by: Abra

rating: pg

warning: uhhhhh... cute?

Once, long, long, ago, so long ago in fact, that it was before the concept of time existed - indeed, even before Time and Space existed. But anyway, back to the point, there was a blonde, scythe and shovel weilding lady.

Now as to how and why a lady was able to exist before Time and Space, well, the fact of the matter is, this lady was an Omnipotent Super-Being, which essentially means she was God, but that's neither here nor there, so let's get back to the story. ,p>Anyhow, this lady (who by the way, didn't have a name, existing before names were invented and all that), being the only thing that existed (besides her clothes, scythe, and shovel, (which of course weren't called that, being as names didn't exist yet) and they were essentially a part of her anyway), got quite bored after awhile.

And she got quite tired of being the only thing that existed, so she decided to make a place for herself to live.

And being an Omnipotent Super-Being, she did just that.

Now at this point, it occured to the lady that now that she wasn't the only thing in existence, she ought to give the things names. Of course, the word 'name' hadn't been invented yet, a name was called 'something to call a thing'. Now the lady, being very new at naming things-after all, she only invented the concept a short while ago-didn't come up with very good names at first.

The scythe was 'thing in one hand', the shovel was 'thing in the other hand', her clothes were 'stuff I wear', her home was 'place I live', and she herself was just 'I' or 'Me'.

Now obviously, this wasn't a very effecient way of naming things, and the lady, being an intelligent person, quickly figured this out. So, 'thing in one hand' became 'scythe'. 'Thing in the other hand' became 'shovel'. 'Stuff I wear' became 'clothes'. 'Place I live' became 'Chaos' (the lady thought that this word had a pleasant, homey ring to it). And, she called herself Lady, or L for short.

Now all this was well and good, but after a while, L began to get bored again. So, she thought for awhile, and came up with a Really Nifty Idea. So she stood up, and waved her hand, causing four staves to appear. Pleased so far, she smiled, and waved her hand again, this time causing four disks to appear. She took the disks, and stuck each one on top of a staff, until a bit of the staff stuck through the disk. Then, rubbing her hands together, she got down to the important stuff.

She started making living things. In all the worlds, she put plants, and animals. Then she created two sentient races. One, she called Mazoku, the other Shinzoku (of which the Ryuzoku are a part), and assigned each one to a concept which she had also just created. Shinzoku she assigned to the concept of 'Good', and Mazoku to the concept of 'Evil', deeming them to fight for eternity, to maintain Order within Chaos, and Chaos within Order (remember, Chaos was what she called home; Order was what she called everything else).

She then added humans to every world, and various other races to each one. Then she sat back and watched. And for a long while, everything was great. Then, in one of her worlds, the battle between Good and Evil started to get a little (she felt) out of hand. But L (she still thought of herself as just 'L', even though the people of her worlds had started calling her things like 'L-sama', and 'Lord of Nightmares') had already decided not to interfere with this.

And so, with L watching, the Shinma War occured, with the Dark Lord of that world being split into seven, and it's God falling into dormancy. L shrugged. It was their perogative to do what they wished with themselves. So L continued to watch, and for another while everything was fine.

Her words 'Chaos', and 'Order' had been given new meanings, but she didn't really care. Her home was now called the Sea of Chaos. Things were going very well in her worlds. Then, after a while, things got Not All That Great again. The battle in that one world escalated again, with the Ancient Dragons being slaughtered by the Gold Dragons, and a promising young Mazoku becoming Karma for a time, and killing the Golds. And mixed up in the whole mess, was a young man which L found to be Very Cute.

L was slightly upset when a piece of the Dark Lord manifested in the Very Cute man. When the Kouma War ended, L was a bit dissapointed that the Very Cute young man was frozen, but even the coldest ice melts eventually, and L had all eternity, and then some. A thousand years passed, give or take. Her four worlds were pretty boring during this time. But then, something happened that caught L's eye.

There was a girl, with red hair, red eyes, and a Bad Temper. And that girl was a very talented sorceress, and she quickly mastered many spells, and created some of her own, even learning to call the power of L.

And the girl (who's name was Lina Inverse) met a couple of people who were decended from the Very Cute guy, both of whom L thought to be Very Cute as well, but not as cute as the first guy. And when the girl fought a piece of the Dark Lord (who manifested in the older of the Very Cute guys, causing L to think that that family might be cursed), and used L's power to defeat him, L became even more intrigued.

She decided to favor this girl. And so, for the first time, L took more than a passing interest in one of her worlds. And L watched the girl, and the girl met many people (including that promising young Mazoku), and did many things, but except for one time when a Certain Mazoku Lord messed with the girl, making L be Not Pleased, causing L to interfere directly, that, is another story.




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