A Good Idea


The first time Demyx comes to him, Axel rejects him out of hand. Axel doesn't like him, doesn't need him. Doesn't think he needs the touch, even though he's pretty sure his nerves still work fine, but a part of him... wonders.

Th second time, Axel's still wired from battle, and he lets Demyx get as far as touching, gloved hands on his face, soft lips on his throat. It's that last that makes Axel push him away again. If Demyx had chosen a different spot, it might have worked.

"Don't," Axel hisses.

"Why not?" Those blue eyes are wide, and Axel doesn't know how to answer. He stalks off, Assassins flanking him. His skin is prickling though, tingling where Demyx touched him.

The buzz from battle still hasn't faded, and he's riding it when he changes his mind, stalking through the dark paths to find the other. Before Demyx has a chance to notice him, to react, Axel has him pinned against the wall of the castle.

"You serious?" he asks, body pressed flush against his junior's. It's an odd smile that Demyx gives him.

"Yeah. You're... Yeah. I want you." His voice has that almost-nervous quality to it, one of the things that Axel doesn't like about Demyx, but he presses on anyway, touching his forehead to the other Nobody's. There's a soft hissing when their skins touch; Demyx is cool, and damp, a strong contrast to the dry heat of Axel's own skin.

The sting of it makes them both gasp, and Axel can tell, he can feel something more than just bare physical touch.

"Song and Dance," Demyx suggests softly.

"Fire and Water," Axel counters. But it proves that they're both feeling the same thing: a resonance. Something in their souls, probably, because they don't have anything left to resonate.

Axel can taste a faint hint of salt in the air around Demyx. His tongue flcks out, just a taste of the other's skin. Demyx starts, but Axel smiles; the salt is Demyx. He follows the lick with a kiss, chasing the taste.

Demyx doesn't fight it - Axel knew he wouldn't, he's the one who started it - melting into Axel's arms, soft and pliable like the element he represents. But Axel knows that the softness is deceptive; water is always deceptive, he thinks, and it's another reason he doesn't like Demyx. Calm and soft on the surface, but just underneath, there's enough turbulent, implacable strength to wear a world to its bones.

Axel can taste the salt, and more in Demyx. Rain, and the faint, earthy taste of stream water, and the sulphur of a volcanic spring. Demyx gives, of course, because he's the needy one, not Axel. Axel's just... curious. And still riding the battle-high, but he doesn't need this the way Demyx seems to.

Although if he's honest with himself (and he tries to be), he can admit he wants it.

Wants it enough to spread his hand on the wall behind Demyx, to open a portal, and tumble them both into his bed. Demyx is still pinned, this time beneath him, sprawled and almost spread-eagled, Axel straddling one thigh. And even though they're both still fully clothed, the thick leather transmits sensation amazingly well. It's the most intimate thing Axel can remember since Before.

The kiss is broken when they fall on the bed, and Axel can hear Demyx's breath, as heavy as his own. He almost wants to ask-- what do I taste like? But he doesn't. And when Demyx starts to open his mouth (Axel knows he'll say something stupid), Axel lays one gloved finger over his lips, silencing him before he can form more than an indistince vowel sound. Luckily, Demyx seems to get the idea, or close enough.

When Demyx has been silent for a moment, just breathing, nothing else, Axel takes his finger away, and starts to pull his junior's coat open. There's a thin black shirt underneath it, long-sleeved from the look of it. Axel runs his fingers down Demyx's chest, moving the fabric softly, and Demyx shivers. Then there's a brief flurry, until they're both nude, and Axel's running a hand down the entire length of Demyx's body (even as Demyx does the same to him), leaving hissing sounds, and trails of steam.

The hissing, Axel realises after a moment, is only partly the steam. Demyx himself is hissing as well, his hand paused somewhere near Axel's hip, his eyes squeezed shut, and his face painted somewhere between pain and pleasure.

"You're wet everywhere, are't you?" Axel comments.

"And your touch burns. But isn't it normal for us?" Demyx sounds half-breathless - about the way Axel feels - and he gasps as Axel's fingers run back up his sides. Instead of answering the half- question - what the hell is normal for them, anyway? - Axel smirks and voices the other thing he's been thinking.

"Bet you could make your own lube." The smirk grows into a grin as Demyx looks-- embarrassed, almost. He probably would have blushed, if he could.

"I- I guess-- Ah!" His words are cut off as Axel sucks hard on the base of his throat. Steam hisses between them like some bad cliche. But the cliche ends with the stinging, dancing along nerves like sparks of something. After a few moments, Axel decides he likes it. And he likes the almost-whimper in Demyx's throat; the sound goes straight to his groin, and makes him ache all the more.

Demyx's hands are all over him, nimble fingers playing over every sensitive spot he can find, can reach, the way they would dance over the strings of that oversized monstrosity he calls a weapon.

The rough brush of calluses (calluses despite the gloves, which makes Axel think they might be leftover from Before) sends a soft tingling kind of pleasure along his nerves, a sensation that contrasts and somehow compliments the stinging where their skins touch. He's almost startled to hear himself moan.

Time seems to dilate, as Axel's brain fogs up. They're not supposed to be able to feel anything, but anyone over twenty could tell you that lust comes from the body, not the heart. The doctrine obviously didn't cover everything.

And he'd never admit it to Demyx, not even as he finally slides into that cool, tight body. Made easy because it turns out that Demyx can make his own lube. Axel would never admit that maybe, this was a good idea.

Demyx makes a small sound, and the hands in Axel's hair tighten wen he starts to move. Bodies pressed together, and the only sounds their breath, and the slide-and-hiss of their skins.

It all feels good to Axel, more than he's sure he can stand, when he hasn't had anything like this since Before. His breath matches the cadence of his motions, and so does Demyx's, and there's that resonance again, almost the whole reason he pushed forward in the first place. It makes him moan, and it makes Demyx cry out, and in the moment, Axel finds it incredibly satisfying.

In the end, Demyx comes first. Axel can feel it, in the tightening of his junior's muscles, and the twitching of his length between their bodies. He's not really surprised to find that Demyx's semen is cool and watery; everything else about him is. Many people would start to relax at that point, but Demyx keeps his arms and legs wrapped tightly around Axel, keeping up the stinging body contact, and the bizarre resonance.

It doesn't take much longer for Axel to reach his own climax. He's been just as-- as starved, he realizes. The rules and restrictions and doctrines of the Organization. Say everything against this.

He wonders if any of the others have broken the doctrine.

In the moment after, before Axel has a chance to come down, Demyx leans up to pull him into a kiss. It breaks on its own as Demyx falls back, and Axel moves out and away from him.

The glow of pleasure is already fading, leaving only a washed-out, almost clinical memory. The slience stretches, the only sound in the muggy room is their breath.

"Get out." For a long moment, Axel wonders if Demyx will protest. But he doesn't, and by the time the moment is over, he's gone, down the dark paths, and his things with him.

Axel stretches in his bed. The traces of Demyx's cool dampness are already evaporating.

He feels more hollow than he did before.