There's a soft hissing every now and then, as their bodies press together. It makes Demyx gasp, and hiss a little himself, and it makes Axel moan, deep in his throat. It's muggy and warm where they are, but it's only to be expected when you mix fire and water, and Demyx is always a little damp, and Axel's skin is only a little cooler than the fire burning under it.

"I don't like you."

A slightly strained laugh. "I know. But you like this, right?" Demyx's eyes are very blue, Axel thinks, as his junior's slightly damp hand slides up his body, leaving a hissing trail of steam. Axel gasps at the slight sting, and his skin twitches.

"Yeah," he agrees, voice low and breathy. Demyx shifts between his legs, and Axel adjusts automatically to fit their bodies comfortably, hooking his knees around Demyx's hips. The blue eyes widen as Axel rocks up against him.

"Y-you sure?" Axel knows why he's asking; every other time they've done this, it's been the other way around, but hell, Axel wants to know what Demyx's body felt from the inside, to.

"Just do it." Axel presses his groin up against Demyx again, shivering at the sensation. It takes a little more work, but Demyx is finally convinced.

It stings as Demyx pushes in., but it doesn't matter, doesn't last. Demyx is cool, and smooth, and thick inside him. And wet. It's something Axel's teased him about before; he can make his own lube. And Axel's breath catches as his junior pushes so deep inside him, and it's just as good he thought it would be.

For a long moment, he loses himself in the sensation; this much stimulation on his nerves is always a heady rush, and even though he doesn't like Demyx, he does like this.

And he definitely likes the poleaxed expression on Demyx's face, when he opens his eyes again. Axel locks his legs around Demyx's hips again, and undulates.

"This is the part where you move," he says dryly.

"Y-yeah, okay. I knew that." There's a certain tone - almost a whine - in Demyx's voice, and Axel's briefly reminded why he doesn't like the other Nobody. And then Demyx starts moving, and Axel lets his thoughts melt away.

After that, it becomes a blur of sensation, pleasure, and a little bit of pain. He's pretty sure Demyx kisses him at some point, because he tastes salt and rainwater.

It's great while it lasts. Demyx isn't bad at this at all, and for a second, when his climax hits, Axel thinks that he can almost forget how empty he always feels.

But it doesn't last. It never lasts. It's only a few minutes after that he's kicking Demyx out again, and curling up on his own.