Demyx's mouth on Roxas' neck has got to be one of the most gorgeous things Axel has ever seen, and the sound Roxas makes at that is just as pretty. They're both straddled over his legs, so close together that only the distinctly cooler temperature of Demyx's body lets him tell the difference.

Roxas moans again, as Demyx does something with his mouth that Axel can't quite see, and his fingers on Axel's cock twitch and tighten, drawing a sharp gasp from him. Demyx looks over Roxas' shoulder, and smiles.

"He likes that," Demyx says.

"Maybe you should do it again," Axel replies, laughing a little. He rocks up into Roxas' hands, to remind the younger Nobody what he should be doing. Roxas squeezes again, and slides his fingers along the underside of Axel's shaft.

"Maybe you should both shut up," he mutters. Demyx's hands snake down, one to wrap around Roxas' cock, and the other to join his around Axel's. Roxas moans again, and Axel makes an approving sound; Demyx's hand is just wet enough to be slick, and sting a little on his skin.

Axel reaches out, and runs his hands down Demyx's arms, sending up a brief gout of steam. Demyx gasps, and moans agains Roxas' shoulder. Axel's hands move smoothly from there to Roxas' hips, to tug him a little further up his body, so their cocks press together.

"Mmm. Like this," Demyx murmurs in Roxas' ear, moving their hands. Axel moans, and he can hear Roxas do the same, as those hands wrap around both of them. It takes Axel a few moments to realise his eyes are closed, and when he opens them, he can see Demyx's hand vanishing behind Roxas' back. The way his eyelids flutter, it's not hard for Axel to guess what he's doing.

Roxas' mouth is open, round, and wet, and a little wetter when his tongue flicks out to lick his lips, and he's really just begging to have it fucked. Before he can think more on that, Demyx's hands move again, one sliding up Roxas' forearm, the other up his waist.

"Wouldn't he be pretty, all tied up?" Demyx asks suddenly, meeting Axel's eyes again, over Roxas' shoulder.

"Fucking gorgeous," Axel replies, his gaze moving to meet Roxas'. Roxas stiffens for a moment, making those wonderful tight muscles of his stand out, and then he relaxes again.

"Fat chance," he rasps, rocking up into his own hand. Axel drags his thumbs along Roxas' hips.

"Nothing'd convince you otherwise?" he asks. Roxas snorts, and looks down at him with a shadow of a smirk.

"Maybe if one of you were tied up first," he replies. Axel laughs softly, and reaches back behind himself, up above his head, for two of the bars of the headboard. It's all wood, nothing he can't destroy in an instant if he chooses, but that one action makes Roxas swallow, makes his pupils dilate, and his breathing quicken.

"Do you want to tie me up?" he asks, giving Roxas a wide, thin smile. Roxas swallows again, a dark flush sreading over his face, but he gives a very slight nod. Axel flicks a glance at Demyx, and Demyx nods, murmuring something in Roxas' ear that makes him blush even deeper. Demyx gives another little nod himself, and slips off the bed.

Axel releases the headboard, and slides his hands up Roxas' back; pulls him down close, and contorts his own spine a little to kiss that beautiful, fuckable mouth. Roxas moans again, and kisses back. Axel draws the kiss out, pressing it deeper, and Roxas lets him, even as his hands move up the younger Nobody's body, and down his arms, to briefly join their hands.

Roxas gets the hint before Axel does more than that, turning his hands to wrap around Axel's wrists, and biting at his lip. Axel moans, and arches up against him, slowly tipping his head back to pull his lip from Roxas' teeth.

"That's it," he says, smirking up at Roxas. Axel's lip throbs, and he can feel it starting to swell a little.

"That," Demyx says, as he returns to the bed. "Was fucking hot." He gives a lazy grin as Axel and Roxas both turn to look at him. There are loops of rope hanging around his arm, and he's giving them both his best grin. "You want to use this?" he asks, offering Roxas one of the ropes.

"Yeah," Roxas says, giving Axel's wrists a squeeze, then reaching for the rope. Axel reaches up behind himself again, slowly wrapping his fingers around the bars in it while the other two watch.

Roxas doesn't say anything as he starts looping the rope around Axel's wrists, concentrating on what he's doing. The closest he comes is to nod occasionally, as Demyx murmurs in his ear. He only falters once, when Demyx stops murmuring, to lip his earlobe, and he flushes again. Axel laughs at that, and Roxas yanks the ropes hard, before tying them off.

Axel gives the ropes an exerimental tug, and then another, harder one. He tries rotating his wrists, and finally nods.

"Good job," he says, grinning at Roxas. He lowers his eyelids, and lets his grin widen a little. "Your turn." Roxas shivers a little, as Demyx places his hands on his shoulders, and starts slowly moving down Roxas' arms, pulling gradually back as he does.

"Okay," Roxas says, his voice hoarse and quiet enough that it almost covers his nervousness. Axel leans up towards him, straining his arms, sending sensation running over his body.

"It'll be just fine," he says, very quietly. Roxas' shoulders shift as Demyx pulls his hands all the way behind his back.

"Sit up straight," Demyx murmurs to Roxas. "It'll be easier." Roxas obeys after a moment, never looking away from Axel as he straightens up. Axel doesn't look away either; he knows what he'll see if he does. Dark eyes glancing down at him, as inscrutiable as the sea.

He can hear the soft sound of ropes moving, sliding on themselves, or on flesh, and he can hear Demyx's soft, almost subvocal murmurings to Roxas again; he still can't make out the words, but they keep Roxas' face flushed, and there's not a fucking thing wrong with that.

"Now test, like Axel did," Demyx instructs, finally speaking loud enough for Axel to hear.

"Yeah," Roxas replies. Axel can see his shoulders flex, and his elbows bend out, but that's it. Roxas swallows again before he nods.

"Good," Demyx says. He dips his head down to mouth Roxas' neck again, and then shifts enough to lean around him, and swipe the tip of his tongue over one of Axel's nipples. It sends a shock of pleasure through Axel, sending him arching up from the bed and gasping. Demyx draws back then, and up to lick the shell of Roxas' ear.

"Pretty like that, isn't he?" he murmurs, still loud enough for Axel to hear. When Roxas nods, Demyx continues. "Just as pretty as you right now."

"Yeah," Axel agrees, letting his gaze run deliberatey down Roxas' body. Flushed, pretty face, the arms behind his back tied in a way that forces his chest out a little, so every breath he takes is visible. Hard nipples, and hard stomach, and harder cock, sticking out from his body, and still brushing every now and then against Axel's. "Fuck yeah."

Demyx shifts slightly, and Axel feels wetwet hands on his legs, above his knees for a moment, before one of them starts snaking up over Roxas' thigh, leaving a glistening trail of water behind it. He keeps moving, until his hand is wrapped around Axel again, and just him this time.

Roxas opens his mouth to say something, and then his body goes rigid again, and Axel can feel Demyx's other hand moving where Roxas' ass meets his legs.

"Relax," Axel says. "And come kiss me again. I bet I can make you forget all about Demyx right now." He gives Roxas another one of those wide, thin smiles, and hears Demyx laugh softly. But Roxas listens, leaning forward, and gasping, his brows drawing together in a moment of pain.

"Okay," he says. "I'll take that bet." His mouth is open when it meets Axel's, and his eyes are closed in concentration. Axel leans up into it, doing his best with everything he has available to capture as much of Roxas' attention as he can. He keeps his eyes open though, looking up at Demyx, meeting those dark eyes.

Axel can just - barely - see the movement of the ligaments in Demyx's arm as his fingers move in Roxas, and he can feel the dripping wetness that falls from Demyx's hand. Demyx licks his lips, and shifts, doing something with his hand that makes Roxas cry out and rock his hips back, breaking the kiss. Axel laughs, an echo of Demyx's, and swipes his tongue over Roxas' lips.

"Ready?" Axel says. The question is for both of them, but Roxas responds first, nodding between heavy breaths.

"Good enough for me," Demyx says. Roxas gasps, and then Axel sees the reason why, as Demyx's arm wraps around his chest. His other hand leaves Axel's length, and settles on Roxas' hip.

"Up a little," he says, guiding Roxas again, helping him shift forward over Axel's cock. "Now slowly," he emphasises.

Axel shortly loses any recognition of anything else Demyx says, because the way Roxas slides right open for him, so slick, and so tight, and the way Roxas moans, and the quiet undercurrent of Demyx's voice, and the way Roxas' weight settles back on him--

"Fuck,--" He can feel Roxas breathing, he can hear those little sounds he makes as he shifts, and adjusts, and he can see the bob of his throat as he swallows again.

"You should get used to that, first," Demyx says. Axel feels him rock his hips, rubbing up against Roxas' ass, his cock just barely brushing Axel's balls.

"Tell me when to move," Axel adds, his voice almost as raspy as Roxas' earlier.

"Move," Roxas responds immediately, his voice shaky and hoarse. "I'll fucking kill you if you don't move right now." Axel doesn't need any more encouragement to rock his hips up. Roxas cries out again, but rolls his hips into it only a little out of time, and Demyx's rocking at his back has him moving in good rhythm soon, gasping every so often in a way that tells Axel he's hitting the good spot.

Then Demyx's hand slides down Roxas' chest, long musician's fingers wrapping around his cock, and stroking lightly. Axel starts to slow the rhythm, until they're still again. He's breathing hard, but not as hard as Roxas, whose eyes are as bright as Demyx's are dark, and staring straight at him.

Roxas breaks that stare after a moment, turning his head back to look deliberately at Demyx, before leaning forward to kiss Axel again. He's sloppy, and unfocused, but Axel doesn't care.

They both moan when Demyx starts slowy starts pressing in alongside Axel. Their cocks are pressed together, squeezed by Roxas' body. Demyx is slick, and won't get less so, but there's pain in Roxas' moan, that eventually gets cut off by harsh breathing.

"Is it too much?" Demyx asks, his voice gone breathy. Roxas shakes his head mutely. His brows are drawn together again, half in pain, and half in fierce concentration, as Demyx slides slowly deeper into him. Axel can't tell if his erection has flagged at all; the motion of Demyx's hand hides that from him.

Axel can't resist rocking his hips up, making all three of them gasp at the sensation. He does it again, and they both move with him this time, and he can feel Demyx sliding a little deeper from it.

"This is better," Axel breathes, as he thrusts up again. Their wordless agreement comes in Roxas' rolling hips, and Demyx's own thrust, pushing Roxas forward over Axel. Roxas cries out Demyx's name, and moans Axel's, as Axel rocks into him again, a slow, deep thrust.

It's all slow, with both of them in Roxas, and careful, but even at that pace, it doesn't take Roxas much longer to come. Demyx is still stroking him, but some of it still ends up on Axel's stomach, warm and sticky and smearing a little as Demyx's knuckles brush it. One last long thrust from Demyx slides their cocks together again, and then he's pulling out, drawing a sound from Roxas, and leaving Axel alone in that still-tight body. He holds still for the moment, giving Roxas a break, a chance to calm his breathing.

"Axel," Demyx says, looking over Roxas' shoulder. He moves his hands, drawing them back over Roxas' thighs, and under Axel's. His fingers curve, pressing just a little into Axel's skin, but oh he gets the picture. He raises his hips just a little, and gets another gorgeous sound from Roxas for it.

Demyx's hands slide under his ass, and he provides enough suport that Axel can basically relax. Axel spreads his legs wider, and plants his feet flat on the bed, arching awkwardly against his restraints. It'd be easier now, if his hands were free, but like hell he'll give Roxas an excuse to try and break out of his own bonds. If Roxas even remembers that he might want to.

There's nothing slow about the way Demyx thrusts into Axel, but he's sick enough, and they've done this often enough that Axel knows he can take it. It still makes him cry out.

There's a flicker of something in Roxas' eyes at that, and he rolls his hips to match Demyx's next thrust, and Axel cries out again, his hands tightening on the headboard. Demyx's hands move to Roxas' hips, and he's murmuring something in Roxas' ear again, so Axel can't hear.

The next time they move, it's point-counterpoint, Demyx's hands still on Roxas' hips. Axel moves with them; he feels like he can't do anything else, carried along by a force like the tides, and it feels so fucking good.

Demyx's next thrust hits just right, just hard enough, moving him in Roxas. Axel cries out again, and he sees Roxas gasp, and feels him tighten, and then Axel's coming, hard enough that the edges of his vision blur.

Axel's head falls back against the headboard, and lets himself sag in the ropes; his entire body is awash in that pleasant tingle that makes everything brighter, and his skin more sensitive. He doesn't have enough left in him to even make more than the occasional sound as Demyx finishes, moaning his release against Roxas' shoulder.

They're still for a few moments after, the only sound their breathing. And then they're moving, Demyx pulling out of Axel, and pulling the knot on Roxas' ropes. Roxas slides himself off of Axel, and then does the same, pulling the knot so Axel can move his arms down.

He doesn't move much farther than that, and neither do the other two, but that's fine.

The bed is big enough for all of them.