full power are astonishing. And I'm stronger than my sister will ever be, Dragon Knight, or not.

The first thing I did, when I learned, was revive my fathers Generals, Maryuu-ou Gaav, and Hellmaster Phibrizo.

They should never have died. I know the truth now. They were just trying to make me realize my true self. The one that my sister kept hidden for eighteen years.

But they messed up.

Big Time.

L-sama was Not Pleased at their failure, so she destroyed Phibby. Gaav, as you know, was already destroyed. So, I was left to find the truth on my own. It took me awhile, but I found it.

My friends know, after all, they were with me when I learned it. Well, Gourry, Xelloss, and Zel were there. The others will learn, soon enough. Xelloss is in the Seventh Heaven of delight at all this, and imediately agreed to help me in my quest. Zelgadis, was a bit horrified at first, but he's getting used to it.

He's going to help me, as well. Not that he has much choice. And as for Gourry, well, he's still the same old Gourry.


He's gonna be very useful, once I get those Light Weapons back from the Vorphied people. And hey, every Supreme Dictator of The World needs a bodyguard. Now, they're all waiting for me to finish eating. I'm done. I wave to them.

"C'mon, everyone, let's go! We've got a world to conquer!" They follow me, of course they do. Sailoon will be the first.

I cannot wait.

The royal family will be exterminated. Except for Amelia. She's a friend. I'll give her a chance to join us. And she will join us, because I'll make her an offer she can't refuse.

Well, I must leave now. As I told my friends, I've got a world to conquer. And with my fathers generals behind me, and my friends at my side, I can't lose. And when the whole world is mine, I'll awaken my father. And together, we shall conquer every world, until there are none left outside our grasp.



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