Tastes Like


One of the things that Roxas likes about Axel is that he can bite hard enough to draw blood, and all the red-headed perv will do is ask for more. It's not actually Axel's blood that he's licking off that long pale neck right now, but that's just fine; it tastes just as good anyway, and Axel moans so pretty, and fists hands in his hair.

There aren't any walls to push him back against - this world has crap for buildings, as far as Roxas can tell - but there are trees, and a big fucking rock, and that works just fine. The area is clear of Heartless, and those weird monsters that weren't Heartless, because Heartless don't bleed, but Roxas throws up a barrier anyway, just in case.

"Good idea," Axel murmurs, giving Roxas' hair a tug. Roxas makes a sound of agreement, and sinks teeth into Axel's neck, just to the side of the artery, cutting through skin, and making Axel moan. He draws back a bit to admire the new, brighter red on Axel's neck, then moves in to lick it up, and pull Axel into a kiss.

Axel kisses like he's trying to clean the blood out of Roxas' mouth, and maybe he is. It's fucking obscene the way his tongue moves, even if Roxas does the same with his; it's obscene because it's Axel, and almost everything he does is at least a little obscene. Roxas pulls away to breathe, and Axel's tongue flicks out to slide across his teeth, and yeah. That's definitely obscene.

"You like it when I'm obscene," Axel says, when he mentions it. And punctuates the statement by dragging his tongue - raspy, hot, and barely damp - from Roxas' ear down to his throat, cleaning a line through the still-wet blood there. Roxas swallows, and tugs Axel's head back up.

"So. What if I do?" he asks. Axel grins at him, broad and thin and, yeah, just like that.

"I'll just have to do something obscene," he purrs. He licks his lips, and then ducks in to Roxas' neck again, up his throat this time, and over his jaw, and Roxas just has to pull him into a kiss again, and push him hard against the rock behind him, because he knows it's just what the pervy bastard wants.

Axel laughs into his mouth, and starts tugging at the zipper of his coat, pulling it open, and sliding his hands in. Roxas lets himself get stripped that far, and then grabs Axel's hands, and pins them back, darting in for his neck again. Axel tips his head up, and makes a pleased sound at Roxas' tongue on the still-oozing bite mark.

Roxas bites again, working the wound deeper, and Axel's knees buckle. He lets go - he doesn't want to hurt the pervy bastard - and lets Axel sink down. He buries his hands in Axel's hair, pulling it back, and there it is again, that smile like a straight-razor.

"Want me to do obscene things to you?" Axel asks. "...Wanna do something obscene to me?" He leans up, still smiling like that, pulls Roxas' fly open with his teeth, button first, and then the zipper, and Roxas is suddenly so fucking hard it hurts.

"Axel, I want--" Roxas starts, but Axel's hands are already up at his waistband, pulling pants and boxers down.

"This?" Axel asks, holding Roxas' hips, and breathing the word inches away from his erection.

"Fuck yes," Roxas replies. The smell of blood is thick in the air, and the taste lingering in his mouth, and its presence keeps the heady edge of battle-high dancing in his senses, mixing in and enhancing his arousal. And Axel, that pervert just leans in and--

--completely misses his cock, darting in for his hip, and biting hard. Axel's teeth are fucking sharp, and they cut right through the soft skin there. And Axel's mouth and tongue are hot, closing over the bite, licking and sucking like he should have been on Roxas' cock, sucking out his blood like it's come. Which is almost enough to bring him off right there; it'd serve the pervy bastard right if Roxas came all over his hair.

But before he can come, Axel starts moving, dragging his tongue slowly over the curve of Roxas' hip, nuzzling into his pubic hair, and mouthing from his balls, all way up to the head of his cock. He takes his time, and doesn't hesitate to use his teeth, and Roxas' hips twitch forward of their own accord.

Axel looks up at him with that grin again, wider this time, showing teeth stained by tell-tale red, and as Roxas watches, he slowy, slowly licks the red away, leaving just traces behind, like red-inked outlines in a comicbook. He knows he has to have some kind of look on his face, by the way Axel's grin spreads wider. The pervy bastard slides his tongue (is it redder than normal?) over the head of Roxas' cock, pressing firmly, and swirling around--

"Guh--" Roxas jerks his hips forward, and Axel's mouth is open, ready for him, and so hot. Axel somehow manages to chuckle with Roxas' cock in his mouth, taking him deeper, his throat twitching and constricting so tight. Axel makes an encouraging sound, but Roxas hardly needs it, more than happy to thrust into that welcoming heat.

Axel works his throat and lips, and does something-- obscene-- with his tongue along Roxas' shaft. And again, before he can come, Axel pulls away.

"Tastes like blood," the pervy bastard comments hoarsely. He leans in to swipe his tongue along Roxas' hip again, as if to double-check.

"Fuck, Axel--" Axel grins up at him again.

"You wanna?" he asks, his eyes glinting. "Right-" he swipes his tongue over the head of Roxas' cock "-here?" The pervy bastard licks over the bite on his hip again, and doesn't object when Roxas grabs two fistfuls of his hair, pulling his head back, tipping his face back.

"Your back's gonna be a mess," Roxas says. Axel just laughs.

"Maybe. Ask me if I care," he says. Roxas snorts.

"I know you don't. Pervert." He pulls Axel up into a kiss, and tastes salt in his mouth; his own blood, his own precome. He thinks it's just blood at this point, but he's not sure. Maybe Axel's right about the taste.

When Axel starts pulling him down, between his legs, Roxas doesn't fight him on it, just going, and pressing in close to that long bony frame. He bites Axel's lip to hear him moan again, and licks the blood up almost before it can start flowing. Roxas drops his hands to Axel's waist, and then works them lower to slide up under his coat, pushing it open from the bottom. He bites at Axel's lip again, worrying the split open further, and Axel just moans, and arches up against him.

Axel has nothing on under his coat except his pants, and nothing under those but his skin, which makes it easy for Roxas to get at his cock, get at his hips, and give him a matching bite, right next to the last one he left. Axel's blood is such a bright red, like his hair, and tangy-salty-sweet, and the smell of it makes Roxas harder, and.

"Yeah, I wanna," he says against Axel's hip. He feels Axel's legs wrap around him, and the tighten and shift of his muscles, followed by a thunk as he kicks off a boot. Roxas takes the hint, and peels him half out of his pants, baring one skinny pale leg. He mouths up the exposed portion of Axel's stomach, stopping to worry an old bite below his navel. It breaks the half-healed skin, spilling red again.

Roxas doesn't even need to ask for the lube; Axel has it out, and presses it into his hand.

"Don't take your time," the pervy bastard says with another sharp grin.

"Pervert," Roxas accuses.

"Yeah," Axel agrees again. "So're you." Roxas doesn't answer that, just biting down on Axel's hip again, leaving another gorgeous little bleeding mark. He pulls his gloves off while Axel's arching up under him, and gets some lube on his cock. He takes just enough time with that, slicking himself up, and licking salty-sweet blood off of Axel's hip that Axel puts impatient hands in his hair, and tugs.

It makes him growl - he doesn't like having his hair pulled, it always feels like it's going to come out - but when he looks up, Axel's just grinning at him.

"Perverted bastard," Roxas says.

"If you're not gonna fuck me, I have to get my fun somewhere," Axel retorts. Roxas snorts, but he doesn't hold back anymore, lining up and thrusting in. Axel bites off a curse, and arches into it, wrapping his legs around Roxas' back again. Even if he hadn't been planning on going all the way in, Axel's legs would have pushed him there, the way they tighten against his back.

Axel's ass is even tighter and hotter than his mouth, and so fucking dry that he probably should've used more lube, but the pervy bastard was asking for it. And the way he moans when Roxas starts thrusting says he doesn't care.

There's a splotch of drying blood that goes over Axel's jaw, and up his cheek, and like this, it's almost out of Roxas' reach, but he just can't resist, leaning up and stretching his tongue, and bending Axel's body until he can reach, because that's. Just.

"Yes," Axel hisses for both of them, tipping his head so Roxas can reach. The position's awkward, but the angle's fucking good, and Roxas can get in deep, and slide his tongue over Axel's throat, that long line of pale skin that's bared for no one but him.

As hyped up as he is, the way Axel says his name when Roxas sinks teeth into his skin again is almost enough to get him off. But he manages to hold back, because the pervy bastard's erection is still pressing hard against his stomach, and Roxas likes it when Axel comes when he's being fucked almost as much as he likes the way Axel looks with fresh blood on him.

Roxas bites his way down Axel's chest, until he's more comfortable again, leaving a line of red bleeding marks, in rhythm with his thrusts. Bite, and thrust, and bite, and thrust, and turns out that that's all it take to get Axel off.

With no reason to hold himself back anymore, Roxas doesn't take long to come, and when he does, his orgasm is a long, shuddering thing, that carries him right over into the kind of loose-limbed lethargy that's already claimed Axel. He gives a couple more thrusts, and then pulls out, and climbs up to claim a kiss from Axel.

The pervy bastard still tastes like blood.